Theory On Controlled Dreams

So I’m just starting to get into LD and learn techniques, Until today I had no knowledge of what was happening in my dreams but I happened to stumble across this website. Looking back previous experience I think I may have a found a technique similiar to I guess WILD in that you use mental pictures to induce controlled dreams…and maybe this might help people struggling with LD, as kind of a stepping stone.

For about 2 years I had huge problems sleeping, I had what’s called pre-insomnia…it’s not true insomnia but something similiar in that it’s essentially extreme difficulty falling asleep. Being that my mind and body both were suffering as a result of this I learned some techniques to make you fall asleep faster. One self-developed (atleast I thought of it by myself, I’m sure someone else has to)technique I have is to focus on the insides of your eye lids, and picture them getting darker and darker and darker… In a sort of falling curtain or wave type motion. As this happens you can count or concentrate on your breathing (huge similarities to WILD)…Since I began using this technique I have atleast 50% of the time a controlled dream, a dream in which to some degree I have controll of my actions and the direction of the dream…it’s never very strong…but it seems that I as remember whenever I used the “darker” technique I had a high frequency of controlled dreams… maybe this will help in the path of LD…or a variation of WILD…idk…thoughts?

Sounds more like a wild tech than a theory… :confused:

Just to help make your theory clearer sinking_submarine:

When using your technique to fall asleep, do you experience HI and/or fall into a conscious dream, or do you just fall asleep normally and experience conscious dreams when you start REM sleep?

I use something like I…focusing on just blackness rather than a picture. And it’s not a conscience dream.