The Wolfgame Dream Collection

[Q edit]I thought it would be nice to have all wolfgame dreams into one topic so i deemed this the Wolfgame Dream Collection. So post your wolfgame dreams here, either lucid or not lucid [/Q edit]

I thought you might be interested to know that about a week ago I had a dream directly based on the wolf game on these forums! I read over it briefly the day before, promptly forgot about it, and then dreamed of it the next night!

The difference was that in my dream it was real, not over the internet. There was a group of twenty people participating, and the winner would get $20,000 in cash. It was based in a shopping mall, oddly enough, and everybody was dressed up in costumes resembling Robin Hood. I think it was supposed to be a promotional event of some sort. It was to take place over real days and nights, but the whole game only lasted one afternoon, I have to say.

Needless to say, the rules were different and didn’t make much sense. I was the first person voted out by the majority, and I was a wolf, but I named all the other wolves which protected myself from the villagers and thus ended up winning the money (it was weird like that). The person organising the game said it was the quickest result they’d ever seen, and everybody was disappointed it was over so quickly. But oh well.

I then gave most of the money ($13,000) to a bunch of poor, struggling thespians who had been providing the costumes and the fake village backdrop (don’t ask me why). Then I gave another thousand away to the other participants in the game. And then I woke up before I could spend the rest.

Weird dream, eh? But since it relates to this forum, I thought you should hear it. :smile:

What a cool dream :happy:
Maybe we can post all our wolfgame dreams in here, because you are not the only one that has had wolfgame dreams :smile:

You are however, the first non-player having dreamt about it i think :happy:

I’ll answer with a wolfgame dream of my own:

9 april

Yellow Solar Warrior

I come on a forum where ppl play the wolfgame too. They have played it for a long time already. They even made a Wolfgame wallpaper, with pictures of the wolf and the sleeping king (the GM), and a link to the clock. It looks very nice! I tell about it in #wolfgame to siiw and others.

(click image to see bigger version)

I had a LD in which I could transform myself to a wolf. I think this was before my first game had begun.

When I played TWG (The Werewolf Game - it’s what the game is called over at I had a couple of dreams based on it.

The best one went like this:

I was in my car, being driven home. The rest of my family was in the car too. However, as we pulled up towards our road, their were loads of make shift fences put up.

We stopped our car, and was told that the area had been quarantined. We were given directions to go.

Pretty soon, we were inside of a shopping centre. It was incredibly busy – everyone who lived in a quarantined area had been put in there. My family started to move around, but I lost them. As I searched for them, I found I had no idea where about I was – nor did I know my way around.

Pretty soon, the problem escalated. The entire town (I can’t remember – it may have been the country too) was quarantined. Cut off from my family, I had to find a place to sleep.
People were grouping together and hiding in different shops. I ended up in a group that took base in a large barbers shop.

From the TV in there, we found out about just how bad the problem was getting outside. But we had our own problems inside.
It turned out one of the wolves (the reason for the quarantine) was inside with use. The first night it killed.
We agreed to kill off one person a day, until the wolf was taken out (just like in the game).

Luckily, it didn’t last too long. Although we didn’t get the wolf that day… it killed itself at night. Filled with guilt for what it had done, it climbed up a large building, and threw itself off.

The wolf turned out to be Bhlani (a girl who was pretty much always a wolf in TWG). Before she killed herself, her sister (Lucca – also from the Squidi forum) had tried to convince her not to kill herself.

All in all – it had been a pretty cool dream :cool:.

so - time to share some of mine, had quite a few :smile: (btw i’m not an addict).

Wednesday 30 march 2005
White Crystal World-bridger

wolfgame LD
only relevant fragment put here, the whole dream is in my DJ :wink:

Then I realize i’m still lucid and i want to find about the wolves in the wolfgame. So I try finding info on it. I look around me. There is like carved into stone: “Siiw saw Inch” I read it more times. It changes from shape but the names Siiw and Inch stay.

