There... but not there.

I could be “called” a lucid dreamer. I’ve been lucid dreaming about once a week. But there is one problem. When I do LD, I’m not in that “advertized” state. You read a dream journal, and you might see some awesome stuff. But I can’t get there. I know I am asleep–but dream logic still appies. I’m still dumb in an LD, just like in any dream. And I can’t take control. So, how can I increase my control?

NOTE: I use the WBTB.

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As you’ve pointed out, you’ve just had a low end lucid dream. To increase control it’s common for people to shout out “Increase Lucidity!” or focus on an object of some sort and try to make it as clear as possible. Rubbing your hands and/or spinning around in circles can help greatly too.

I must say though, if you’re just now starting out, it’s not all that uncommon for things to be low controlled. I know exactly how you felt–that is being lucid but doing something that you wouldn’t want to really do if you were fully conscious. A good way to get around that is to think of things you want to do before you go to sleep at night and maybe tell yourself that you will do those things. If you don’t think about stuff like that, you may just end up running off of basic instict when it comes to turning lucid (for me–I usually automatically just fly even though there’s loads of other things that I’d rather do).

Anyway, it takes some experimenting. Let me know if you still can’t get increased control after trying.