Theory of Lucidity

Wake up, you’re not sleeping!
I write this article to bring my understanding of lucidity to this comunity. Let me know what you think of it. Oh, and sorry for my grammar.

Believes and point of view
Everyone believe in something else and see world in different way. What connects people, are same believes. To understand me, you must see the world in same way as I do.

What does it mean to you? Is it something you can see, touch, feel? Something that exists right here, right now? Are toughs and emotions real as well? Yes, yes and yes! Reality is everything that is! Right here, right now, perceiveable by you. Last question is, what is not reality?

You walking down the street. Your way trought is blocked by the huge pink elephant with violet sunglasses. Can you see him? Yes. You try to push him away. Can you touch him? Yes. His pink leather is warm and covered by fur. Can you feel him? Yes. You ask him to step aside but he refuse in very rude way. You feel angry and you think that the elephant is not nice. Are those thoughts and emotions also real? Yes, they are real. So, is the huge pink elephant with the violet sunglasses blocking your way real? Yes he is absolutely real! Then you find other way which is not blocked, you reach your destination and then you wake up. In this moment that absolutely real elephant become absolutely unreal. What happened?

Reality levels
You sleep in your bed. Bed is as real as the elephant that blocked your way. Both exists in your own subjective reality. But difference is, they exist in different levels of your reality. Bed is real in waking level of your reality, elephant is real in dreaming level of your reality. Those are two levels of the same reality. Your reality. Do you know in which level are you right now? Are you sure?

Two levels, same reality.
If you admit existence of levels of reality, you will open the door to opportunity for questioning your reality. Good news is, its either waking or dreaming level reality.

Lucidity is known as state of awareness in dream. I think, lucidity is state of realising the level of reality. Therefore lucidity can be achieved in both levels of reality. To become lucid, you must first questioning your reality.

Waking reality level
For some people, this is the only reality level known for them. But not for you anymore. You know, that waking level of reality is just one from two levels you going trough every day. You spend about 16 hours in this level, thats why you need questioning this level of reality. The more times you became lucid in your waking level of reality, the more chances you have became lucid in dream reality level. Don’t forget, you’ll visit both realms today.

Dream reality level
We spend much less time in this realm. It can be compared to mirrors. It looks like waking reality, but it is just a mirror. You are the mirror. Everything is inside you. You must start questioning what is reflected. What is reflected? You, place, people, emotions.

Art of questioning
Inner voice. Everyone have it. Constantly talking in our heads. Start actually using it for asking questions. You don’t even need to answer them. Some part of you will do it for you. Why asking questions? To change position from observer, to parcipitator. A.K.A. to become lucid. Stop focusing on becoming lucid in dreams. Start focusing on You! You are the one who want to become lucid. Doesn’t matter where! At the end, everything is in your mind, not just dreams.

Reflection of YOU
What are you? You are awareness. Well, sometimes. In Dream realm is you awareness even more reduced. If you are not aware in Waking realm, its very hard to become aware enough in Dream realm to actually call it lucidity. So reflection of You in Dream realm is awareness. Lets question that.
• What I’m doing?
• Where am I? (where is my body for my mind)
Did you feel that? Your awareness increase? Stay in this state as long as you can and want. Thats how it feels to be lucid.

Reflection of PLACE
Increased awareness of yourself allow you to perceive your surroundings better.
• What is this place?
Place can be familiar or not. If it is you can ask:
• Is something different since last time I was here?
• Am I supposed to be here?
If the place is not familiar to you, study it even more closely.
• Does everything fit in scenario?
• How did I get here?

Reflection of PEOPLE
Dream characters are with you to keep you from being alone. They are very random in Dream realm but they are even more random in Waking reality level.
• Who are those people around me?
• Are they supposed to be with me?
• Are my relatives with me too?

Reflection of EMOTIONS
Emotions deserve separate category from reflection of YOU. Because we experience same scale of emotions in both levels of reality, you should always check your reality level when you feel strong emotions. Happiness, joy, excitement, confusion, fear and so on.
• I feel strong fear, what am I afraid of?
• So much joy, what am I enjoying so much?
• I’m happy, what changed my mood?
• Where did that excitement came from?

Final Statement
This is easy and natural way to improve your awareness, dream recall, and lucid dreams rate. Question your reality as often as possible. Don’t answer them, just search for answer around you. The state after you start questioning your reality is basically lucidity. Discovering Dream reality level is just fruit of lucidity. So stay in questioning state as long as you can, before you lost your awareness again. Practising this often you’ll develop lucidity as your second nature. Therefore lucid dreams become your second nature.

Thank you
I hope you found this helpful. You are more than welcome to leave your feedback. Thank you for your time.