The Wolfgame Dream Collection

Red Cosmic dragon, Overtone 6, kin 221Sunday 20 November

Quick WolfGame
I am in church. When I go to my place, the pew and kneeler is missing so I get a wooden kneeler from the front of the church instead.
The wolf game starts. It is really fast. The game play flashes infront of my eyes - I’m not even sure which group (vills or wolves) I am in … :help: There is a list of names on the bottom left, half are lit up and half aren’t. Text flashes up vertically on the right if someone has been eaten that night. I think if I’m a wolf :wolf: then the head wolf made the choice on their own. We seem to be acting parts too (I seem to be in a chorus line at the back behind a curtain) But it is so fast, I’m not sure what I am supposed to do. :cry:

Moogle mentioned posting my latest dream in here, and so I searched for the other dreams I hadn’t posted in here yet.
I had some fragments about Wolfgame too. So I’ve got around 10 WG-dreams in total :content:

[color=red]Tuesday 25 October 2005[/color]
# 6 ~ Wolfgame – PM
I was on LD4all and I had a PM back from Susan Ivanova. I PMed him yesterday about wolfgame. The PM contained a image then there were a lot of enters and the words “I believe you” Then there were a lot of enters again and there stood something but I forgot what it was

[color=red]Saturday 5 November 2005[/color]
# 7 ~ LD4all – WG sign up
I was at the forum in the WG topic in the playground. There were some new messages. Hebrew2, Iluminada and another person said they wanted to join Wolfgame this time. I found it a bit weird that Ilum wanted to join. I thought I might misunderstood her, so I wanted to post something to ask it.

I wanted to check if my dream came true. So I went to the forum to the topic in the playground. And my dream came true. I still found it weird Ilum joined so I wanted to post again if I might misunderstood her

Thursday 24 November 2005
# 8 ~ Wolfgame
I got a PM from Kenny. He said his school said that he couldn’t join wolfgame. While I got this I thought I still should send the confirmation PM’s before I sended the roles.

Tuesday 6 December 2005
# 9 ~Missing: 13 votes (a wolfgame dream)
[ND]I was on the forum and it was still one hour left to vote in wolfgame, but I haven’t got any PM. There were 13 players, but none of them had told me their vote. I told this somewhere, not in the real game, but in another wolfgame topic. Q said that it happened before and when that happened there died a lot of people because of suicide. But back then they used an option on top of the page. I believe she meant PM I believe Carnun, but it could be somebody else, reacted on it too.

I wanted to ask Q a question in that topic too. Pure hypothetical, what would happen if everyone voted on somebody else? Especially when there were 3 persons left. I thought that I should flip a coin then, that would meant, when there were 3 people left, that the coin would decide who was going to win (villagers or wolves)[/ND]

:whew: When I woke up I was glad it couldn’t be a precog, since there were 12 people in the game right now, and in my dream it were 13.

Sunday 5 February 2006
# 10 ~ Magnus is posting wolfgame tie
[ND]I was watching television and I was at LD4all at the same time. The wolfgame players stat was in the 5 last posted topics. Together with Roleplay and Rolegame. There was a tie, I could see that on the name of the player stats. When I clicked on it I saw a post from Magnus, he was the GM. There was a tie between Moogle and Bruno and they both had the same votes in the tie. Magnus said that the first person who came in the chat had to say moogle or Bruno. And that one would die. You would get a lot of price money too.
I wanted to go to chat, but then I realised I wasn’t in my own country and it would cost a lot of money; I closed the internet and I put the television off.

Like moogle said, and I thought it of myself too; this could reflect on the day only moogle and Bruno got votes in Game 16. Magnus was GM of that game too. Or it is a precog, if Magnus is going to be GM in the future. [/ND]

Some more Wolfgame dreams Before my DJ will close and I can’t copy them anymore. :content:

Wednesday 8 February 2006
#11 ~ Sealife’s Wolfgame
[ND] We’re having Wolfgame at sealife now too. People in one dreamteam operate together. They’re all wolves, all seers, all villagers or all sorcerers. Every team contains four people from the dreamteam.
My team contains Alvin, Onagar another male and myself and we’re villagers.

I’m talking with my team for real, not trough the forum. We’re standing in front of my house. We’re with the tree of us, because Alvin is just away. I’m standing with Onagar and another male person. I don’t recognise him; I’m trying to think of who it could be but I didn’t know. It frustrates me a bit. I still don’t know who it could be

Onagar wanted us to split, so we could find the wolves. He wants to cooperate with Josh Redstone too, but I don’t agree with that. I think we should stay together, and we shouldn’t cooperate with Josh Redstone. My guts say that he’s a wolf. [/ND]

Saturday 11 February 2006
#12 ~ Wolfgame GM’s
When Siiw didn’t post the result last night I didn’t know what happened. I thought it might be something that had to do with her work. But I’m becoming more like my mother and grandmother I was a bit worried too. :cry: I really hate thinking the bad way too. That’s what I often do lately, thinking it will get wrong and stuff like that :sad:

Anyways I’m at LD4all and Siiw’s back, she has posted the results. I don’t remember what it was that she couldn’t post the results but it wasn’t something bad. The results had something to do with Ryane, but there didn’t stand what she was or something. The results felt like they weren’t complete.

