The Wavespell

Hi Everyone.

I thought it might be helpful if here at the Dreamspell forum, I introduce different concepts of the 13 Moon Calendar, one step at a time… If i’m going too fast, and you don’t know what the “13 galactic tones” or “20 solar seals” are yet, tell me, and I will do my best to explain…

Below I’ve displayed the images of all the kin for the current 13-Day Wavespell. This wavespell began on March 6th. Today being March 11th, we are now at the sixth stage of it’s unfolding: Kin 227: Blue Rhythmic Hand.

So. Does anyone know what the next wavespell we are in would be called? How does one work it out? Can anyone work out what the following 13-day wavespell would be called? Here is a table that may help:

This is just a starting point to engage your conscious participation. Please feel free to ask more of your own personal questions…


Yipee!! Someones going to explain this stuff to us. Thanks on behalf of all the people that are to lazy to go find it for ourselves.

The next wavespell? Blue Eagle Wavespell.

How to work it out? One way could be

int NextWaveSpell = fmod(int(CurrentKin / 13) * 13, 20) + 1;

But that’s messy.

It’s the next seal after White Wizard.

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I see you are from New Zealand. Cool!

Obviously- since you came up with the right answer - this works great :wink:

The Wavespell we are currently in is the White Wind Wavespell and represents the power of spirit. Breath is an important keyword for this wavespell too, and I myself have been taking it as an opportunity to concentrate on breathwork (in relation to lucid dreaming) and also in meditation.

The coming wavespell, as you say, is the Blue Eagle Wavespell. This is the power of vision. It is worthwhile to imagine the eagle, soaring above the earth, grasping the larger perspective of what is unfolding here on Earth, and using that vision and insight, to shape the way in which we create the world around us…

One interesting thing about the 13 tones which make up each wavespell is that they are also reflected in the human body, in the form of our 13 major joints: 2 ankles, 2 knees, 2 hip, 2 wrists, 2 elbows, 2 shoulders, and the spine/neck. Similarly, the 20 solar seals are also found in the form of the 20 fingers and toes.

It is also interesting to contemplate the connection between the 13 tones; as they describe a moving cosmology of intention/purpose and it’s manifestation on the physical plane. You can work with these cycles, to stabilise your intentions, and hopes for what you wish to manifest in the world around you.

  1. Magnetic (Unify, Attract, PURPOSE)
  2. Lunar (Polarise, Stabilise, CHALLENGE)
  3. Electric (Activate, Bond, SERVICE)


Your Kin is Yellow Lunar Human, so you are born on the second day of the BLue Monkey Wavespell. This wavespell represents the power of play/magic and illusion. You’ll notice that it begins on Kin 131: Blue Magnetic Monkey, which lies slapbang in the middle, there at the very heart of the Harmonic Module.

Kin 132: Yellow Lunar Human stabilises the original purpose presented by Kin 131: Blue Magnetic Monkey, realising that the joy of play can be expanded through the recognition that at times there is also a need to settle down, and use our free-will wisely.

Thanks for the interest!