The time of Magic is over, let us embrace the Space Age

I believe the common theory that the Stonehenge, the egyption pyramids and the ancient south american temples were built using telekineses and levitation. There was no physical mechanism by which they could do it. It was a very spiritual time, an era of shamanism, human sacrifices, witch doctors, visionary quests.

This time is over.

Last night I was experimenting with telekineses. It seems it does exist, but we have little or not control over it. For instance, i can set up a psi wheel and it will spin (defying the laws of physics), but never when I actually WANT it too, which is quite frustrating. In the last 100 years, the best we have seen is Uri Gellar who can bend spoons. But really, what is the use of this? It’s not like he’s able to build pyramids with this skill.

It would seem that nature/god/universal being is bored of the old ways and is trying to push us in a new direction - technology. We have evolved out of telekineses just as we no longer use our gills.

Think about it - why has the industrial revolution only happened NOW? It could have happened hundreds of times before - many civilisations were far more advanced than medieval europe, such as the anchient greeks and romans, the mayans and the egyptions. Something has decided that it’s now the age of man and technology, and taken away much of our spiritual abilities. Whether its fate/destiny/god/nature etc that’s causing it i don’t know.

For someone to live in the 21st century and try to perform telekinesis, is like a Mayan trying to sit there and solve differential equations. Let us go with the flow and make wierd inventions and technologilise ourselves, so long as it’s in harmony with nature. IMO technology is just as impressive as magic.

Although I don’t really believe in the stuff, if it does exist then I hope there would be some who would still try to accomplish these things though fate is against them. Remaining forever Defiant against the winds of change.

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Oh come on now guys…I think there is a good chance that spirituality or “magic” or whatever you wanna call it and technology will combine…If the stuff was here before it’s still here now…It doesn’t depend on us to exist…We just have to find it again

I dont agree with any of this. If we cannot solve the puzzle of pyramids, that does not warrant invoking levitation on such a scale. Besides this, your current evidence is nonsense. You cannot levitate stuff, and all anyone could do in public was bend a spoon. What does that mean? Entirely nothing at all. And industrial revolution needed all the experience of all the civilizations what were before us to actually lift off, so thats why the romans couldnt do it, they weren’t here during our renesance (sp? lol). Besides this, I see a common tendency all over the globe that people dive more and more into “spirituality” or whatever you want to call it. Technology is just a by-product of our current State of Being, nothing more, nothing less, and will never replace spirituality in human beings. Just my opinion though, nothing personal :smile:.

That is not very true… Some scientists have even shown that it could be done without the use of so called supernatural powers like telekinesis. And virtually anyone would agree that there is absolutely no proof of such a power, not even a faint one.

But i guess believers just close their eyes to such evidence, just like any other follower of virtually any religion.

it has been discovered that the pyramids have been build by whole communities of workers, the remains of the huge bakeries that supllied them, the barracks where they stayed, etc, are being dug up. So no supernatural powers there.

My vision is that we are moving to a time where the spiritual, the telepathic etc is getting more and more developed. (so don’t despair :wink: ).

‘The more advanced technology gets, the more it seems like magic.’

Personally, I really do love that quote. Simply because it’s true.

All of us here are using computers and the internet - but do we all know how it works? Every little detail (so you could make one yourself, given the time and resources)?

I know for a fact I don’t :wink:.

I press a key - and a letter apears on the screen! I click a button the mouse and a new page pops up!

Such a wise guy, surreal…

I think spirituality is not dying. I, like Q, think it’s growing. More and more people are growing frustrated with technology and it’s “coldness”. People want to be in touch with faith, in their own way, shape and form.

As far as the Stonehenge stuff. That’s been proven that it’s not all supernatural. Those things fall along the lines of burning witches and nonsense like that. Not that I don’t believe in the supernatural. Because I do.

Spirituality and materialism. It will go back and forth. When people get tired of one, they’ll embrace the other. How sad. Thankfully everyone can choose for their own. Even if they don’t always do that. The perfect state would be balance between the two.

The Nameless One wrote:

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There was no levitation or telekinesis in building the pyramids at all.

Why do You think it took them thounsands of workers and around 30 years to biuld the things?

Thats the way I feel about Technology. The world is allways changing, and advancing. I think the “magic” only dies from anyones point of view of. I feel the magic a little less as time moves into the future, but I know its still there. I just dont know how to tune into it like I use to.

I see it merged at one point.Science finally define and spot subcounciousness, self healing advanced, lds and oobes popularized and sciencifically explained.
I also see next century as “mind century”, not technological one.

I don’t know when it comes to stuff like telekinesis, I mean it would be cool if it does exist but I remain kind of skeptical. I don’t think thats it’s impossible I just haven’t had any experiences with it.

