The way to stay lucid

[center][/center]basicly stop time :razz: i met a guy who claims hes been in a lucid dream half his life and that it was about two hours in whole

Wait… I didn’t understand your post. You mean he knew to LD half of his life and he stayed in a LD for two hours? Well that’s amazing! :happy:

yes, i had no idea what he was saying :sad: :confused: :confused:

Well, he probably means it felt like half of his life (so the dream was loooooong.Yeah’ that’s possible…to stay in a dream for years, so I read).

I’ve heard a technique for this here once. You should go to a clock when you’re in a LD and find a way to stop the hands, or even turn them backwards - this should guarantee a looooong dream :cool:

im interested in this technique
id love to find out how

therefore i can meditate inside my dream and rewind time and meditate for million of years and it will feel like 2 hours my time

if i can get wisdom - inside my LD for that lifetime
in 3 hours i can have the wisdom of an old man

that would be awsome

Wow…that would be pure awesomeness. Imagine how your LD will never end!

The clock technique definately works. I had the best, longest lucid dream I’ve ever had last night, it seemed to last for hours and hours and on top of that I was having hot sex (for a long time) with my ex girlfriend and two other girls in the dream with a room full of people watching, and I still didn’t wake up. Throughout the dream I was fully lucid (i was making people dissapear and using telekenesis etc. in the begining of the dream). I knew I was going to wake up soon so I made an alarm/timer type device appear and set it next to me and set the alarm/stopwatch for 30 minutes. When it got down near to 2-3 minutes left, I would reset the timer to 30 minutes again and it kept me inside my dream for a long time… This was before I even saw this thread so I just did this on my own last night in my lucid. It definately works though.

For all the newer dreamers, we had a quest to stop the time last year.
I think it was in February of 2009…

It does work and many people completed it.

woah! That would be awesome!!! i need to get back into LDing! :smile:

Agreed. That would be awesome squared. Really expands on the reason I started lucid dreaming in the first place: pursuance of wisdom and understanding.

holly crap, how does that work out?! that’s pretty sweet! and in a way kinda scary :bored:
that would be the sweetest thing, y’know, just take off to lala land for a couple days, take a vacation :cool:

would there be a possibility that they might be thinking about bringing that one back? i’d be willing to shoot for that one :smile:

Hey cool thing :cool: I never did it, but I’m anxious to and glad it worked out so well for you. I had never thought of resetting the timer indefinitly - it looks like abusing the technique but this seems to have amazing effectiveness! :smile:

The quest mentioned by Lord Antares can be found here. Thanks man, I’ll take a look at it now :grin:

OMG, this is just amazing, I gatta try it! This could be the absolute answer to prolonging LD’s! Imagine all you could do in that time… I’m definitely going to remember this in my next LD :grin:

This sounds great but wouldn’t you get a bit worried in your LD that you were asleep for too long? I’ve had that before, been convinced that I’ve been asleep for ages and it must be late afternoon before I look at my clock! I know you’re consciously prolonging it, but I think id still be worried if I had a really long dream that seemed like it went on for days that I was missing the day in real life. Guess it’s ok on a weekend though. Anyway, I gotta try it next time I’m lucid for sure!

No, I don’t think you have to be worried at all about missing real life. Time has a huge difference in dreams than it does in real life. Look back at peoples post on here… Spend a few days in a LD and it’s two hours in RL. Well I’m not sure on how different time is compared from dreaming to RL, but from what I hear it’s a huge difference…

Am I right guys?

I guess it is a fact that dreamtime is not parallel to real time, so I’m not worrying about that :smile: Anyway, you could always have a backup alarm that would prevent you from waking up too late!

It’s all good news here :cool:

Yeh but I usually get convinced in a dream that the alarms already gone off and I switched it off subconsciously or something! It’s probably just one of my weird things. I mean I know dream time is different to real life time in some dreams, but it must be such a weird feeling to be in a dream for what seems like days and know that only an hour has past in real life. That just kinda blows my mind! Haha but I still have to try this, maybe it wouldn’t be a problem at all for me I just got to try it.

Actually, why am I complaining-if this works it’d be amazing! Haha.

If he said he had a lucid dream for half his life, I´m guessing about 10-12 years maybe? It seems to me like he would have forgotten alot of things from his real life. Like friends, school etc. If it actully felt like around 10 years!

The best way to stay lucid, is when you realize your dreaming don’t shit your pants. Plain and simple. Just relax for 30 seconds and then go apeshit.

I remember one time I had a nightmare and I realized I was lucid and pretty much started yelling doing cartwheels and flying, gloating and going crazy. Then It all faded to black and I woke up.