The Wim Hof method to increase your consciousness

So basically it’s a breathing technique that allows your body to get extreme relaxation.

Now what you have to do is inhale and fill your lungs to medium or longer (I prefer medium but you can breath longer if you are in a habit of something like this) then exhale. Do it for 30 times ( after inhalation don’t stop and wait for the oxygen to reach your cells, exhale just after you inhaled as much you can) and after the 30th exhale hold your breath for 1 minute or 30 seconds as you prefer( I Do it for 1 min) then inhale and hold it again for 15 seconds.

That’s the 1st round of it, do it for atleast 3 rounds and you can increase your breath holding time each round as I do or you just do it normally as you wish. You don’t have to wait for the results, the moment you start it even if the first time you will see it’s effects in 10 minutes (because it’ll take atheist 10 minutes for you to do this).

I did it just once last night and I was able to remember 4 dreams in just one day. The man who discovered it was literally able to change his hand’s temperature just by breathing (and he did it in front of thousands of people).

I hope it’ll help you too.

I gave it a try according to your description and at breath count 19 of round 2 I started to feel my mind sliding off slowly towards the abyss of sleep. In round 3 somewhere at about 12 I must have been gone. So I guess it works for relaxation, similar to other breathing or relaxation techniques. But it didn’t seem to have any impact on my dreams.

This is also what I’m not very clear about: What’s exactly the purpose of this exercise? When would you do it? Until what point? And after that, just go to sleep? I feel there are some details missing to get the whole picture :smile:

When the first time I started it I did it for 1 month and it increased me awareness drastically. And in your case just don’t close your eyes (and don’t lay down if you don’t want to fall asleep). When my mother did it for first time she also felt sleepy.

When you do this technique what happens is it floods your body with adrenaline, and the same happens when anyone plays an outdoor game like when I play football and come back home I just want to go to bed, but after sometime my urge to sleep becomes less.

And about the dream recall, I think if a person increases his/her awareness it increases the vividness of the dream and then you can easily recall dreams, now that’s what I think and that’s exactly what happened to me. I have also seen it happen to other people so give it some time. And BTW you can actually see your progress everyday, that’s what the best thing about it is. I never get bored with it.

It can work both ways (relaxation and alertness), like when I do it in the morning just after 2 or 5 minutes of waking up I feel more energetic and in the night just the opposite. This technique is made to use your biological components voluntarily(like your nervous system) which seemed to be impossible until this technique was discovered. Basically when I wasn’t into meditation, this technique increased my awareness by which my dreams became more vivid and because of this my dream recall increased.

So just try it for month and you’ll become more aware of everything.