The weirdest awakening from a lucid dream i`ve had so far

This morning, I suddenly out of nowhere realised that I was dreaming. I think it might have been some sort of WILD thing, since I rapidly woke up and fell asleep this morning.

I was at the garage in my old house. With just my trousers on i think. I was walking around, on my knees. And I tried to walk on my feet, but as soon as I stod up, I felt that I was going to wake myself up if I did. I tried to keep myself calm and think that it doesnt make sense since my feet werent real. I stood up, and guess what… I woke up!

Why would I wake myself up because of this? Why did that happen?

Since you became aware of dreaming within the dream, it is more a DILD. :content:

LDs are not so different from ND, you can have some weird thoughts or beliefs during them. Thinking that you would wake up made it real, and you did…

Like that guy in LaBerge’s book where he was, “If you say your name in your dream, it wakes you up!” Then LaBerge was like, you’re stupid, said his own name in a dream, and because he didn’t believe that he would wake up, he didn’t :smile:

I dont understand what hes trying to say :razz:

Hmm, it looks like you had a DILD and performed WBTB. When you rapidly woke up and went back to sleep did you reassure yourself you would have a LD tonight?

I used to use MILD and WBTB, I would wake up in the middle of the night remind myself of my mantra and repeat it as I go to sleep, fairly quickly. Nearly everytime I could have lucid dreams. WBTB increases your chances for lucidity by a significant ammout.

I have a different view than the other people.

I’ve had the same problem while dropping into an LD after almost no gap between then and falling asleep (even if it is a DILD).

You were probably asleep with your legs bent. I’ve had that happen twice where I was too close to being awake, and stuff like having my eyes closed in the LD and opening them and having one eye be in (what seemed like) my room.

What helps to fix things like that is to pay very close attention to things in the dream, and saying “IM DREAMING IM DREAMING very loud”

Yes! thats it! I remember now! That must be it, because I suddenly remember now that I woke up because I was streching out my legs in real life when I stood up in the dream. Some sort of confusion between the two worlds, the dreamworld and the real world.

I think we might have discovered something useful information then; whenever a part of body is laying in the same way (or is similar) as the dream version of the body, moving that part may cause it to move in the real world too, wich then again may wake you up. Thanks danielD!

That happens to me sometimes. I won’t be able to talk or else I’ll be talking in my sleep. I start to feel my real life body instead of my dream one. It would piss off my sister if I started talking in my sleep. (She has insomnia.)

You are very welcome Childhood! I’m glad I could help ya.

I think you are definantly on to something. As I recall, that guy Pablo (who also claimed to have the ability to cause faces to appear in his vision in real life (i beileve him) ) said he had learned how to move body parts and speak IRL while in an LD.

I woke myself up from nightmares two or three times by “reaching through” to my RL body and opening my eyes. One time I didn’t open my real eyes and had to try a few times until what I controlled was my real body, but apart from that it worked quite intuitively, and I think you can control your body from your dream in this way. However staying asleep and in the dream in this process would probably require great experience.