The very end of a dream

Has anyone experienced the very end of a ND (where it usually fades out into Hypnopompic images and then fades completely)??

I remember once I was with some people, they were all laughing and suddenly everything froze. The dream slowly faded away.

But last night was the coolest. As I was going down a tiny elevator underground with a wise old lady, at one point she says “it’s going to get dark now” and it did, by fading into black and me waking up.

It’s pretty cool and I haven’t experienced this that often. The above were ND’sm by the way.

for me a dream ends always with it just fading into darkness without other feelings (or just suddenly waking up)
however i only remember the end of my LDs, the only time i remember it for NDs is if i wake up in the middle of it:
for example i remember having a dream where accidentaly cut of my hand with a chainsaw (it was jumping through the garden) and that jolted me out of the dream

regarding the LDs, it’s either because i die (like jumping behind a car down a 100 meter cliff into a river, than once i fall deep into the water everything starts to get dark and cold), or because the sleeptime is finished, i do nothing special and it just fades away, waking me up

my LD’s usually end like that too, but it feels a bit different. It feels like a premature awakening (which it probably is most of the times), while in these ND’s it feels like the end of the REM phase, as if my brain ran out of REM-gasoline :tongue:

I remember one really clear LD from when I was a kid. As soon as I realized I was dreaming, I started talking to Dream Characters. I found it so fascinating to be able to control what I was saying, while not being able to control what the DC was telling me. Almost any of my lucid dreams were at layer 4 back then.
After having conversations with my Dream Characters, it was time for me to go. I felt the morning was here, and the sun was shining into my room. ‘It’s time to go.’ I said. ‘Will I ever see you again?’ ‘Probably, yeah.’ they answered, and smiled. They stood in a line. One by one, I said goodbye, and with pain in my heart, I left the dream knowing I would probably never see them again. I stepped in an elevator, which went upwards into a bright light. Then I woke up.
Still gives me feels just writing this down, although I was very young back then. :smile: