The Ultimate WILD technique?

I will stick to my classic WILD/FILD experiments =p
Anyway you should all try, just for the “fun” of it.

I experienced this phenomenon in the past but considered it as an illness or eyes problem. If only I had known back then sigh

Anyway, I decided to give it a try knowing that it shouldn’t be unhealthy (since it’s normal…). Problem is, I can no longer fixate on an imaginary spot on the wall. I have that irresistible urge to move my eyes and/or blink which keeps me distracted :meh:

Is there a technique to achieving this? Or I should just keep practicing?

Hm, this sounds interesting.
I like to fall asleep in my living room while watching Discovery, History Channel etc during weekends, so this technique would be perfect. :cool:

i will have to try this tonight! sounds like it could be a very good idea. But if not, it was always worth the try :smile:

:woo: Definitly going to try this tonight,see how it goes!! :smile:

Im gonna give this here method a go!

Giving it a go!

I think I’d be good input as I’m a pretty poor lucid dreamer and some input from a newbie would be good to know. Is this attempted when you wake up or when you first go to bed?



I saw a squirrel run across the ceiling within minutes!
Gonna try to get a nice dream now!

I’m going to try this tonight!
Last night I was practicing for WILD, but I was scared of seeing the dude who looks like death (I think he’s called the old hag?), so I closed my eyes. I’ve got my courage up though, so I’m gonna try this tonight. :smile:

[color=green]Nice this method works really well I just need to practice it more. :ok:

Quick Question for someone well experienced with WILD:
Does using this method in a dark room speed up HI and the process of WILD since we see random HI 's in the dark naturally?[/color]

That’s too bad everybody’s saying they’re going to give it a try but very few people gave their feedback!

But I’ll try as well as it sounds very interesting !

From my experience dark could only help you become more relaxed but when it comes to HI I think that doesn’t matter if it’s dark or not. If your body signals the brain that’s ready for HI part of the sleep then it will happen and then we again come to the part where you need to be relaxed and ready for the body to signal to the brain that’s ready. So if dark helps you then do it in dark but in my opinion dark isn’t crucial.

So I just tried but I failed…
I guess I just was really tired cause not closing my eyes just did hurt…
I saw some images of zombies before but I don’t know if it’s because I decided to dream of them or because of something else. 2 or 3 of you also had a fear coming with this technique so…

In my opinion dark is very important. There are some practices where people live in total drakness for about a week. After few hours in the dark people start to see hallucinations.

If it works for you great! I am still attempting “regular” WILD technique but I’m sure we can all learn from experimenting.

Yes but in everyday situation let’s take a nap for example it doesn’t have to be in dark and you can still experience HI and dreams. Adapting your body to specific environment and then benefit from that is something else. It’s like Buddhist monks. They spent hours and hours meditating. Imagine how good that would be for a regular modern day lucid dreamer but we just can’t spent hours and hours in silence and meditation…

What do you mean we can’t? We can do whatever we want :slight_smile: I recently decided to drop a lot of other things to do more meditation and lucid dreaming practice…

It’s a matter of intention.

Sounds to me that what you are saying is that other things are more important right now to you than meditating hours a day… I think most things can be decided on, it’s a free world after all.

This sounds interesting, I will try this tonight.

i think darkness is actually quite important, since the body regulates it’s sleepcycle on the light, too.
i’m pretty sure you’re going to succeed a lot easier in a dark room than in one with lights on, even if they’re rather low.

I tried the open-eyes WILD technique last night and, indeed, got to a “hypnaogogic” point. I wasn’t literally seeing images, but I was getting what some call “memory impressions” with my eyes open. This has never happened to me before, and was very interesting. Also, as I slipped in and out of consciousness, the memory impressions extended into dream-like scenes while I still had my eyes open.

It’s difficult to describe memory impressions. You see them without seeing them. You can say exactly what you experienced, but you did not see it with your eyes. You see memory impressions with your mind. And yet it is different altogether from visualization or imagination; it’s much, much stronger.

I’m going to keep experimenting with this.

I tried this last night. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go all the way with it because the other people in my dorm were being really loud (yelling/laughing outside my door at 1:30 am…:grrr:), but I did start to see moving colored triangles on the ceiling before I got jolted out of it.
I’m going to try it again tonight, I’ll report back tomorrow! :smile:

Well wen i woke one day i was imagining a fantasy of one of the games I play and then i woke up as that character, moving everywhere then I heard the Voice of a Old lady saying things of a Kraken Coming if i didnt cross the lake then i woke up cuz of the fear and then i couldnt move, and i started hearing Strange things :eek:
It was awesome but Scary at the same time.