The Tech I Invented!

I invented it while reading through some techniques, its a mix.

(1) Tence my Joints and muscles, Take one long breath, then untence them. Do this through all of my joins and muscles all the way up to my head.

(2) Imagine myself walking up, and counting 500 steps going upstairs.

(3) Once finished with step two, reapeat step one.

(4) Then reapeat the phrase “I will have a lucid dream tonight.” over and over in my head until i fall asleep.

(5) And if im off from school (or work for most of you), Reapeat all the steps again, but instead of saying “I will Have a lucid dream tonight.” Say, “I will have an extended lucid dream tonight.”

So what do you think of this procedure?

Sounds like a good mixture, except I always thought the point of the stairs counting is that you would fall asleep while you were counting.

I suppose it could be beneficial even if it wasn’t immediately before sleep.

Looks like it works for you, so then it is good.

I do recognize all of those other techniques that you got those from. It might be a good mixture.

seems not like a new technique to me ._.
and by the way… if you keep telling yourself that you will have a lucid dream is pretty … well… stupid, because it is almost for sure that your subconsciousness doesn’t know what “lucid” or “lucid dream” means ;D
so better keep saying “i will have a dream tonight and i will know that”

you’ll notice this fact more often if you’re more experienced because you will have a lot of dreams where you tell the dreamcharacters something about lucid dreaming, but you don’t notice you dream^^

i will try it tonight(if im not too lazy lol) :tongue:

It really is wonderful, suddenly realizing… wait…I’m actually walking up these steps now.

Its a good technique, basicly a mix of MILD and WILD. Problem is, you can easily fall asleep if you keep repeating the same thing over and over again so try a variety of things. Like poems or something… or your homework for the next day :tongue:

Is it? I’d rather say it’s a mix of autosuggestion and WILD. It would contain MILD if you said “I will realize that I’m dreaming” instead of “I will have a lucid dream”.