The unpresedented side of dreams and lucidity

Now i dont know about any of you guys but there are a lot of things that ive been thinking about, that i would like your comment on, if you have any answers and such.

  • First of all we still arent sure what dreams are made of, Has any body considerd the possibility that when you lucid dream you might be able to “reprogram” your self? Like make yourself smarter, or have super memory?
  • Wouldnt it be awsome! we could give ourselves telekinieses and a bunch of other junk, has anybody ever tried this?
    -Also (this is for us believers in god) since when were awake we have control of our bodies right. Are body is like a tool our soul is what matters) so wouldnt you guess that when your lucid you are actually your soul? That would explain the out of body experience phenomena. If its true than it means that we dream because our souls dont go to sleep and need somthing to occupy itself with.
  • Dreams are supposed to be inside our head and yet its so very real, everything in the dream is in perfect clarity, you can feel, and its like being in real life, yet with sharred dreaming you and someone else dream the same thing, so is it possible that dreams take place in some wierd extra dimension, or i guess a more powerful form of telepathy
    -i dont want to make this post to long so ill just stick with these basic questions, I aprreciate any comments you have!

I don’t think many people have tried this, but that’s one thing I’ve been willing to try out. I also believe something like this can be done :smile:

Some say, and I believe this theory, that some dreams are just made by our head, as in those crazy ideas we sometimes have in dreams, but other dreams are actually our soul/spirit going out somewhere, to other realities and dimensions. It is said that in our sleep, our spirit either learns or works, helping others. I suppose that both are true: Some dreams are spirit-related, some are not.

It’s something very hard to explain, but when you said ‘us the believers’ i include myself, so my view is going to be spiritual. Which is that i think dreaming is actually the element of passion that God has put in us, which is the peak of love.
So i think it is something trascendental, but i’m not sure to what point.

There are two kinds of dreams. The cataloging of images and memories and scenarios stored in our memories and subconscious(this is the kind that a person will go crazy without) and then there is the astral travel kind. :smile: In these dreams you are affected by various energies, and thus shown, in an incredibly strange and cryptic language, answers to problems in your life, spiritual truths, and premonitions. Events happening in these dreams are most likely happening in reference to things that happened in the past or future, rather than what is happening now. Many people have these dreams with no clue how to interpret them and their messages go totally untapped.
You could also be literally transported to the spirit world. Such instances are rare.
And to imagine that the human mind can reach a plane like this through sleep or meditation, without pharmacological aid, is astounding.

Not just dreams are in our head, reality is also in our head. There is no way for us to prove that outside reality really exists. Everything our senses record is translated into electrical signals which are sent to our brain and then in the brain these signals are combined and molten into what we see as reality. Our reality exists of electricity, so do our dreams.

well i pose a question, noting the truth in your statements, would you say that ANY lucid dream is the “astral travel” kind, when you speak of cataloguing i think of NREM dreaming, the hypnagogic flutters we get as the day is organized,

i’m bevex-a-puzzled at this notion, talked to my meditation teacher about it and he said “you’ll probably never have it again”, one of my first lucid dreams i went into what could be called causal or astral or mental or buddha or christ plane, it was something so full of rainbow shimmers that it was beyond my ability to understand and i wept and thanked god

it was located in an alley by a trash can lol

THIS i would call “astral” yet i’ve never really been back okay sure i see psychedelic things while dreaming sometimes if close my “eyes” however its not the same at all

which makes me speculate that all dreams are “astral” and that the goal is to get into causal/mental/christ plane or higher to be with God instead of just to be in a dream.

It is sure that we can experience different things like OBE and astral travels. But I have still no undubious interpretation for these things - are they created only by brain or there are really another realities. I have made several attempts to prove that visions from “asrtal travels” fit to real world, but have had no real success.

I argee that these “other worlds” have different qualities and are quite different from each other.

well, you don’t have to prove, maybe proving is too much effort

i haven’t tried to prove but yet, seen the proof in the pudding, and tasted it

sometimes a dream will connect to a moment in the near future, and it won’t be literal, but you will sit there and feel the dream feelings of deja vu, and know “this is WHY i dreamed that, and i understand what it symbolized and predicted.”

if you want to know, death is an illusion, physics tells us matter cannot be created or destroyed

creation and destruction are connected

and they are inseparable, and they only appear to be cut in two with no light at the end of the tunnel due to spiritual ignorance and being in a fallen state as most humans are

death brings us to etheric, karma unravels, we astral or go to Christ/Budda / Godhead / Causal or higher depending on our awareness, then we take another human form

until we perfect ourselves and become perfect human Lights, and then we move on to do higher stuff.

why? hmmm.

you will notice it is true simply because this knowledge is being presented by SO MANY SOURCES, written in books, all over the internet, and it was knowledge that the Buddhists and Hindus had for a long long time, and other cultures too probably.

think of it this way, when the cuases and conditions for YOU to exist are, then you come into existence, when they aren’t, then you do not

“dream is destiny”
dream is a micro and macrocosm of who and what you are.

AUM - awareness in waking, dreaming, sleeping, and cosmic unity, all brought together.

We probably do the same things but we have completely different points of view. One is believer and another is slightly sceptical pragmatic.

I actually just started studying Hindi last yesterday. I haven’t gotten a chance to go over all the words in conversations and the such. Last night in my vivd ND, I was acutally having conversations using the words I learned yesterday. Now I can remember what they all mean.

Okay, here’s my take - I think, first off, that yes you could ‘reprogram’ yourself to a certain extent. You wouldn’t be able to make yourself smarter than the physical size and chemical composition of your brain would allow, though. As far as telekinesis - I’ve had an interest in this type of thing for a while, and while I am not ready to discredit it, there still has yet to be any documented, verifiable proof of anyone doing it (no spoon bending has ever been recorded and scientifically tested, for instance). But there are forces beyond our understanding. The human brain does emmit energy, and the course of human evolution for the most part has been an increase in brain capacity and activity. I see no reason why this couldn’t continue to be the case (not to mention that most of us only currently use a small fraction of the brain we have).

There is also no documented, scientific evidence of most religious history. You can say there’s the Bible (or the Koran, or the Bhagava Gita, etc), but let’s be honest - those documents were written by the founders of those religions and have been translated countless times by their most fervent believers. Wouldn’t it be possible for them to have, I don’t know, exaggerated some things? Over the generations?(“my grandfather once caught a fish ‘this’ big”, “oh yeah, MY grandfather was SWALLOWED by a fish that big for three days!”) Nevertheless, I do believe in a creator God who is actively involved in His creation, and I do believe in the afterlife. From what you seem to be getting at, it’s like Heaven is one big shared dream, a place where everyone who can manage to be in harmony will gather once they have shrugged off this ‘mortal coil’ . . . and then wouldn’t Hell be the place your undying soul goes if it can’t be in harmony with others (too much greed, lust, hatred, etc.)?

Those were just my thoughts. You asked for them :grin: It’s interesting that nearly all major world religions (that have made it past the cave era) insisit on the same sorts of virtues, such as love, peace, respect, etc, which would be the same ones that would qualify you for Heaven in this model

Law of attraction.

If law of attraction works, (which I do believe it does) then what difference does it make in our dreams? I do think we can achieve the unobtainable with our dreams, or law of attraction.

If you truely do want something and you think about it constantly and you have a possitive attitude you can get anything.