The void of forgetfulness

When I realize I am dreaming a void tries to consume me and make me forget I am dreaming.
I will look at my hands and they won’t be there, instead I see a void that spreads over my whole vision and blocks out my consciousness. I am having a lot of trouble staying lucid because it tries to pull me back in.

Have you tried screaming “increase lucidity!!” Once it starts to happen? Works for me.

I know the feeling you are describing, I guess everybody who learned lucid dreaming experienced this feeling.

Rabshara’s tip sounds like a good practice to help you. What I found is that lucid dreams (or dreams in general) are very fragile and transient. The best way to not let them slip away is by “chasing” after them. What I mean is to stay active. Do not pause for too long. Do not marvel at the beautiful dreamscape for too long. In a sense, you have to stay awake, just that you are inside a dream. I think that analogy works pretty well.