The world cheapest lucid dream goggles, this is a reality

Hi there,

read on and you will find how this relates to lucid dreaming.

I just want to share, that i read that a german company which can be found at you can use alta vista translator. They have made light glasses that connect directly to a printer port, they don’t have an audio strobe decoder, but the thing is, once connected to the pc the things you could do are infinite.

this gets better they have 3 models.
a standard, a deluxe , and a pro version

the standard has 4 red led per eye
the deluxe has 4 red and 4 green led per eye
and the pro version has 2 white led per eye

now they have been updating their software and it works on windows dos and linux basically all operating systems, even laptop computers.

the software allows you to control the brightness of the leds
and it supports binural beat and it comes with 12 built in presets with the software aswell as a preset designer the software is in both english and german. they said when if you order when you recieve the glasses you get with the software a password that allows
you to login on their site and trade presets which is cool. and it allows you to update the software.
and they have a forum which is fantastic. all this can be translated through alta vista translator, they have an ebay shop

i know someone who bought one of these glasses the standard version
and he said that he had some wild trips with it, he saw people annd places. and perhaps the mindfiled glasses can be in the future be connected to a pda unit for true portability on the move.

the company say that they are also making an EEG machine

now these glasses are the cheapest in the world.
Now check the awesome prices out

standard model 39 euros
deluce model 49 euros
pro model 69 euros

all prices include vat and delivery

The company say they can be a helping aid to achieve altered states aswell as lucid dreams. now what your all thinking is how do you have lucid dreams, well this is how:

I came up with this idea where the brainwave generator would defintely give me a lucid dream.
It would be so much better than wasting my money buying both a
light and sound machine aswell as a lucid dreaming device like the
nova dreamer or supernova dreamer, see my idea is to buy either the
mindfield which does not have a audio strobe decoder so you cannot connect it to the brainwave generator. but as the mindfield glasses are like 39euros for the standard version it is better than paying for a nova dreamer worth 275 dollars. In the software you can make a preset for lucid dreaming that will correspond with my idea which is further below keep reading. Those glasses are for seriously cheap.

Now you can buy the orion which is 118 dollars or the proteus mind machine which is 179 dollars and get much better results and these do have an audio strobe decoder so you can get it to work with the brainwave generator. and there is a preset in the works for my idea which is below check it out now

My idea is you can use these mind machines and do this lets say we take the orion or the proteus light and sound machine, and use it as an aid
to help achieve a altered state and lucid dream, and i am hoping to
achieve this with the machine connected to brainwave generator. to a
laptop by my bedside table.

Now my idea is to go to bed without the device sleep for 4 hours
then wake up get out of bed, and lie down in a arm chair put my feet
up on a leg rest, then put on the light and sound machine and
headphones and then try to fall asleep with all this on. Now i am
hoping to have a preset where i will fall asleep becasue i should
still be very tired after having only 4 hours sleep, and when i have
drifted off i hope to get into rem in 45 mins time when the time
comes then i want to hear from the preset a voice saying ‘i am
dreaming’ ‘i am dreaming’ and then a few flashes and then all this
repeated for a few mins and then silent for another 30 mins and then
repeated again. i was hoping if the preset would be set so the
lights will not be to bright, just light enough so it will not
awaken me if i do happen to have a lucid dream.

so there you go the best device you can get

do some google searches on light and sound devices and you will learn the full capabilities on what they can do for you and your brain.

tell me please what you think

Thank you

Yours honeyjigga

If somebody prefers to build those goggles himself,
theres old DOS freeware called PCM-mind available
on this page. Complete with really simple interface schematics.

The same hardware can be used with commercial software Futuremind.
Evaluation version is available as well.


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Hey jtk, thanks for the link, i just got that program and am eagerly awaiting my first attempt with goggles. I always used to be against them, saying they were for cheaters and all, but i’ve learned to loosen up a bit haha.
Anyway, ive been really getting into EEG, brain wave frequencies, binaural beats, subliminal tapes and all that stuff. I was wondering if anyone has any helpful links on the subject, maybe with a few subliminal language learning tapes for download :wink:

Thanks a lot

I have built those PCM-mind goggles 5 years ago. I can confirm they work OK, but you’ll probably need to exit from Win9x to DOS or use DOS boot floppy to run that software. I don’t know about current version of Futuremind, but those older versions needed DOS as well.

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I read a offer in ebay is mind-driver software and googles, similar to Mindfield.
Also can help biofeedback devices, brain wave training, or emg frontalis muscle relaxation. I provide these related links. Explore new avenues… eeg biofeedback, the most bargain emg biofeedback

Hey I have 2 questions… May sound kinda dumb, but whatever…lol… um how much is 39 euros in american money? And I can’t read anything on their website cuz it’s all in German… How do I buy one of these glasses?

39 euros is about 39 bucks, probably a bit more

i just bought the deluxe version, i’ll let you know how it works :smile: