The Wizard's Phase 2 for induction of Lucid Dreams - Part II

I regret to report that the results so far from Phase 3 are disappointing. I have run into failure after failure. I am still working on it, but it is a far more uphill struggle than previously thought. Should the results continue as they have, the outlook appears dismal. :confused:

Hey everyone, i just wanted to say, telepathy actually is not that complicated, if you have mental blocks and already think it to be ludicrous(Sp?) you will have trouble, but me and two of my friends have lately been practicing low forms of Telepathy (Sending Shapes and colors) wil much success. In addition Psiballs and Psiwheels, i dont want to bring this off topic, but if your interested is a great site. To bring this back, I have not been able to try Phase two (My computer is down stairs and my parents would get wierd) So when can we expect phase 3?

cant you tell us what you know by now, everyone here got their own experiences and knowledge so maybe we can come to think of things you have missed out on, i understand you know alot more than we of this method since you made it : ) but some new ideas are never wrong + plus im excited to hear about the third phase.
right now im still in the mirror-phase. i have a mirror about 12" * 17", would it work to split that in two pieces or will they be to small? (i have a 17" monitor if that makes things different)
and again, PLEASE make a drawing! if you give me your email adress i can make a drawing and you can see if its right or wrong, and so i can adjust it and send it to others…i would be glad to help you someway : )

Thanks for keeping at it!

Mindexplorer-Yes, I will send you my crude drawing of the mirror setup, but first I must send it to Tomas as I promised. I am going to do that now with the e-mail address he has provided for me. Mindexplorer-I will also need your e-mail address to send it to you. (Not the ld4 private e-mail address. OK? Also, I agree with what you said. Even though I have hit a high hurdle I cannot jump over at present, I nonetheless will explain as far as I have gotten with Phase 3, and perhaps as you say, some one out there might be able to do what I cannot do at this point. First, I have to send my drawing to Tomas, and then I will be right back . OK? Thanks :content:

mindexplorer-I have sent the drawing to Tomas, who I am confident will send it to Jack. Right now , the hour is late, and I am fatigued and weary. I promise that first thing tomorrow I will spell out in detail what I am working on, in the hopes that a reader on this forum might come up with some new ideas. :content:

Here is the gist of my Phase 3 project. First, I need to explain the theory behind it, and that is that I believe there is a direct correlation between day dreaming and night dreaming. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you are in an intense day dream, that you are completely oblivious to your surroundings? An example of this is a student daydreaming while the teacher is lecturing to the class. Suddenly the student who was day dreaming is called upon to comment on what the teacher was saying and the student being snapped out of his day dream, has no recollection of what the teacher was teaching much to his or her embarrasement. And this brings us to the link. When you are daydreaming several times a day, you may notice that your daydreams do not last very long. Similar to night dreams, a person may go through several day dreams within a single day and /or several night dreams within a single night. Now ask yourself this question. How long can you sustain a daydream on one particular subject, person or thing, without other thoughts interferring with your day dream? How long can you with effort deliberately prolong a day dream? Chances are not very long. Try it and see. Test yourself. Why is this important? Because if you cannot extend a day dream beyond ten or twenty minutes, then it is not likely that you will be able to sustain a night dream very long either. Because the two are directly related. Take for example something that you would really like to dream at night about, whether it be flying, romance, sex, adventure, or whatever, try day dreaming about it first when awake and see how long you can sustain the dream. Most likely, not very long. But many people may have difficulty training themselves to day dream for a lenghty time because they are not used to it. To overcome this problem I have developed a training video . The purpose of which is to train the mind. When watching the video, one needs to study every detail of the video with strict attention. The video runs for about 35 minutes long and has to do with flying… Afterward, the student is asked to close their eyes and day dream about what they have seen for as long as they can trying to remember and reproduce very detail without allowing other thoughts to interfere or enter their mind. This may have to be practiced a few times depending upon the individual, and how quickly they grasp it. After day dreaming has been mastered, it has to be brought over to night dreaming. To do this the student is asked to wake themselves up after about 5 hours of sleep via their alarm clock, as this is the period that the dream state and mind are most susceptible. Utilizing the training they have received , they conjure up a day dream that they have practiced, and sort of incorporate into the twilight dream state in the early morning hours. The mind being most susceptible at this time of morning, accepts the mentally injected day dream into a night dream, while the dreamer is fully conscious. It is not advisable to begin with a romantic day dream as this may tend to sexually arouse the dreamer into full consciousness and the awakened state. Some people may want to dream about an entertainer such as a rock star, movie or Television star, a lover, or whatever. To accomplish this a video of the star or lover, must first be made with the star looking directly into the camera. If this is not possible, a still photograph will be needed for second best effects with the subject looking directly at you with his or her eyes. This is where the practice of mental telepathy comes in. Your eyes must be wide open and you must be wide awake. You will need to maintain a sustained mental dialogue with that person which is to be carried over to the day dream state and eventually the dream state. There are many more needed details I am omitting here, because this post would be too lengthy if I were to write them all. Nonetheless, enough has been written to give you an idea of the theory and practice. This system I call Phase 3 is still not perfect as I want it to be, and I am only releasing this at the request of some of the members of this post. I am working diligently on improvements and am open to any and all suggestions and ideas any of you may have to offer. :content:

i would be very glad if you can do that Wizard! i just try to fix a second mirror somehow meanwhile. mail it to:

and to Real_Turin:
sorry i ignored your post…first i thought “no way” i dont know why but i looked into it and found it very intresting! could we take a discussion someplace else? i´ll create a topic at “beyond dreaming” called “psy-energy” and i recomend everyone to look into this, it´s very intresting for an open mind : )

No need to give out your email adresses.Once Tomas has it he will post a link here for everyone to see it online:)
take care:)

Wizard man:)
Do you read your pms?Dont wanna rush you or anything…but to my knowledge Tomas has sent you his email and stuff where you can send your pic but didnt recieve anything at all yet.
again…we would appreciate the drawing:)

Jack-I sent the drawing twice to the e-mail Tomas provided for me. I cannot understand why he hasn’t received it yet? I don’t know what else to do. But, I do know that practicing this Phase 2 method works, if one practices it faithfully. Also, I have not been around much. I am working very diligently on perfecting Phase 3. I’ll try to come to the forum more often to keep in touch. Peace! :content:

Ive been waiting patiently for a link to come for a long time and i see it hasnt :bored: . Wizard, or anyone else that has the pictures of the mirror setup, could you please send it to me. thanks

hey has this worked for anyone. I havent heard anything about this experiment or phase 3 in a while. Is anyone still working on it? If this has worked for you please post here. I need your help. Im just trying to keep this thread alive :grin: .

ok i am gonna look like afool but u were tlking bout sending shapes and stuff? thought shapes? how plz i have tryed i can recive but not send how do u do iut thanx


thanks wizard for the feedback…
for the moment i live with another family and they havnt got any computer(!), so i would have to practise phase 2 in public places…wich i dont think i will do hehe :smile:
It’s ashame i couldnt do it before cause now its to late…for now, maybe i will be able to do it in three months hehe…

keep us posted wizard! i know im gonna try this method sometime, sooner or later!