The Watcher

Hello to all

this is my first post on these boards :smile:

anyways to bussiness, last nite i had my first real intentional LD (the others were all just luck realy) i had just become lucid and for some reason i was on autopoilet, turned around to see a classic “god” or “wise man” (long hair and beard, white) type figure bent over and examining the contents of a cubboard. for some reason i said “I see you Watcher”. as i said this he stood up and though for some reason i never saw his face i felt his surprise as though this was unusual. I turned to leave but every thing seemed to drag, i couldnt figure out how to move or speak then i woke. For some reason this was EXTREAMLY unnearving and i was unable to get back to sleep for around 90 mins, most of the time still seeing somthing like hypnagogic imagery even though i was awake (glowing roots/veins through my eyes and at one stage an eye)

ok, a few more questions:

is it possable to WILD without going through SP?

has anyone tried to two people at once, or tried to posses a dream char?

does anyone use an avatar inside their dreams?

I thank you for your responces and remember if you see somone wearing matrix type clothes armed with a sword with a black blade with silver and/or gold inlay wandering around, say hi and if he appears to be dreaming (“you have the look of someone who accecpts what he sees because he expects to wake up” :smile: ) please tell him so



Well I can only really answer one of your questions. It’s impossible to have a WILD without also experiencing sleep paralysis. This is a basic function of the brain which always occurs before you enter a dream. Your brain has to paralyse your body to prevent you from physically acting out your dream experiences and keep you from harming yourself. So there is no dreaming without sleep paralysis. It doesn’t always have to be a bad experience though - with practice it can even become quite enjoyable.

I don’t know… I remember that you can WILD without the sensations (vibrations, HI etc) but I dunno if you can altogether skip SP.

Some people have treid being two people at once (aparntly it feels weird - never done it myself). People have also tried possessing a DC. I imagine it would be like shape shifting - though you may get the DC complaning in your dream head (well, their dream head then).

Nope. Though once I get more experienced, I do plan on getting me a set of dream clothes (as well as a dream house, and yes, a dream pet).

People, check the date on the initial post. You think someone that last posted around end 2002 will still read this? 0_o

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Heh, I did the same thing on a different forum once. I welcomed a member that had posted, not realizing the thread I posted on was 3 years old…

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