The voice in ya head

So the idea goes as follows , get lucid , then ask a DC if he could contact you in RL (not dropping by your place ) as a voice in your head … :content: this also could help with creating a more stabile dreamworld at getting lucid more often

Greets , sakoda

Like a Spirit-Guide-ish Schizophrenia-palooza!

That is a really intriguing idea. I must try it tonight with my WBTB. Letting DCs talk to you in your head would be awesome.

Hopefully you will be able to shut them up when they grow annoying though. :tongue: Reminds me of a particular pain-in-the-ass fairy in a certain Zelda game.

This leads to CALD
You can create your very own characters and talk to them and maybe they’ll appear in your dreams!

My least favorite part of Ocarina of Time.

I haven’t remembered to talk to any of my dream characters to tell me I’m dreaming or to contact me in waking state, but I may do it when I have a lucid dream tonight.

That would be awesome (though in a sort of ‘don’t-tell-anyone-that-there’s-someone-talking-to-me-in-my-head’ way).

Also, have you ever wondered if DC’s watch you on TV when you’re awake?

There was once this bear like creature that told me his name was Ned in a dream… I don’t think I’ve ever heard him as a voice while awake but next time I see him I’ll ask him to say hi.

That fairy ruined the game :lol: