the thing is...

i have been trying to lucid dream well, for about a year, year n a half and in all that time i have had 2 low level lucid dreams and im getting quite tired of it :confused:

i supose i dont try anything, all i do is say to myself brfore i go to bed IM HAVING A LUCID DREAM TONIGHT!! really positivily, i do the occasional RC but otherwise i hardly do anything to induce :help:

basicly, stupid question: is this the reason im such a failure

Yes, it is! :smile:

My advice is to take a week or so doing nothing for LDs, then to start properly: dream diary, RCs every few minutes, the lot.

there is your problem right there…you need to be consistant with your RC’s because what you do during the day reflects what you do in your dreams, if you do RC’s enough you will start doing them in your dreams

the other thing is, i have prety poor dream recall and i only really get about 7 hours in the night on account of skool, i have to be up at 7 tomorow and it’ll be about 12 i go to bed so basically will this also affect LD’s the dream recall aswell

Boy, THAT was encouraging!

If you hold the attitude that you’re a failure, LDing might be harder to achieve because you’ve put a bad label on it. I would do what r3m0t suggested and keep a dream journal, try RCs, continue affirmations, and accustomize yourself (if you haven’t already) with the different methods out there. I know how discouraging it can be sometimes (and you’ve worked on it for quite a long time) but you shouldn’t give up now.

Let us now how you’re doing with your LDing and of course if you have any questions, the forum is always here to help. (But you already knew that.)

Good luck!

wo dude, you guys are really nice, thanks for all your suggestions and help, so im gonna go and start a dream diary, gonna do as many RC’s as i can and try some techniques like WBTB or MILD WILD :cool_laugh:

i’ll let you know when i do it and i will do it :happy:

Glad to hear it, dare devil. I’m sending you good LD energy! :wink:

sends LD energy


takes 99% back

sorry, I’m struggling too.

Ok, so I had like 5 lucid dreams before I started my dream journal. And one was when I was little, just cause it was a night mare and I could remember it. And, when I tried to purposly lucid dream, it happend about four times over the course of one year.

Now, when I started a dream journal, in march I had one lucid dream.
Then, I noticed some dream signs, some of them happen like 20% and others happen like all the time, here are mine in:y darkness, even thought there are lights in the building im in, i cant drive well, i have some big fear, there is physical conflict like a fight or intruder to beware of or even a knife or gun battle, chicks always dig me, when I wonder about something coming true it just seems to come true, I am in unkown places, I hang around people I dont usually hang out with or even know, I sometimes find myself fogetting stuff. Then, after knowing my dream signs, it is easier to spontanously know in a dream that your dreaming. Then I just look at my watch to ensure im not dremaing twice or three times.

Also, you will dream at LEAST one dream per night on average if you have a dream journal. Now, in April (the second month ive done the dream journal thing) ive had like even more dreams on average, and have had 5 lucid dream. I even had two lucid dreams in one night and had at one time, have had a lucid dreams one night, then one the night before.

And, my goal is to have a lucid dream everynight. I mean 5 dreams out of 30 days is 17% success rate as compared to 4 dreams over one year which is a 1% success rate. Well, I think you get the picture, hehe.

Also, here is a really good tip: Go buy a book on lucid dreaming like Exploring Lucid Dreaming by Stephen Laberge, as he has many many techniques for you. And, also there is this WILD technique which takes lots and lots of practice to get right, and finnaly yesterday from 2 weeks of practice it worked lol. But here is a WILD tip, once your in the sleep parylis stage IGNORE what ever you hear. For example I thought I heard my roomate sneaking into my room and I got mad and woke up and he was not there lol. That way, it will save you some aggravation lol.

EDIT: oops I forgot one lucid dream about fighting some demons lol:

I was at the baech, then I saw this black magnum looign gun pointed at me, but far enough to dodge. So, then I said RUN!, And I picked up this unaware mom, and was like he has a gun. Then the mom’s kid was like what are you doing? … as he tugged at my swimming trunks. I said to the kid run, the dudes got a gun… I might of put the mom down, but I paused. And, I found I was dreaming and I was sure I knew, but I knew. Then, now I was really, REALLY pissed off. Then I just was like if I could do that again I kick that dudes ass!, then I wanted to go back so bad, that I did. Then, I went back in time before the incident and talked some crap to the criminals (dont remember if it was just one guy with partners or just one dude). I started to fight them, Then, im not sure when or how, but I was on some rope bridge on a very high and dark place. Then, I kicked the shit out of all the weaker deamons. Then, I found that the head demon could fight really good and was hard to attack, sort of like a boss on a video game. Then, I still tried to beat up the head demon, but he was harder and ended up trapeing me. Then, I could not move for like five seconds, and the scene changed the crazy teacher scene.

So, for April I had 6 lucid dreams and 6 out of 30 days is 20%. lol.

Try using a recording such as the laberge mp3 or one where you tell yourself you are dreaming…

I’m trying the latter with some music too. It induced a dream which was related!

dare devil

Everyone can learn to LD but it does take some effort on your part. I think that if you make a honest effort to practice any of the methods you will start to see some results. Stay consistent with the techniques and don’t give up. I agree with the people above that you should keep a DJ and do consistent RC. These alone can yield you LD’s.

The important thing is not to give up. You never know when your LD’s will kick in. It could be the first night or several weeks. But they will happen.

kool dudes, i will do that, 1 more thing are LD’s always as good as people say?

Why do you think there are so many members at this forum? We are LD Crazy!!! *Yes, they are as good as everyone says.

Woah, you time travel?! lol, I didn’t understand that bit! Oh well…I’m gonna start trying to recognise dreamsigns more often…and this is because LDs are GREAT!

And it took me about half a year before I got my first one (when I knew what they were) I got it when I started to chill out a bit, and relax, knowing that I’d have one sooner or later, and if it wouldn’t come by me rushing to get one, I could always just wait, and make sure they get longer instead of making them more regular, and it’d be just as good. The night I didn’t try anything, I had one!

Now I’ve had some by using inducing methods I can try more, I think the key is to gently ease into it instead of completely blowing your brain out with every known thing that anyone has ever LD’d from, or the oppposite, doing completely nothing. My subconcious gave me the LD to get me to do stuff again and not give up I’m guessing…

Its funner than you think it is…

for example, I did a chick in public.
I plan to get stoned out of my mind.
I plan to go around the city and pretend its Grand Theft Auto (well, if you played that game you know its fun, and you will know would be fun to do in an ld).
I had fun arguing with every DC i came across.

I mean your basically invincible, and every wish will come true… I mean that rocks!

When you get good at it ( which happens quickly ). YES.

Think about what it would be like to be completely omnipotent. To have nearly god like powers. That is what LD ing is like.

Happy Dreaming

ahhhhh :happy: , i cant wait!!!

screwing hot chicks, flying, gta stuf im gona be a dam good LD guy if it kills me lol

That’s the spirit :wink:.

Just keep at it, and don’t give up. Once you’ve had your first LD, you’ll find it easier to get them afterwards. Also, once you’ve had one and felt what it’s like, you’ll want more anyway :wink:.

With practice, you’ll be able to get high level LD’s.

If you want a rough guide on what you can do:

Pretty much anything you can image
Alot of things you can’t image :wink:.

Hey love ur sig! I’ll try that! (or not…)

Keep up that attitude and you will succeed.
Just stay dedicated, don’t give up and practice. :smile:

Happy Dreaming