The way to stay lucid

I tried that stopwatch thing. It didn’t really work for me although I wasn’t lucid to a high degree. Basically I put the alarm thing on for 15 mins and then forgot about it. The dream definitely didn’t last for 15 mins. Then I tried it again in another LD and only put it on for 5 mins for some reason and I woke-up soon after. I’ll have to do some experiments with this-I need to remember to check it to see if the time is running out. Maybe for me dream time is much faster than real time and I need to put the alarm on for like a week to have half an hour of dream time :grin:

this thread has definitely given me a new appreciation for LDing

jules…do you think you expected it to work when you were setting the clock?

I’m praying earnestly for the ability to experience a day in Wonderland every night. Basically an extra 24 hours of play-time. I truly believe that waking reality is merely for the physical nature of things. Consuming food, procreation, rest. Where as Lucid Dreaming is the realm in which pleasure and excitement should be sot out. Really, I’m just saying now that I have excelled at flying school waking up to watch a movie or purchase some external happiness seems boring.

So I wonder, after you wake up from such a long LD, does it really feel like you’ve been away for a long time? Or is it more that you told yourself in your dream that you were away, and you know a lot of stuff happened then?

I also want to try this for the purpose of meditation. Among other things, I could make things actually quiet. Even the meditation centers I’ve been to where I live are full of the noise from traffic in the street, so would be worth working for.

No I think I just did it sort of randomly because I’d been thinking about it when I was awake. I was lucid at the time but not so much that I’d be able to control anything to a high degree. I just kinda took it out of my pocket and set it without really thinking about it. I will try it again though-hopefully when I’m lucid to a higher degree.

good luck! maybe tonight i’ll give this a try…hopefully :wink:

I can’t remember exactly who, but I already read someone’s DJ here in the forum who had a dream that was 2 weeks long.

In that DJ it was really nice and kind weird. Waking everyday on the dream again and again. A bit annoying for some.

I had an LD, and for some reason, i could only stop time for 5 seconds.

If you are a new LD’er, just try to scream.

Memes + Dreams = win.

I admit I laughed hard to that. :rofl:
Besides, that’s gotta surge your confidence to unseen levels. Forgetting about our doubts is the essential thing, and what more useful for this than taking it like a silly game? :tongue:

This sounds liek a good idea… I must try this technique… that is, the next time i LD. I haven’t had one in a really long time :sad:

I’m highly skeptical about this.
There’s likely a slight discrepancy between dream time and real time, but it wouldn’t make any sense for it to be possible to spend hours of dream time in minutes of real time.
When in LDs, our consciousness (decision making, thought processes etc.) is very close to our consciousness in real life. That’s why it’s lucid. For the guy that said he spent 2 weeks in a lucid dream, that would equate to him thinking/making decisions etc. 1000x times quicker than in normal time. Not possible I’m afraid. Either he is lying, or it was a normal dream that somehow tricked him into thinking it was a lucid dream and he was really conscious.

even if it’s a trick…what does that mean (i ask myself as well as giospurs)? by the same token, his whole environment is a trick. in our world space is linked to time; if there is a “trick” space then maybe “trick” time is possible too?

I’ll definitely try that in my LD, I know it’s gonna be tonight! :smile: