The weirdest dream

This is a dream i had the other night. it took place in the first house i lived in for 15 years. i was in the house and this thing in this yellow biohazard suit was chasing my. it chased me outside the front door. it was a sunny day. i noticed that through the suits face window that its head was just a pile of dead bees and flies. it then said “remember when i used to sheer you when you were sleeping” (not sure if it said sheer, but it was an ‘s’ word describing cutting. possibly even made up) it chased me into the street and i stopped and took the helmet off and looked down at it’s head and noticed that there was an ocean underneath (like i was looking down from a plane or something) through the dead pile. I asked “why are you mad. did your kids or parents die?”
this is a dream that really sticks out out of all the dreams i’ve ever had. it was very vivid too.


Uh, sounds scary. I don’t like bees nor flys, even though there are dead. Didn’t the “creature” ever answer?

That sounds like an awsome dream. Especially the head made out of dead bees and flies.

thanks for the input, and no the creature didn’t respond. that i can be sure of.
i just awoke from another nightmare too. It began as if it were a crime documentary sitcom. i heard narration saying “the houses floor had just been redone cause of dried blood” or close to that. it was an old friend of mines house and i even had a different mom. it was somehow established that there was some killer after us although looking back on the dream i don’t see how it tangibly was. we paced in fear throughout the entire dream. then there was a knock at the door leading in from the garage. it was the moms ex. he was there for some reason but wasn’t a killer. the paranoia was really getting to us and without and course of significant events mounted to the point where the mom went out on the balcony (now another house in the country i lived in. the original house had no balcony) i followed her out and said we shouldn’t be hear then heard a chainsaw. we both jumped off and i remember seeing an image of us dying. then there we were back on the balcony and went inside and it was all a tv show.
i feel this was a methphor (although i am a bit weary of dream meaning) for paranoia killing someones life before the goons do.