[com]comment after dream -Also the wolf part was interesting, for the first time I have a LD about wolfgame. I wonder if it means siiw is a wolf or inch or both. I tend to interpret it as siiw being seer and having seen inch as a wolf.

after wolfgame comment: both siiw and inch were vill - so far for getting info in wolfgame LD’s :razz: [/com]

saturday may 7 2005

Yellow Spectral Seed

Wolf hunt (ND)
Yup, a wolfgame dream.
There are wolves loose, only I know this. Tonight they have eaten a white duck in the park. (lol, Rubberduck?)[color=darkred]I need to warn the people. There is a hunting club and I want to take them to the park to point out the wolves to them, while they are still in their wolf shape.

I’m now at the entrance of the park, and the guy who guards it is sceptical at my story. The wolves have now changed into human form again and are feeding the ducks on a bench in the park. I point them out but nobody believes me.[/color]

I wasn’t playing wolfgame at that time. Rubberduck was eaten that night, i cant recall if this dream was before or after that.

saturday may 21 2005
White Crystal Mirror

Wolfgame (ND)
[ND]I’m preparing for the Wolfgame for today. I’m in my childhood street, where I used to play, near the bridge. The wolfgame takes place at the bridge. It is asphalted, and a bit like a road. A female DC is there, skating around. I ask my HB if I should put a warning that skaters are not allowed in the wolfgame, or that it is dangerous to skate there. My HB says it isn’t necessary.

I have left off my glasses. I’m also on skates. I’m amazed how I skate without my glasses on. I ask my HB if he has seen my glasses, he says I have them. I realize I have left them in my back pocket. I put them on.

Meanwhile I’m drinking wine and eating olives, I’m hungry. But I keep the wine in my mouth and spit it out later. Later I see I have done that on the stove, where my HB is cooking. The wine is just under there. I’m disgusted at this and wonder what I was thinking when I spat that there. I get some paper towels and try to clean it.

Then I have to write down something, it has to do with the game. There are little squares where I have to put the amount of Members. There are 3 of those. The third one I leave empty as I can’t remember right now. I will fill it in later. Then I remember I have to tell fiX in RP that he should build my Royal Suite, as I now know what it is supposed to look like. (Like I saw in the Louvre, a lot of paintings, and murals, and gold paint). I already have 3 paintings. I start writing short paragraphs.

My HB comes in and adjust the pillows on the couch. I ask him if he doesn’t want to rest, as his back seems to be hurting while doing this. He says he is ok.

Then I write about 7 paragraphs and then I’m finished. I close the folder I was writing in with a relieved feeling and stand up to go to my HB. I then wake up.[/ND]

This was while I was GMing wolfgame.

Tuesday 24 may 2005
Red Lunar Dragon
Seli 23 Spectral Moon

I’m checking my PM’s to see if everybody has voted yet. If they all vote for Fixos the game will have ended and I have to write ending scene. I see PM from RubberDuck. (can’t remember what was in it). Also a PM from eMb telling me to vote for Fixos. I PM him back to explain that I’m the GM so I can’t vote, because I already know what everybody is, that wouldn’t be fair. I suddenly can’t remember if I have voted before and I go to check on the votes to see if my name is between them, and what I have voted then

The last night before the game I GM-ed ended. I actually put [classified] in this before game was over because you can read from this that Fixos isn’t a wolf. Fixos was indeed voted out next day and the game was over.

Saturday may 28 2005
Red Rhytmic Serpent

Wolfgame cardgame – the Bomb
[ND]I’m looking for definition of burnout in my book – instead I see a definition of “wolfgame’. “9-13 players, 21-43 players, 72-81 players: congratulations on getting so much players together. Now add the Bomb”

Then I see it played as a cardgame. About 36 players. Everybody sits on the floor in a rectangular shape, with cards in front of them. The wolves say:”we attack player 2 because of the way she looked when she got her cards.” She shows her card. It’s the Bomb. All wolves are instantly killed and the game is over.

Next game. The GM asks me if I want to join. I say:”no, I have myself not allowed to play anymore.” “Very good” she says. Then she gives out the cards and I’m in the game, but helping Grace (from Will and Grace) by picking her cards. At one moment she gets; “portal of Darkness III – the reign of terror has started” Now she has that card she can start the wolf attack. Or it means she is a wolf or something.[/ND]

this has given me an idea for the “Bomb”… something that can kill one wolf at night, if the wolf happens to target that player in the night and the player has armed the bomb, it will kill the wolf. But it kills the player too – or he can just do it once. Or maybe there can be a ‘bomb’ in play which villagers can give to each other - if wolves tries to kill the one who carries the bomb, the bomb will go off and kill one wolf instead.

Another dream while I wasn’t in a wolfgame. This was after I GM-ed game 5. The definition of burn-out in my book – i really felt burnt out after that game, put way too much energy in it (but I couldn’t help it, it was so fun to do :grin: )

29 may 2005 Sunday
White Resonant World-bridger

IRL wolfgame 5 (ND)
[ND]I’m plaing wolfgame 5 again as GM but this time it is IRL. It is nice weather. We play it outside. All the players are sitting like in some kind of audience. Moogle is in front of them. She wears grey. I try to remember all the Roles and who they where. I carry a little notebook where I have put that. I notice I left that open. That is not smart, the players might see it. I close it and put it next to me.

It is time for the night kill. But first they may see the Sorc. One of the players will tell me a joke and the sorc will come. He says something I can’t really understand. I remain quiet. Moogle now rushes to a curtain, stands there, and rushes back again. The guy is still quiet after his joke. I say I don’t understand his joke. Now he may see the Sorc. Moogle has already left, but a stagehand (lol) still holds up the curtain and drapes it like it has an invisible person under it.

The guy who told the joke says: He is the Sorc! Oh… no he can’t be, he doesn’t play.

Then a DC who I know in the dream, feels like collegue or old classmate comes and asks me how everything goes. He is also GM of another wolfgame. I don’t really know what to reply, but he complains to me how his wolves eat his coworkers, and that is annoying. I play along and agree with him, and then comment on my wolves.

Then it is time for the nightkill. The body is shown. It has a piece of paper “J.”. I think: “J?” who was J? I look in my book for the player’s names. Ah “Jay.”. I now have to go on IRC to announce it and write it in the forum.

I go to my computer which is in a gardenhouse, and the screen I draw in the air. I have LD powers but I don’t realize it is a dream. I look at the clock, which are floating numbers in the air. 18.50. Time to put in who was killed.[/ND]

Wednesday 29 june 2005
Red Crystal Earth

voted out in wolfgame
[ND]I’m playing outside in the sun with other people when siiw calls me. She says I died. I think:”oh no, wolves ate me first night? Ah well, good for them then. Now I have to wait weeks until I can play in a new game!”. I enter the building where I live, then I rethink and look at the door if the wolves left something. They left a basket with apples. I take them to my room and examine them. There must be 4 different colored apples. But no, all of them all look the same. It is impossible to find the wolves this way :confused:.

Then I realize it is day and it is votes. Everybody voted me out? How can that be? I haven’t even voted yet? It isn’t 11 o’clock yet? How can siiw announce the votes already? I run home (my childhood home) to check the voting results on teletext. I must have gotten a huge majority if my lost vote didn’t count. [/ND]

I woke up after that. :cry: slightly nightmarish :tongue: wolfgame dream #3 in 3 days
nb: I wasn’t voted out first day but eaten by wolb the :wolf: at the 5th night if I remember correctly.

Thursday july 7 2005
Red Resonant Serpent

I’m playing the wolfgame in a real life setting. This is game 8. Siiw is the GM again. I’m the Seer :confused: I ask Siiw if we have the “seer sees on night 0” rule again. I really have to find that sorc quickly because I’m sure the players will vote me off quickly due to my behaviour in the previous game :cry: :help:
I wonder who the sorc could be. Moogle?

