The (wo)man in the mirror

When I read about lucid dreams the first time (wikipedia), one of the most fascinating things to me was, that many people cannot see themselves in the mirror.

In my first and only LD yet url=[/url] this was one of the first things I wanted to try.

So the question: What do you see in the mirror, when having an LD?
And what do you think does that mean?

BTW, I saw myself, but as a series of quickly changing pictures. I made funny gestures and grimaces on each. Seems I really was in a good mood.

First, welcome and congratulations on your ld! :cool:

I usually see myself, often my hair or clothes look slightly different than they do irl. If I concentrate deeply enough, the image can change. My reflection has often been older than I am irl.

:sad: :sad:
I don’t remember being on front of the mirror… I would like to step in mirror like many do… but never did before… I hope I will one day :happy:!

My reflection is fuzzy, but thats in a ND. I’ve never looked in a mirror during a LD. I see myself, but I can’t make out any features.

Looking in the mirror is fun. I usually see myself with some style-variation. Try looking away and back again. You just might change appearance entirely. It’s good for a laugh. Do a whole 80s video montage of you trying out different styles.

Perhaps something about your selfimage can appear in the mirror. Surely, it is possible. Maybe one ought to ask oneself while dreaming. It would be pretty cool if the image answered.

I looked into a mirror during my only one LD, and what I’ve seen was myself, but with a few differences:
First of all, my head was very odd: it was like somebody has taken the photography from my ID card (it’s a very bad picture, it has been taken when I was ill and I look like an idiot) and had stuck it over my neck. In the dream I changed my expression, smiled, moved facial muscles, but the image on the mirror remained exactly the same.
Quite odd.
Also, my hands didn’t look right on the mirror; their image on the mirror was different from how they actually were if I looked directly on them.

I looked at myself in mirrors in LDs quite often. It’s mostly correct with some minor changes perhaps. In my first ever LD for example I noticed my hair was cut short when in real life it was long. That made me lucid.
One other time I was looking at myself and the reflection was perfectly fine, altough when I made funny faces, the reflection just looked at me the same way.

I saw myself in the mirror last night during an LD and i looked normal but whatever i did my reflection did the opposite or something different! :woo: :content: i was having a party so my hair was done to perfection and my make up,

i was meant to be waiting for a friend but i was in fits laughing at myself in the mirror! :grin: my friend and other DC’s were like :eek: :eh: :woah:

whenever I look into a mirror in an LD something is always different. You hear counts of people being frightened by what they see in the mirrors. Here is what I have seen.

*Myself, wearing a jean Jacket
*A wolf, roaring at me
*My DG
*A civilization in the tremors of war