The Views Of Lucidity?

Just wondering - but what is the view of lucid dreaming? I’ve heard it is kind of a third person MOST of the time, but rarely 1st person?

Plus…in the very aware levels of lucidity, do you exactly know whats going on around you? For example: you have a test tomorrow lets say.
You have a lucid dream that night, and you think “wow I have a test when I wake up”

This is assuming that you can stay in lucidity for at least a few minutes.
just a curious matter :cool_laugh:

EDIT: As I look through reading, I have found a post about “Lucid Living”, which Is a state in which you are the same awareness in which you are awake. I just wondered if it could happen, and I am glad it can!

All of my lucid dreams are first person. I can’t imagine how you’d be able to properly do anything with an external viewpoint, particularly activities which require some level of coordination.

Also, it’s quite common that I’ll stop for a moment and think about what’s going on in the real world. For example, sometimes I’ll try to guess what time it is, or I’ll think about having to get up and go to work in an hour. It’s difficult to understand for people who haven’t experienced it, but lucid dreams are quite a bit different to normal dreams.

Ive had ONE lucid dream unintentionally a LONG time ago

I remember - realizing it was a dream, and i came up to a monster that had been chasing me…he just sat there trying to grab me and only nudging me :tongue: I laughed kinda, and I dont rememberanything else. I dont think I woke up, I just think my mind realized it was a dream, I never really gained control of it…just happened :tongue: So its NOT a lucid dream I guess :0 It was probably set.

I think most LDs are 1st person,But i might be wrong.

alot of mine has been 1st person. i have i think all up 2 ld that havent been and i can still move. i see my self from outsied but feel myself from inside… yer makes sence

But saying that i have had a lot of ld where i am standing there and my view wanders away from my self to show me some other aspect of the dream. kinda like a movie.

Thanks for the real stuff on this :wink:

I think all my dreams switch in between 3rd and 1st person . I’ve had lds where I was in 3rd person and I could move just fine. I’ve also had weird ones where I could feel what other DC were feeling at the same time as me. I recently had one where I was in first person until I started chasing someone and then I was watching myself… and then when I caught and hugged them it was first again.

Mine seem to go in both 3rd and 1st person.

I was doing a reality check to see if I was dreaming, Ran and did a slow motion matrix jump. When I did that jump I can remeber seeing it in BOTH 3rd and 1st person view :cool_laugh: Now that I think of it…scary

My regular dreams tend to have been in 3rd person, so would that effect my Lucid Dreams? Or do your dreams consist of 3rd persons if they arent in lucid state. I noticed that last night, for the 2-3 seconds my dream, I didn’t even see myself…it was like a moving picture? It wasnt really ME in it, I don’t think it was in a first person state even (actually it was)

I think you are talking about the 3rdperson-1stperson view things that happenalways

You mean that YOU are in first person but you see yourself like 3rd person and you control yourself? Yeah…meh

i think it would. when u go lucid tell me if it is 3ed person or 1st