Dream in the same wolfgame as above dream. Moogle thought I was a wolf :razz: (She had been eaten that night). I was just an innocent villager but I like to act suspiciously :grin: That’s why I probably had that dream.

saturday jule 9th 2005
Blue Solar Hand

Midday nap.

wolfgame dream :grin:

[ND]I’m looking at the start of the Real Game topic on the forum and I see only now that siiw has posted a beautiful picture with her first post. It is abstract, orange and red (although i later remember blue/lightblueish)
In the bottom right corner of the picure are 5 ovals. Those are the eggs that hatch the ppl with the roles. (sorc/seer/wolves).
The eggs of the dead players are already darkened. She keeps this up too! I’m impressed by siiw keeping that up too.
When you mouse over over the white eggs, the pointer becomes a light sparkly star. I’m amazed.
I notice only two eggs are dark, it should be three. She must have forgotten to change it with the last wolfkill. This doesn’t add up at all, lol but in the dream it did

Under the picture is a little story line along the lines of: “Ragnarok was tired of doing all things by himself so siiw decided to help him take care of the universe.” I know Ragnarok is a big mythical bird and he somehow plays a role in the story siiw made up for the wolfgame. I wonder how it will end.[/ND]

[com]I have no idea if Ragnarok indeed is that, in the dream i wanted to PM siiw about it, IRL too :wink: Siiw if you read this, is Ragnarok something mythical norsk?

edit: googled ragnarok. It is indeed related to norsk mythology :eek: And has something to do with wolves too! I’m amazed!

I thought the wolfgame would be over after that dream - but it lasted 2 more days. [/com]

19 july 2005 Tuesday
Red rhythmic Earth

[ND]I’m playing wolfgame. It is in a real life setting, in a classroom, with benches. I’m a wolf. The DC to the right of me somehow knows. She says: “You are a wolf aren’t you? How do you deliberate with the other wolves then? Do you meet them? Where? When?” She is constantly bugging me.

Siiw sits across me. She tells me in private that she knows I’m a wolf. I think she is the seer and she saw me first night. I weakly defend myself.

I can’t remember who the other wolves are. Where is that Moogle PM? Ah, there it is. She made a very nice one, like a story, with blue and red text. The title is a word in caps, I can’t remember what word. But she uses another word for each role. (eg wolves have another title, the vills, and the seer). Those words together also make the story. It was very ingenious.

Ah, there the names of the other wolves. We are with four. I have to meet them. The female DC to my right is still bugging me and follows me to the place I meet up with the others. One of the other wolves is Victoria with her long white hair. (old classmate/friend). DePerc is also a wolf. They come to me to greet me but I wave them frantically away, that annoying DC is still following me.
The stairs are white, like ballroom stairs.

Then I’m with them together and I tell them I think siiw is seer and we should kill her. We tell Moogle that. We are in another classroom, empty and dark, only us and Moogle. We wait… then Moogle writes on the forum (which is a sheet of paper on the bench): “Siiw used her one time protection spell and therefore wasn’t killed by the wolves”.

I think: “Darn, that protection spell, forgot all about it”. Now we have to kill her tomorrow, then she can’t defend herself. But why did Moogle write it down like that? Now everybody knows siiw isn’t a wolf. I will probably be voted out now. I will never be able to play as a wolf, the seer will look at me first turn and I’m out before I know it.


Same setting but beginning of a new game with new players. The GM hands out eggs with the roles. She looks like my teacher in brugklas. (first grade in highschool? I was 12). Siiw sits in front of me again. The eggs are like ostrich eggs and glowing. Siiw hasn’t yet opened her egg. She looks at me. I decide I want to have hers and take it before she notices it. Moogle gives siiw the egg I would have gotten.

I’m a wolf again. I hope siiw isn’t seer again. I check my wolf PM for the names of the others. A lot of names in there. “fee, fear, …. Legend”. Legend plays too this game and is a wolf again? I meet up with the others. We are only four. What about all those other names? I discuss tactics with them and also the fact that I’m probably voted out first. I also ask legend if he still feels guilty about being a wolf, then we can vote him out, accuse him etc, that will make us less suspicious.
Atheist is also a wolf. I tell him I hope he can stay in long this time, nobody will suspect him.[/ND]

[com]This was a fun dream, I got to play a wolf in wolfgame :grin: . This would probably happen in a real game as well, I think the seer would look at me very early in the game.

I wasn’t in wolfgame at that time, however DePerc turned out to be a wolf that game :eek: Why can’t I have those dreams when I’m playing the game? [/com]

Thursday august 18th 2005
Blue Planetary Hand

stupid GM
[ND]I’m playing the wolfgame in a real life setting. The GM is a man with a short red beard. The night has just started. The GM calls the wolves to discuss the kill for that night. One of the wolves (young male DC) approaches him and whispers the name of the intended victim.

The GM doesn’t understand it and calls loudly the name. forgot it but on reading the wolfgame forum Nefari springs to mind.

He crosses out the name on his list. Siiw is also in the room. It resembles a classroom a bit, but without the tables and chairs. Along the walls are low benches. I sat on one of them, siiw entered the room and sits a bit more in the back.

I approach the GM and tell him that he shouldn’t mention that name already, he has to wait until the night is over. Now I call loudly:“Nefari! use your protection spell!” Then they haven’t eaten anybody.

I explain to the GM that he should wait also for the seers to do their thing, he can only announce tomorrow if the wolves killed anybody. And not write:“Nefari used his protection spell” either.

He says he didn’t realize it was that complicated. I point out that he also shouldn’t call for the wolves to approach him like that because they can be seen that way. Now I have seen one of the wolves.[/ND] :cry: i don’t know who it was! I only saw a male DC :tongue:
nb: the first night nefari wasn’t eaten but fear. So far for precog :razz:

:whew: that were more dreams than I thought!

:eek: Oh my god, pasQuale, that’s total inundation in wolf-game world! I liked the one about Siiw and the eggs the most. :content:

I looked in your DJ pasQuale and saw that you already know that ragnarök is the end of the world according to nordic mythology.

16 august 2005

Wolfgame, a house and a black dog
The car was parked in the garden in front of the house, I forgot something in the car. The house had 3 floors. I stood on a chair and a black dog barked at me, i said to the dog that I was a human that pretended to be a wolf that pretended to be a human, the dog stopped barking and i think it said that my answer was the right answer
Then I walked up to the second floor, I was allowed to play gamecube there I think it was Mario Party, (you could choose between 30+ characters and I thought that you could have some of those in the next SSBM game), but I took the wrong control, at the third floor I saw people that was sleeping.

I was a human that pretended to be a wolf that pretended to be a human=I meant that I was playing Wolfgame and that in wolfgame I was a wolf :wolf: , so now I had a wolfgame dream too and I haven’t played it yet, that game creates addiction even if you don’t play :help:

and this I dreamed today 21 august:

Wolfgame dream
[ND]I dreamed that someone has posted a message like this:

_ I I I I _ I
I I I I_ I I I

everything was colored blue, I=villager and _=wolf [/ND]

I have had 2 WG dreams and I hadn’t played it yet
I can’t remember who was the wolves unfortunately

OMG Q! How did I miss all that? No hun, your not an addict at all :tongue:

the end of WG 10
I dreamed that WG 10 was over today(22 august) and I hoped that next WG don’t start this week because I was going to be in Denmark friday to sunday

According to my dream it seems like the villagers won WG 10
The Denmark part of the dream is true that was the reason for why I didn’t join WG 10
3 WG dreams now and I haven’t played it yet

These 3 all came in the same night I started playing my first WG. :grin: (sorry for the weird paragraph style, I Copy & Pasted it)

The Frogs and the Wolf

[ND]I had a globe type thing that I kept 2 very small frogs in. They were both albino, and about the size of
pebbles. All of a sudden there are about 7 babies surrounding them, none of which were much bigger
than grains of sand. They weren’t tadpoles though, they just looked like tiny adults. The top of the
globe disappeared, and all of the frogs jumped to their freedom.

I kept catching them with my finger, doing my best not to hurt them. The more I tried, the more baby
frogs there were. Finally I found that I could poke them as hard as I wanted with my finger and they
wouldn’t get hurt. When I was able to get them all back in, the globe reappeared.

Then the strangest thing happened. A small wolf, the size of a pack of matches, came out of a cave that
had magically appeared inside. He ran around quickly, and gobbled up all the frogs. It wasn’t as bad as
you would think, it sort of looked like a 16 bit character from a video game. You know, where they run
right into the coin and pick it up. Weird though…

Phew! Finally done with that! The ‘camera angle’ backed up and I found myself in the dining room. My
friend Ryan was in a chair at the right hand side. What was he doing there, and why didn’t he help with
the frogs?!

He picked up one of the rocks that littered the ground and threw it al the wall. I yelled, “What the
heck?!” I knew that my parents were out at the moment, and wouldn’t be too happy to see the hole in
the wall.

Ryan picked up another one and chucked it at the window. I expected a crash, but it just made a rather
deep dent. It was weird, I felt the dent and found that it wasn’t even splintery. The rock had bent the

Wolf Pet

[ND]I was out in the middle of a forest. A salesman had a couple of wolves for sale. He had about five of
them tied to a stake. How the heck that kept them from attacking me, I haven’t a clue.

Why not? A wolf would be a great pet! (especially for me) He handed me the leather leash of a beautiful
calico female. She ran around like crazy, and barked with glee. Seems to like me… good.[/ND]

Halo Wolves

[ND]The scenery looked sort of like the kind in Halo. It was dark building with many corridors. Someone
else was there, he was on my team. I was told to wear a special suit that would make me look like a

It was a big clunky outfit that made me look like an astronaut. (as you can guess, very fashionable ) I
rounded the corner and then took another left. It was a deadend. On purpose though, it was supposed
to be a spot where a guard would stand incase he was needed.

An alarm went off and I took a step out. I quickly went back in though, because a ravenous pack of
wolves went speeding down the hallway.[/ND]

I had a dream about Wolfgame this night. I’ll just copy it from my DD, so that you won’t have to bother to find it.

Wolfgame House
I was in a large house in the countryside. It was the Wolfgame house. If you wanted, you could live and play the game in the house which had been built for this purpose.
What we did would be written in the RP topic. The rest of the players could still be in the game online.
I was in a large shower room, it was wooden and had a lot of showers (like in a swimming bath [is that what it’s called? Simhall?]) Two new players, two girls who were a bit younger than myself started talking to me. They asked if I’ve been to the house before. I started to think. I was about to say that I’ve only played once, but then I thought “No, that’s not right.”
I said that I had played the game a lot of times, but this was just my second time on the Wolfgame house. The first time was in my first game.

WG-doublepost and Q
Do yo know why WG is so good? Q quoted someone who had a good reason for that but in her first post she had done a quote with nothing in it and then she posted the real quote and she said about the first quote that she couldn’t resist. In this dream I also dreamed that I had got my confirmation pm for WG. The one who Q quoted wasn’t member in WG and he said; I hope you don’t post it like this because the I can’t see

I don’t remember the quote or what this was
WGnightmare :tongue:
I dreamed that my family was going somewhere so that I could only play WOlfgame in two weeks and I thought that this was going on at atleast 4 weeks, I think I even said Nooo! out loud

I’m not a WGaddict

tonight I had 2 WG dreams

Now I have had 5 WG dreams before I started playing my first WG

Wow… that’s alot. :eek:

Just had this one last night.

Wolfgame- ND

I’m on the Internet, switching back and forth between websites. On the LD4all site, Wolfgame is about to start, so I stay there.

Scene switch I am in a mansion. The Wolfgame is a murder mystery game in which you have to find the killer by killing off people. I eventually find a black gaming console with a red glowing button, which turns out to be the new Xbox system.

5 september
PM from Lanina
I had gotten a pm first I thought that it was my role for WG but it was from Lanina and she had written a couple of random swedish questions, I thought that it maybe had something to do with the shared dream game so I decided to look in the playground

8 september

Something about protecting something, maybe something about a watermelon, Iluminada had made a post in RP WG and she had her usual avatar

9 september
Wolfgame fragments

[ND]I dreamed that I saw that it was new posts in realgame and that siiw had made the latest

I dreamed that I was playing in another WG, I was a wolf this time and in this game there were only 3 wolves, I got a pm from siiw saying who the others two wolves was[/ND]

5+4=9 9 wgdreams now :grin:

Here’s my small collection.

