The Ultimate WILD technique?

I think I might have discovered the ultimate WILD technique, since I found an incredibly easy way to start having Hypnagogic Hallucinations. I found this “easy way” entirely by accident. One night, I decided to see if I could fall asleep with my eyes open. I laid down on my back and stared at the wall. I did all the things that I normally do to fall asleep quickly. I relaxed all my muscles, and started daydreaming with my eyes opened. Eventually I got lost in the daydream, until a sudden hallucination jolted me out of it. An incredibly ugly person dressed in black appeared at the end of my bed, and then vanished just as quickly. That scared me to death, and I felt my heart beating like crazy. Patterns then began to form in front of my eyes. I saw fruits lined up in rows right in front of my eyes. I then closed my eyes and blacked out.
Since this “method” allowed me to start having HH, it could be used as a WILD technique. If I waited a few minutes longer I probably would have been ready to enter a dream. I’m thinking about trying this method again tonight, but this time using it to WILD. But before I attempt to use this “method” to induce a WILD, I would like to know if anyone has ever gotten a WILD in a similar way, so I know if his has been attempted before. :grin:

havn’t tried it yet, but i thought about this idea when i noticed it was easier to silence my mind while looking at something instead of closing my eyes (maybe because ima visual person which would have to do with my art talent.) im going to try this tonight.

Wow, that sounds like a really good idea. Nobody that I know of tried this before. Im definetly going to try this. Or maybe that black guy you saw was a ghost! :eek:

I read someplace once that it was someone’s tech to get LD’s. She’d keep her eyes open for as long as she could (I mean, with normal blinking of course!). When her eyelids started closing by themselves she would just keep opening them. At one point they’ll close for good and you’ll open your dream eyes :smile:

I find this aporach a bit uncomfortable though…

Cool… Going to try this later

wow, great idea! I will definitely try this and post results.

Ohh I want to try this too, I have a lot of trouble beginning WILD at the moment, because I’m too afraid to be fully awake and stay like this for hours, then wake up angry.

i tried it, and feel like i got better results than closed eyes. i stared blankly into the darkness of my bedroom ceiling, and in almost no time blackness covered my vision ( i had to blink to make sure my eyes were still open) along with color speckles and a few forms. it also helped to imagine myself as a lifeless doll to keep me focus, still, and in “character.” i’ll push it further to night.

so has anyone got any good results with this? Bump

I’ve had “success” with this technique…but quite inadvertently while meditating one day.

I was meditating one day, gazing at a blank wall in my apartment while engaging inner silence. I let my focus relax so that, even though I was looking at the same spot, I was really focused on somewhere else as if there was some space contained within that spot that can only be accessed through a dream-like state. Pretty soon, the lighting in the room shifted and became darkner with objects in the periphery of my vision becoming intermittently emblazoned with an eerie glow. I noticed that a flickering, scintillating spot began to form on the wall I was gazing at which soon became embued with a yellowy light. That spot would fluctuate and grow and shrink, always in motion but staying in the same place, rippling like a disturbance created by a winged insect trying to free itself from the surface of water. I continue to engage silence, trying to contain my amazement as that rippling spot gathered momentum. And then it happened…a dream scene began to form right on front of my eyes as I gazed at that wall. A dream scene that began to envelope me.

In the scene, I’m floating about 15 feet above the ground looking down at this indian, dressed in ceremonial paint with feathers in his hair. The paint on his face and feathers in his hair were of pure light glowing in red, green, blue like a neon sign. He looked up at me as I floated over him. He smiled at me and then, still looked up, tipped his head gesturing toward something on the ground beside him…a grey metal cylinder about 5 feet tall and 3 feet diameter. It was a hatch of some sort, just like what you would see on top of a submarine…complete with the metal wheel you spin to open the hatch. In that moment, he turned and spun the wheel of the hatch, quick as a fox…and flung it open. From inside that hatch poured out this intensely rich, yellow glow. He then paused for a moment…turned his face to me and gave me this look that said, “You wanna?” Then he jumped straight up into the air and snapped his hands and legs together like a straight pin and disappeared down the hole of that hatch, threading it perfectly. I thought to myself, “yeah…I do wanna!” I felt my perspective swoop up and over the hatch and then kind of roll as I began to descend into the yellow light pouring from that hole. And then, I kind of freaked out :happy: “WTF!” That did it…!bam! I was back in the living room, seated on the chair gazing at a blank wall.

Brings to question just how deep one can go with this notion of LL, methinks :eek: :smile: [/i]

Seems interesting, i will try it on a nap and post the results.

EDIT: Just woke up from nap;

I tried to keep my eyes open while falling asleep, i were staring at the wall, lying on the side.

After some normal blinks, i saw the darker parts of my field of view going even darker and the brighter parts even brighter.

That was like a painting at this point , and some of it moved.
I wasn’t able to move my eyes, they were stuck ,fixing a non existing point.
I tried to stay calm, but then the painting turned into a sort of black and white totem.
And that was looking at me… i decided to wait more ,because everything was blurry.
But when the blurry totem take a dark finger out of nowhere and put it in your eye… it scared the hell out of me and i woke up.

I will only say: whatever works for you.

That’s the way of learning how to lucid dream. Experimenting is the only way toward results. Keep on with good work Vampirism45 and never stop experimenting! :content:

I will stick to my classic WILD/FILD experiments =p
Anyway you should all try, just for the “fun” of it.

I experienced this phenomenon in the past but considered it as an illness or eyes problem. If only I had known back then sigh

Anyway, I decided to give it a try knowing that it shouldn’t be unhealthy (since it’s normal…). Problem is, I can no longer fixate on an imaginary spot on the wall. I have that irresistible urge to move my eyes and/or blink which keeps me distracted :meh:

Is there a technique to achieving this? Or I should just keep practicing?

Hm, this sounds interesting.
I like to fall asleep in my living room while watching Discovery, History Channel etc during weekends, so this technique would be perfect. :cool:

i will have to try this tonight! sounds like it could be a very good idea. But if not, it was always worth the try :smile:

:woo: Definitly going to try this tonight,see how it goes!! :smile:

Im gonna give this here method a go!

Giving it a go!

I think I’d be good input as I’m a pretty poor lucid dreamer and some input from a newbie would be good to know. Is this attempted when you wake up or when you first go to bed?



I saw a squirrel run across the ceiling within minutes!
Gonna try to get a nice dream now!

I’m going to try this tonight!
Last night I was practicing for WILD, but I was scared of seeing the dude who looks like death (I think he’s called the old hag?), so I closed my eyes. I’ve got my courage up though, so I’m gonna try this tonight. :smile: