The Third Eye ( Pineal Gland)

So we have all heard of the third eye or atleast the pineal gland in 9th grade, I have read a lot of books on LDing , spirituality,etc… and in literally every book (related to spiritual practise) you’ll find a meditation for the third eye. I’m not an expert but because of my obssesiveness over these things, I have some knowledge on this.

According to yogis the pineal gland is where your soul recipes. And according to science the pineal gland is the most( or one of the most) important glands (not sure if it’s an organ too but in some books it’s written🤔) because it’s connected to all the hormones in our body (even in school text books it’s written😂). Serotonin(responsible for selfless affection) Oxytocin(probably related to self love) and dopamine(we all know what its responsible for), there are a lot but that’s how much I remember right now and they are one of the most necessary hormones that makes you addictive to something.

Now think if you have control over these hormones, then you can control your life or have some control over it 'cause it takes time to build it. I read in a book that some yogis were able to see beings of higher realm.

Now I’m not an expert in LDing too but when I first did it I experienced slight lucidity over my dreams. When I first came into these things I was confused which meditation to start with, so if you’re a beginner and experiencing this then I think you should start with the third eye practise. It’s actually both a type of WILD and a meditative practise.


• you probably already know what I’m about to describe.
First of all (like in every meditation or LD practise) relax, that’s how everything in this world starts😂.
Then lay down and imagine a white or golden light passing through the third eye. Now what happens when you do it is, your pineal gland is like crystallised and you have to decrystallise it and that’s what opening the third eye means. Some of you maybe wondering why it’s called the third eye in the first place, so that’s because like our eyes pineal gland is light sensitive (that’s why it doesn’t secret melatonin at night when you spend most of your time in front of screens).

In most of the people the pineal gland is crystallised and this practise melts these crystalls. How do you feel after some minutes of running? Tired, well yeah that’s the obvious answer but how does your heart feels inside you? Doesn’t it feels a bit open and that’s what you need to do to your third eye.

A day time practise is bring your awareness to your third eye, that’ll also increase your consciousness.
Now as I already told you I’m not an expert and that’s how much I remember about this topic right now. Maybe it can help you like it helped me. BTW it’s also one of the Chakraborty of our body in spiritual meanings. I hope it can help you too!:wave:

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A teacher of mine has an interesting perspective on this topic. He says that we reside in the third eye when we are ego identified. He always tells me to meditate on absolutely anything besides the third eye to get out of ego identification. In my limited experience, I think it’s the very emptying of the minds eye that facilitates it’s opening.