Somewhere in here I had a false awakening

[color=red]I’m sitting around a table with Wolfgame GM’s. Not all of them trough, only the ones that still visit LD4all. I noticed that after I woke up Magnus was sitting on the right of me and pasQuale was sitting on the head of the table. Siiw, Moogle, Iluminada and Anamcara were there too.

We’re talking about the current WG, that Siiw idled as a GM and it affected my dream. I saw her post something about Ryane; he was in my dream a lot. In my dream it had something to do with him being a wolf so I wondered if he really was a wolf and I said this out loud. Nobody said that he wasn’t a wolf, and I begin to suspect him even more.


Magnus is telling us what the problem is. If we just let him do the thinking work, and everyone just follows what he says it will all go well. We should work together, and think together. He would do all the work, and so we could win.


We’re talking about WG 13; the one with the Cid – X thingy. I begin to talk in Dutch, but I then realise I have to talk in English. I did see a woman on the head of the table who is a Dutch person too. That makes me think Q is sitting there. [/color]

Tuesday 14 February 2006
# 13 ~ Bruno was a WOLF!
[ND] I’m at LD4all at the wolfgame part. Nice Dream was quitting WolfGame; he didn’t want to play anymore because something happened and he didn’t like that. And if Nice Dream quit, the wolves would have won.

Moogle, she was the GM of this game, posted the last players stats and congratulated the wolves. She told who the wolves were: Bruno - first there stood this :grin: smiley after his name -, a female who didn’t play WG before and two others - both short names.
It was hard to see who the wolves were since the text kept changing. And below the wolves there stood the name of the villagers. Magnus was one of them. This confused me a bit since I first thought his name was with the wolves, but I knew it couldn’t. And it wasn’t either.

I wanted to truit Bruno :truit: and congratulate him too for the great playing :partying_face: because I really trusted him. [/ND]

This so not resembles reality. First of all, Moogle isn’t GM of the current game. Nice Dream isn’t in WG either. And I believe that they’re only two females who are still alive in the current WG: Lanina and I. And for the both of us it’s certainly not our first game. (And besides that I know for sure I’m not a wolf)

13 feb
Something about wolfgame
16 feb
Harry Potter and the Phoenix feather

I was having lunch in school, I saw some people from my badminton, I sat down beside Martin( a friend) and on my other said was a little kid that was very annoying, I don’t remember all he said, but I remember for example that he wanted to be in Wolfgame(and how could he know about that?).
Bruno and I was having lunch, and Bruno pointed or told me that there was a phoenix feather and as all know a phoenix-feather brings luck so I started chasing after it, I took it very carefully but as soon as I come close it flew away a little bit but atlast I suceeded in cathcing it and took it in a firm grip.
I saw that the phoenix was fighting something in the garden I think.
Someone mentioned that a phoenix also was called Basilisk-lifter and thought that we could have fights between the Basilisk and the Phoenix but I thought that was a bad idea; people could get hurt.
Hermione and Ron come somehow the had put up some sort of spell so that Malfoy couldn’t enter the house.
I also found out that Neville was one of the best in class now, when we came to Harry Potters room Hermione had forgotten the secret knock but then I woke up

17 february
I think that I maybe has dreamed about Bruno and Wolfgame

1 Mars
My mum woke me up so I didn’t had time to recall my dreams but one of the dreams was about wolfgame and Petter and maybe danokefee

2 Mars
I dreamt that they became a tie between HebrewB and another person in Wolfgame, thet had got 5 votes each

7 mars
one more dream about Wolfgame

20 Mars
This dream is about the Wolfgame on LD4all, you had to roleplay all the time, it was something about phones that was ringing

8 april
Forum-dream: Cupid-Wolfgame

WG 19 had started and Stormthunder was one of the lovers

15+8=23 which makes an average of 23/9= 2,555555555555555555555555555… dreams per wolfgame

:look: does that prove you are not an addict? :tongue:

moved from wolfgame sign-ups in playground, since it would soon be lost in there :moogle:

I had a very funny dream about wolfgame that night.
I dreamt we met at Karusimas house. And I can’t help the fact that the room we were sitting in looks much like my kitchen.
We played the games with cards and they also decided which role a player got. I got a vill the first time and then we played again and I got 2 wolfcards, the seercard, sorccard and even a cupidcard (the cards looked really cool, however). As we talked to each other, which was much like a discussion in real game, I hesitated damn much and only said I had to ask Karusima for some rules. Having all roles at the same time is of course something strange :happy:
Yea, well, it was fun and we played a kind of quizgame, too, while we played WG

23 Oct.
(background: Contage was killed in the first day vote, he was a wolf, so was I)
I had it the second night in WG 23 but I didn’t want to post it because it would have made me suspicious:
I dreamt of…either Magnus or Contage…and was told by him, that there are 2 types of wolf teams: In the first type, there is no organisation and every wolf does what he wants to do and in the second type there is a masterwolf and the others are like slavewolves (yay I dream of the word slave so the dream was in English though my mother tongue is German :wink: )
and I dreamt that Contage was our master and now we were lost without him^^

In the end we won the game, but it was quite close because we lost a fellow wolf in the first round. So don’t always listen to your dreams :tongue: ; they might be wrong

Saturday 14 April – Sunday 15 April 2007

Normal Dream

I’m playing in wolfgame and I’m the sorcerer. This time the sorcerer doesn’t mean to protect someone, but it has more the powers of a seer. You could see during the day and not during the night and you could only see certain persons. Since it was the first day I could only see one person, so I didn’t really have a choice.

At the forum index there were 4 names including me and the word sorcerer. I thought the others were wolves and were put in a special group but something went wrong and therefore I was able to see it.

I cannot wait till I get my first WG-dream. I will trie to get one as soon as possibly, or maybe make on myself in a LD.

Blue Resonant Eagle, Rhythmic 22, kin 215Thursday January 3

8.40 am Hall of Mirrors VVG
We are playing VVG. Everyone is in a great hall that has mirrors all along every wall. They look like the mirror on the index page of LD4all. Each mirror has someone facing it. I just watch and tell everyone to walk through the mirror. I tell them, “When you enter a mirror … you will immediately exit through a different one. But you will become invisible if a vampire: transparent if you are a :wolf: werewolf”.
Some of them become aware :eek: as they approach their mirror and say, “I am dreaming!” I hear multiple 'I am dreaming’s coming from all over the room but especially on my left-hand side.

:lol: I find it funny that ferret won VVG1 and was the priest wolf since I had this fragment about him when the game was starting :tongue:

Yellow Self-Existing Human, Rhythmic 19, kin 212Monday December 31

Rabidly Ferret (fragment)

First dream of the night that I remember. It featured slinking ferret and was probably incubated due to us messing around in chat earlier. :razz: I can hardly remember any content now.

Not Wolfgame but Vampiregame (no I’m not an addict that I dream of it though I haven’t played one for a month)

It was at school in my best friend’s English curse that they played a real-life VG and I free period so I accidently was in that class, too. Since I already knew the game I begged for playing with them and I was allowed to.
I don’t remember any more details because it was one of the first dreams that night but I’m quite sure that I was a vill again (haha who wonders) and that it was actually quite easy to play against first-timers :happy:

Vampiregame dream :cool:
During a wolfgame :razz:

GM of Vampiregame
I am GMing Vampiregame 11. We use a new rule. There is no priets. Instead true villagers can vote for who should be blessed. The vote is secret and the results are kept secret. (But I do send the blessed person a pm.) The game is balanced and villagers love it :content:

NOTE: I have NEVER played Wolfgame and such, haven’t even really read it…

I was on this forum and this person told me that it expanded past Wolfgame and Vampiregame to stuff like Mummygame and Farmergame with some other ones too. He told me that Mummygame is the new Wolfgame type thing. (NOTE: my spell check is going wild right now) He convinced me to play it, but I told him that Wolfgame was far more interesting. Then I saw that there were different groups on the forum too, farmers and Japanese were new along with the first Samuraigame being set up. I was very confused. I hated the “new layout” that LD4all took, and basically, it was like the end of LD4all for some reason…

I had one where i got a PM off Magnus telling me i’d misinterpreted his suspect list on the OOC post.

And i replied to him, lol. So an LD4all AND a WG dream :razz:


I had this one back in WG 34… :tongue:

I hope this isnt a precog :scared:

The orange is the WG-part :cool:

3 March

I was looking forward to continue with VG and RP but when I visited the forum, I saw that I had been lynchmobbed to death. “Reserved for Magnus deathscene”.
A long post from the GM where it stood He was a villager, I think it might even had said he was a blessed villager in bold blue text. I hoped the villagers would regret voting me now. I wanted more time to RP.

11th March
IRC-chat #wolfgame
I’m in #wolfgame with BaYoNeTTe, Qu and some other people among them
Muse. VG was over. Muse is a friend of BaYo and is going to join the next WG that is starting soon.
Qu can’t join unfortunately since she has exams.
Muse changed her nick to Muse(something).
I was thinking about needing to do some sort of intro UlcandilRP
I was the GM for this WG.
In chat we were talking about mead.
Muse said something like that is mead but she also said something like mead short word long word, as if that was the german term for it.

Just because I have dreams that may be posted here doesnt mean Im an addict to that game :wink: