the "Visual Illusions" topic (ex: Spinning Cat)

Topic title changed as the purpose of the thread started to broaden. :bruno: … -illusion/

Ok, this really just make me think about how much our perceptions are based on an illusion of an actual reality. I couldn’t make the cat change directions at first, and thougth it impossible, but if you look to the side of your monitor and view the spinning cat in your perifrial vision, you can choose which way to percieve the can’s spinning direction when you re-focus!

This, for me, directly relates to your expectant power in dreams. If you really want to achieve super powers, you kind of have to half-distract yourself as a way of “mushing” your focus up so the subconsious has an unexpected next step. Then quickly decide and believe what the next outcome will be and it can be the reality in a lucid dream!

This type of illusion is not new.
The most popular one is a dancer.

Yup, you just look down or wherever works for you, and it changes direction.Pretty awesome.I think the direction it spins in the beginning is related to whether you are a lefty or a righty (righty?).

First it spun clockwise and after some effort I managed to change direction :cool_raz:

This one was much harder than the dancer illusion though :tongue:

Eh… I don’t get it ! I think it’s a fake - I look at it from the same direction and it chances directions by itself (it switches to clock-wise, then counter-clock-wise and ). Isn’t it just a video which repeats itself over and over ?

No, it isn’t.
Search for the spinning dancer picture.

Also, today I was able to switch the rotation of my ceiling fan multiple times shortly. (of course, it wasn’t REALLY spinning in the other direction)

Oh it’s funny , imagin that the arm of the cat’s are always behind him , and he will rotated in another direction everytime he’ll do a half-tour :bored: , that’s the technic I use to make him rotate in another direction :happy:
Oh my god ! The cat has hypnotized me , I can’t stop watching him ! ( Illusions are so cool ! )
( hard to explain that in english because i’m french :lol: :cry: )

The one with the dancer works 10x better with me for some reason. The cat doesn’t like to spin to the right. :tongue:

:lol: I have trouble with the cat too :tongue: actually a lot harder than last time I checked that illusion :tongue:

And yeah, the dancer is much easier, even though the illusions are made in same way :spinning:

Yes. Saw the dancer before. But I like that cat. It takes some playing around, but I can get 'em to spin the way I want eventually.

Heh, awesome illusion. It took a couple of attempts to get it going the way I wanted, but I got it. I also like imagining his arms are always behind him, it looks like he’s dancing. XP

This kind of reminds me of something I’d do with glasses. I would look at the rim and imagine that the far side is actually closer until it really looked like it was. It’s like the 3D cube illusion, you can see it in different ways depending on your perspective.

I like it.

To make it spin the other way, I always cover part of the image with my hand and watch a part that I’ll easily spin the other way (like the head, for instance) then I just tell my brain it’s spinning opposite to what I originally saw. It’s a bit more difficult with the cat! o__O

Actually studies show that the way the cat spins is which side of your brain is dominant. Therefore when you use the other side of your brain, you can get it to switch direction (for the dancer anyway). For the dancer when i read something it instantly switches direction, but for this cat i have to do some commutators on my rubiks cube to get it spinning the other way :grin:

haha this took me forever. It was spinning one way for a long time then it finally went the other way, but then i couldn’t get it to change back. i finally got the hang of it after a while.

For people interested, you can find here the spinning dancer.

If this is moving in just one direction and our brain makes it seems that it’s moving in another direction, then it could be an excellent “tool” to exercise control over your brain, thus having more control over your LDs. What do you say ? :smile:

I’m certain dreaming deals with a separate part of the brain than viewing an illusion of depth.

And since dreams deal with manifestations rather than things that actually exist… I can’t imagine this would be “good training”. More like “headache training”.

These illusions are really cool! I can control the way they are spinning quite easily, but the most fun it making them go back and forth, left and right, so they never complete a circle!

Uæææ! I was trying to switch directions and instead got stuck with the cat shaking sideways! :bored:

:lol: Same here!
By the way, can we make this the Illusion thread? I know a good one.

The cat one was odd. I got it to change after a little effort.

I’ve seen variations of Wyvern’s wall illusion, but a good one nonetheless.

Exactly the same of the Baillarina one!