The ultimate riddle :k:

:k: ???

Okay, I have a really hard riddle that I’ve stumbled upon on this WWWW, aka whacky world wide web. I don’t know the answer.

It’s more like a scavenger hunt really.

Go to:
then scroll all the way down to the bottom to find an odd link.
[color=red]If you want to try the riddle yourself then don’t read anything else below here. I’m going to post what I have done and my progress.[/color]

you will see this link:
It takes you to a blank page at
So then remove the “babble.html” from the URL. So you go to:
This page reads:

The last three sentences contain links, which our forum’s quote feature makes that hard to notice.

If you go to the Start in reverse . link it is a picture that contains a mirror image text message. You can hold it too a mirror to read, but I quickly used IrfanView Image viewer’s horizontal flip feature. It reads:

So, guess what I did?
I tried:
and it takes me to an online photo album of 6 pictures from :k:

From the Bring me the keys . link, I know that I also need 6 keys that allow me to access the restricted site. Hmmm?

At first I tried the names of the images as the keys. The names of the images are like “3254421lg” or “3246675lg” I’m sure that some combination of these are the keys. I don’t think the content of the actual images have much to do with the keys. I really don’t know, I could be wrong. … nevermind, I’m sure I’m wrong.

:bored: Hmm? I’m stumped. I may try other combinations of these number later. I think this may be some commercial ad for BMW’s. If it is, I’m ashamed at their tactics to use such seemingly frightening terms such as “accident,” “tragedy,” and “Mutual Assured Destruction.” While the world is in this time of terrorism. Don’t be alarmed, I’m sure that this is all in fun even though it hints at some illegal type of activity.

Good-freakin-luck! I wish I knew the keys.

this is interesting puts on crime solving glasses :cool:

ok… I took the file name of the picture and reversed it, so I got this:


it didn’t work in any of the keys, it’s says invalid.


this is weird…

okay, all of the pics backwards are:

1: gpj.gl0803623
2: gpj.gl1244523
3: gpj.gl9144532
4: gpj.gl2766432
5: gpj.gl5766432
6: gpj.gl4766432

but the keys are probably something from the pics or maybe from the caption at the top…

in reverse or something.

If you go to and you highlight the page you get this:

Je sais que vous avez un endroit spécial dans votre coeur pour beemers.
Vous devez voir mon noir 1974 2002 coupe.
Vérifier le NewYorkTimes a classifié premier le 14 août, 2002.

I tranlated from French and got this:

I know that you have a special place in your heart for beemers. You must see my black 1974 2002 crosses. To check NewYorkTimes classified first on August 14, 2002.

That’s what I got.I’m lost. :confused:

Ah, I knew I forgot something.
Hivemind, I did that the hard way. I looked at the “HTML source” with IE’s “view source” feature. I copied the french I seen, but I forgot all about it after I found the page. So I never got the chance to translate it. Thanks!

SeanIRL, I didn’t try adding the .jpg extension with the filename. Too bad that didn’t work.

I’m not sure what “Start in reverse” means, it may be referring to the mirror image. :shrug: At first, I also thought of trying the “filenames” backwards. But now I’m don’t even know where to start next. I’m at a complete dead end. :bored:

Great work! :smile:
This link is useful:

I found this LD site today. Then found the link for this net riddle. I am downloading the video now and will start there. It seems that the topic starter has emersed us in the middle of this making it more complicated then need be. Although it does seem a bit complicated anyways. I would like to work with you all to solve this! Looks like fun. Here is my email if you figure anything else out, ill also keep you posted as to what I find.

On the subject of LD. It is very new to me. I have had dreams in the past that I have been able to controle…kinda. I would like to learn how to do this more reguraly.

Anyways, great site. Hope to hear from you all

After reading the site that Soothsayer posted, I decided that there is a dissapointingly large amount of work required in solving this puzzle. Apparently you need to use resources external the web, such as old newpaper ads, ect.

If the prize was a BMW I might be more inclined to do some further research.

Wow, thanks Soothsayer!

Hillyeaah, welcome to the forum! :thumbs:

yea, I was really confused about this whole thing. I didn’t know what I stumbled upon. I seen the word “beemers” in one page and thought it was some BMW thing. I knew BMW has exculsive online films, but I didn’t know about all this. Thanks for all the help.

It does indeed seem like too much work for there not to be a prize. I think I’ll just stick to the online sleuthing.


this is old (i found it when searching for the BIG riddle topic)

has it been solved yet? the pages still exists, exept the :k: link at the bottom of the first page, but from there they are still there.

curious if anybody has solved this after all this time :smile:

not me. :neutral:

I tried one of the other links I used before, , and it doesn’t work. :confused:
almost 2 years of confusion, :lol:

I just had too! I hope some day some one will find the keys.

woo, this is wierd! If anybody is stil trying to solve this, i would be glad to help, but i’m not too good wen all the clues are so random and seemingly pointless.

Oh well, I have emailed ben (from that site) cus he has found the keys!!! U see thats real detecting, get spomeone else to do it, then make them give you it!



tried all numbers etc. on file in ‘inmyhands.jpg’

Mutual Assured Destruction is, according to wikipedia, the doctrine of military strategy in which a full scale use of nuclear weapons by one of two opposing sides would result in the destruction of both the attacker and the defender. It is based on the theory of deterrence according to which the deployment of strong weapons is essential to threaten the enemy in order to prevent the use of the very same weapons. on this site it says bildsten is dead, both bildsten and kann are painters! see:
which has them both listed in the index


I have Key 3, im not sure if anyone wants to know it so post if you do!!

Cybernaughtic detective Phil

NATIONAL DESK | July 30, 2002, Tuesday
Double-Deck Amtrak Train Derails in Maryland, Injuring 97
Late Edition - Final, Section A, Page 12, Column 3

LEAD PARAGRAPH - A double-decker Amtrak train hurtling toward the end of a 19-hour journey from Chicago derailed in this Washington suburb under a blistering sun today, leaving 97 passengers injured, 6 of them seriously.

The 13-car train, the Capitol Limited, carrying 161 passengers and 12 crew members, jumped the tracks at 1:55 p.m., 10 minutes after it was due to arrive in Union Station in Washington.

This may be the ‘accident’ that is so often mentioned!

p.s I’m sorry for the double, triple and quadruple posting, but this is an ongoing post if you will.


a great tip… type in ‘’ on google and search sites that ‘contain the term’, it shows all the extensions of the URL.


p.s Please can someone help me on this, i like projects

ok, sorry for posting again. you all must be getting annoyed with me,but…SREWSNA EHT EVAH

that is a piece of cake compared to that whole escapade, oh well, if you want the answers just ask!


Whats the answers?

I was reading this stuff about the train wreck and I read the part about 6 people injured and there are 6 keys. Maybe they have something in common like there names or something but I doubt it would be that easy.

If you have the answers please post them.