And by the way, I think Uri Geller was a fake. Some scientist (James Randi or something?), did all the stuff he did (bending spoons and the like) without supernatural means. Also when he was on The Tonight Show, with pre-selected props which neither he nor his assistants were allowed to touch before the show, he couldn’t bend a single thing.

i’m just talking complete nonsense

the Egyptians were very advanced and cosmically oriented, their whole society was in some way shaped around shamanism and connection to the mystical states.

therefore to be born into Egypt is to have all the natural resources and tools needed to harness the psychic side [whatever that is] of human potential.

it does not mean that we cannot now, it just means that maybe 99.75% of us are never encouraged to, or get the ideas to try, and those who do try do not have much experience to build off of.

so then the issue is pondered, is that because we should progress toward technology? is it fate here? that’s an interesting issue.

the problem is that technology requires no skill to use, nor spiritual discipline, thus technology can only be as skillful, compassionate, useful, as its inventors and its users…

whereas going the mystical path requires great devotion and ego-transcendence.

if technological unison with “God” is in our future we would need to have a spiritual shift in mankind in the more “primitive” or “psychic” way so that mankind can begin to use their technological abundance for good, instead of neutral “evil” and stagnantly.

and if we have this spiritual shift, and we restore awareness of our communion with nature and “God” and etc, will we need technology? perhaps the technology may be to restore the sleeping into awake status?

ultimately perhaps it will just be utilized to restore balance to the planet while allowing us all to have abundances of basic survival and comfort, and the spiritual shift will not so much entirely be machine based but initiated out of a renewed interest in spirituality.

then again hook the right things up to the brain and you can put someone into any state of consciousness you want.

And in the instance of the above responsible use of technology becomes absolutely essentially paramount!

perhaps some sort of technological emergence will arise from an enlightened soul that is capable of producing mass shifts of consciousness from the bottom up, that is, from the denziens and common folks of planet earth up to the leaders, restoring spiritual harmony…

and on psychic powers i feel them a little worthless… there is a reason that it would be easier to build the pyramids with “salve labor” (although my understanding is slaves were far too incompetent, everyone build it voluntarily because they really truely cared about the job and were honoring the Gods by doing so). If psychic powers are possible, they would require tremendous amounts of evolution and enlightenment…

and what purpose does an enlightened being have being a human being? Nothing other than to save and enlighten other human beings. If you cultivated so earnlestly that you truely could levitate and move objects around, so what? What good does that do you? Honestly what good? You’ve transcended mortality, you are forever divine… and a society of divine humans? that doesn’t make sense. Societies are just in the business of surviving, if all people were enlightened they wouldn’t need to really do much right?

There may be atatined beings that if so choosing to take human form would be capable of tremendous miracles, however these beings are not particularly “human” anymore, for an entire Egyptian society to be able to then construct pyramids using only their minds seems a little odd to me… why and what for if they are all in heaven, totally free, without any bindings to anything at all?

Actually… no.

I must say I think all this “we’re going to a tech future” stuff is wrong.

Of course, there WILL be technology, etc, but according to many groups, spiritism, etc, we’ll be entering a new age (age, whatever) which will focus on intuition and the, (and I use this word loosely) “magic”. Stuff related to ourselves, etc, rather than just forgetting this stuff.

And I believe that’s a good way for things to go. We won’t get too far if we only rely on technology.

It’s centuries people go from one extreme to another. Spirit - reason - spirit - reason - spirit - reason and so on and on and on. Think about it: in the Middle Ages, religion was fundamental, then people got tired of it and during the Renaissance they valued progress and mankind, then after the Renaissance, they enforced religion, then people got tired of it and the Enlightenment was born together with the Scientific Revolution, then people got tired of it and Romanticism was born, then people got tired of it and there has been all that technological advancement in the last century. Now there will probably be an age of spirit, then one of science, then one of spirit…
The only good thing in this mess is that everyone is a separate entity and can do wherever they want.
And don’t even think about a middle position, otherwise there would be less trouble and excesses, and people would live in relative peace. We will never allow it.

OMG! i live in hawaii, and i have been to a place where huge boulders were lifted and placed to make shapes, they were like 5000 pounds, but this guy told me that a hawaiian chief found a way to use a certain tone in his voice to life the boulders like they were only 1 pound, its an awsome thing.

magic is just way cooler, god hasnt pushed us in a new direction, we have pulled away from it.

I can’t believe no one has mentioned aliens yet. If the pyramids do align with particular stars then maybe they were built by the residents of those particular star systems?

If the egyptians did have telekinesis/levitation powers i dont see why it would stop there… they would most likely have manifestation powers too so they would therefore be able to manifest the pyramids into reality rather than telekinetically moving blocks of stone.

I’ve read somewhere and seen vids of a guy who found out how to move huge stones like that by using a simple wooden mechanism (i think thats what it was, can’t really remember coz it was a long time ago). I’ve also read that the egyptians has a simply form of electricity back then… they had jars with water inside that also had something else in them like a coil of some sort (once again, this was an article from a long time ago so i can’t remember specifics). My point is, its perfectly feasable for them to have been man-made without supernatural powers or divine intervention. However, the eqyptians did follow mystics and life-after-death so it could have been a combination of the two. For example, using chi energy? i guess we’ll have to wait till our civilization develops time travel to find out… but if that happens then it could be us that built the pyramids after all. lol.