The year 1666 and other strange coincidences.

I know some of you are not religoius. But please this is just strange occurences. This topic was inspired by, “Personal Stories of the Paranormal.” But instead this topic is to discuss the strange occurences in the past years. Coincidences, and phenomenal Deja Vu things.

Like the number of the beast 666

and the year 1666 in London. The fire that nearly burned the city to the ground.

Things like that. Strange things that happen and make you think. Let us learn to what has happened in our history.

Have you ever heard of the 23 enigma? You can read about it here. It’s a very unusual set of coincidences all relating to the number 23.

Dont forget about 11:11

I checked out the 23 enigma, and I must say, I don’t think it’s an enigma, rather just a list of bullsh*t put together by people with WAY to much time on their hands.

Yeah, I checked it too. Those types of cooincidences you can find with any number really.

Yeah, like the HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy. They say the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. They did stuff like add up the digits in the hotel phone number, and all sorts. Every time, whatever they did had something to do with 42. Its just coincidence.