I wanted to kill myself in our wolfgame. I looked at the piece of paper that had my role written on it. It said “SORC”. But I was sure I was only a villager. I won’t kill myself after all I think. FiX is somewhere in this dream. He was either the Seer or a wolf I can’t remember now.

Korean Friends
Some friends for Korea are visiting us. We play lots of fun games including wolfgame. One Korean guy comments that playing wolfgame makes everything seem quite ‘shady’.

Wolfgame Chat
Moogle, April, my dad and I are sitting at a lunch table at Polytech. Moogle is to my left and Dad my right. April is opposite me. Moogle just happens to casually mention how much wolfgame I play comparing it to how much April plays. Dad makes a comment along the lines of “Yeah, I know he plays too much of that game.” In my head I’m asking Moogle “Why did you have to mention that?”

:seer: 29th september :wizard:

WolfGame now in 3D dream quality :wolf:
The current game ends on day one! :eek: I say to ilum she should go immediately to game 13 - just send more confirmation pms out to the same players.
(jump) Now the wolf game is real.:wow: I see Siiw :cool: talking to a merchant at the side of a country road, He says Q had come by earlier and had demanded a certain young female as a slave. Siiw thought <Oh! that sounds like wolf behaviour!!!> :eek: She was really glad that she had found a wolf so soon.:boogie:

Talking Doll
There is a doll with a pull string. When the cord is pulled - speech can be heard. Two DCs had recorded wolfgame information on it. :eh:

I’ve got 4 Wolfgame dreams :grin: One of them last night :smile:

From one I only knew when I was awake it was about Wolfgame, That dream was when I didn’t even play Wolfgame.

The second one was during Wolfgame 11:
I was talking with Q and some other people also from wolfgame 11, but when I woke up I didn’t remember know it were any more about wolfgame. Who the wolves were and stuff like that.

The third one was during Wolfgame 12:
Real Life Wolfgame
(Third view) A boy and a girl are sleeping together on one room. He’s wolf and she’s a vill. His name is John That was my name in WG 12 and I was a wolf And the girl her name is Loes.
It’s night time and they all come together for a strategy. John and Loes should go looking in the village for the wolves. I know John can’t be hurt cause he is a wolf and the sorc will protect Loes. So that’s why they can go together.
A boy and a girl are clapping in their hands and saying “applepie, applepie” With English on school we have to make a roleplay. One person have to say “applepie, applepie” while he is clapping in his hands
(first person view) I am one John now and I say how it went. Don’t remember what it is But they al say it went different. Then I and Loes want to go but a person stops us. (S)He told us that we should go back to bed. So we do.
(third person view) Loes and John go to bed and they’re laying on each other. Then there stand someone in the doorway

And the forth one was last night.
Wolfgame 13 has begun
Wolfgame 13 was already began and I was a wolf again, Siiw too. Just like WG 12. But then I realised WG 13 begun and that wasn’t good cause I might idle because I couldn’t vote all the time, cause I’m away in the weekend And that made me sad, cause I didn’t want to idle :cry:

14 september

I had posted two dreams in my DJ and now I was in wolfgamechat talking to moogle;
That’s an interesting dream
Which one?

Something about a person that had survived his whole life by himself and did everyone himself, he had done amazing things, he had been on a television show and he was going to find one special thing but he found three things, he told us that the others two were fakes and that he only did it for the effect, (I think the special thing he was going to find looked like a lightswitch).
I was somewhere, I think it was a boy and a girl there too. Suddenly two bad guys with guns appeared and they started shooting at me, I ran away hoping that I wasn’t going to die but the managed to hit me with a bullet in the right side of the stomach (the strange thing is that the hit me in the stomach in not in the back there is only one explanation for that; DREAM LOGIC :grin:), I passed two ladys I think they we’re going to call an ambulance the asked me if I was 24? I said “seventeen”, then I come to my mother and she wanted to take out the bullet while she was trying to take out the bullet I thought; “Why can’t she call an ambulance?” but I think she managed to take out the bullet.
I came to someone who said that my problem was that I eats too little meat

At first I didn’t thought this was a WGdream but now I can see the signs;
in WG10 Magnus the cook was 24 years old and in WG11 I thought that Sungam should be 17 years old, the bad guys symbolise the WILD west theme and me running proves that I’m a pacifist in WG11

I was somewherw with some people from my class I think, you should be turning in your DJs for some reason and then something was going to happen but nothing had happened because very few had turned in their DJs, I saw that my littebrother had left 4 DJs at the shelf and I was very happy that he had followed my advice to start writing DJs and I also saw my DJ with Wolfgamedreams and I looked in my littlebrothers DJ so I could see wht he had dreamed about, I was happy that he had followed my advice to write DJs all the 5 DJs looked like the green notepad book that I writes my dreams in now and I think it was something about me going to explain for the people of my class that WG was a RP-game

Red Spectral Skywalker
23 october
the spy class
My class was going to spy at someone and we got our “roles” from a he, we told him that we didn’t put so much effort in our disguises but he told us that we had to do that now, the roles stood in a book but I forgot to check the book and I didn’t know who had it so I jumped on the train(subway maybe) on the train I met Louise(girl from my class) but she didn’t know where the paper was( the book was a paper in the beginning), I saw a baby on the train and I also saw Torgny(a boy from my old class) and he was playing some sort of theatre and I know that it was Wolfgame he was playing it turned out that he had discovered that earlier than I had, I found Cathrine(a girl from my class) and she had the paper with the roles but when I looked at the paper I couldn’t see any roles on the front of the paper it stood things like “pi in pi” and “pre in pre” It was a lot more but I only remember those two and the others were in the same style on the other side of the paper it seemed like it stood different times like “ten to three” and so over the whole paper but I couldn’t find my disguise. Cathrine had morphed in to Klara(a girl from my class), I told Klara that in the book (the paper had morphed in to a book now) there was french poems, she turned a page and found information about her “role”, in her role she was married.
Somewhere in the dream I saw a wall with pictures on amongst other things helicopters and the pictures to the right looked a little like those to the left.
Olof( a teacher) he gave us all a card so that we could use the subway, he talked about how stupid it was that he first he thought about giving us money so that we could use our mobilephones, he told us that were we was going to search and that we then should go down a floor in “Centralstationen”(a subway staton), I think we were in Stockholm

I think it was more to this dream but I can’t remember it and somehow my SC succeded in letting me dream about WG again, but this was no schooldream atleast, I didn’t know my whole class was spies, the book with the french poems and our disguises looked like a children book that has a tape and that you turn page when you hear a sound

WG :hide:
I dreamed that Anamcara was dead and that she was a wolf and that I was going to post a post in the roleplaytopic

I had this dream after I read about her in the WG so it isn’t a precog, I’m not a WGaddict

8 november
Wolfgame- Nighttime
We were a group of people, it was night and I could see a full moon but some clouds were in the way, we had 3 wolves, I heard a girl say that she thought that that wolves should be allowed to eat now and I thought that she shouldn’t have said that because now I knew that one of the girls were a wolf, I ran into a store so the wolves wouldn’t eat me and I hide behind the icecreambox, my mum come and I told her to close the door so the wolves couldn’t open it, (there was 2 doors one you push and one you pull), now I thought that the wolves was real wolves, after my mum everybody else in the group also entered the store, I was behind a group of 4 people, a girl that had been wolf before said that when she was a wolf she wasn’t good at follow the other wolves and she also said that the second wolf usually is the first one to die of the wolves, something about it being a miniature golf track outside the store,
something about a bus and a girl was doing something suspicious and I thought that my next vote is going to be on her

I liked this dream, I think something happened in the beginning too that I can’t remember, I wonder if I’m right could one of the wolves be a girl


so now I have had 15 WGdreams :shy:

You’re such an addict! :razz: