The Useful Sites Compilation v2

This is a compilation of many Lucid Dreaming resources. Many of the sites contains guides to get you started into the world of Lucidity, or particular insights concerning more specific issues; only community, educational and/or research sites are gathered here, though, as no link to sites with commercial concerns can be posted. (This applies even to LD-inducing devices, such as REMdreamer, or books, or substances of any kind)

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Overview:1. Main sites

  1. What Lucidity is
  2. Guides/FAQs
    a. Long Guides/FAQs
    b. Short Guides/FAQs
    c. Collections
  3. Dedicated sites
  4. Forum-only
  5. Dream diaries
  6. Research
  7. Video collections
  8. Articles
    a. Collections
    b. Single articles
  9. Normal Dreams
  10. Further resources

1. Main sites

  • LD4all - Through The Mirror
    This site is a great site that guides you through what Lucidity is, and how to achieve it. It includes a large forum, with a evergrowing community of thousands of people, plus chat and online store.

  • The Lucidity Institute
    This is The Lucidity Institute that has been conducting research and experiments on Lucidity. Their detailed online FAQ will get you started on Lucid Dreaming and give you ways to help the Lucidity Institute. They have a forum there too.

  • DreamViews
    This is a great webpage to get information and techniques. It features all learning aspects in a simple and effective style, accompanied by a large forum.

  • Lucidipedia
    This is a great website with information about Lucid Dreaming. It works like wikipedia, so everyone can add and change articles. There is also a Dream journal section and forum.

  • Lucid Wiki
    The unofficial wiki about Lucid Dreaming.

  • The Lucid Crossroads
    Although it doesn’t boast complete guides, this is a must visit site. The Lucid Crossroads is famous for setting up a place where Shared Dreaming can take place. Don’t forget to sign the guest book.

2. What Lucidity is or Brief Introductions to Lucid Dreaming

3. Guides/FAQs

. a. Large Guides/FAQs

. b. Small Guides/FAQs or book extracts

. c. Collections

4. Dedicated sites and personal webpages

  • Conscious Dreaming
    This site features a flash introduction, with loads of info, and many links. It is well worth your time checking this site out.

  • Dream Studies Portal
    Good all-around blog, which spans from normal Dreams to their interpretation, to Lucid ones, to consciousness and health. Home to the nice free pdf “Enhance your Dream life”.

  • Perchance to Dream…
    Bruce’s attempt at Lucid Dreaming and unusual Dreams.

  • Epic Dewfall
    Epic Dewfall gets his ideas for painting from his Lucid Dreams.

  • TY kimble’s
    TY Kimble’s webpage on Lucid Dreaming.

5. Forum-only

  • SeaLife
    Used to be LD4all’s sister site; they dream for peace, and use the 13-moon calendar to help them.

  • FishBowl
    Offers general discussions on Dreams, interpretations, Lucid Dreaming, the use of Dreams for healing, and sharing of Dream-inspired artwork.

6. Dream diaries

7. Research

  • See main sites.

8. Video collections

9. Articles

. a. Collections

  • Spiritwatch
    Hosts the “Lucidity Letter” online, a huge collection of letters on the subject of Lucidity. Also includes discussion of Dreaming in world culture, links to online and classroom courses, as well as essays on a variety of topics related to Lucid Dreaming - some of which were written by Jayne Gackenbach and her students.

  • The Lucid Dream Exchange
    A reader supported quarterly publication that features Lucid Dreams and articles on Lucid Dreaming. Readers are encouraged to share their Lucid Dreaming stories.

. b. Single articles

10. Normal Dreams

11. Further resources