There's a girl in my subconscious!

G’day all,

As of this morning, I had quite a vivid dream (not LD). It involved meeting a girl at some sort of convention. It was a ballroom with black and red coloured walls and flooring, overlooking the sea. I met this girl with 2 other guys her name was Jessica (stark golden/white hair) and we take a great interest with each other. However over the course of a few events (my mind is still sketchy as to what happened) she says goodbye and just vanishes on the spot.

Just before I woke up though, I felt myself being in a state of shock and that I had met her before. With unequivocal doubt I swear I have dreamed and met her before a long long time ago.

I have never met a Jessica nor know anyone close with such hair colour XD
Just the mind playing tricks? or is it just coupling together some old memories in a new way?

Damn I really want to meet her again, it was almost like talking to your subconscious. Despite not having control over the dream.

Hey, something similar happened to me. Except it was this guy who was really really old, and spoke in a rasp. I don’t feel that old, since I’m only 15.

that sounds really cool! Perhaps you should try summoning her in an LD, and tell us what happens!
Something somewhat similar happened to me, there’s this one dreamscape that I keep appearing at in NDs, which is like a cargo spaceship, and I ended up there on more than 10 occasions.

Aha indeed I shall try, I would love to meet her. I’m afraid I’m only really at a stage of building up dream recall and learning to first and foremost increase vividness. Interestingly enough I forget some of my dreams in the morning but by midday I’ll be doing some mundane task and then i’ll remember 2 or 3 XD Yet to have an LD…

Wow anything happen at the cargo area?

It’s possible you have dreamt of her before. My friend kept dreaming of a girl, and she was always different, and he felt like he knew who she was. She began appearing more when he learned to lucid dream, but she would never come to his summoning. She would just be there whenever she felt like it. He found out her name and remembered that he had dreamt of her when he was a child, too, because the name had seemed to follow him everywhere. He ended up speaking to her about it, and she told him that she was his spirit guide. He also ended up finding his dream guide, who was also familiar, but whom he had not dreamt about before.

I do have some doubts, as to whether it was my mind saying that I had seen her before but she just seemed so real.

Nevertheless I would love to have the same experience as your mate! Does he regularly come across this dream guide? I wouldn’t mind knowing more about this if possible.

I’ve had a number of dreams related to meeting women. One in particular through was different then the rest. While dreaming, I was at some kind of haunted house. At the entrance I met a girl. I can’t remember what she looked like now, but we touched each others hands and it literally felt like electricity.

It was extremely intense, and we automatically became connected. I don’t remember feeling that in a dream/life ever. When I woke up I thought that must be what it’s like to fall in love. I’m probably wrong, but it still intrigues me. If it happens in real life, I won’t doubt the significance.

He does regularly come across both his spirit guide and his dream guide. His dream guide loves to troll him, though. She’ll pretend to be a normal DC, and poke fun at him until he realises he’s dreaming. She’ll also distract him whenever he wants her to teach her something about dreaming, reminding him that he should loosen up and have more fun. His spirit guide is somewhat more serious, and helps him out whenever he needs it. His spirit guide is easy going, and now he knows her name he can call her. Though his dream guide still loves to play tricks on him whenever he tries.

Ahaha that is quite funny, wish I could come across such a spirit guide or similar to, would be extremely interesting to see what you can find out about yourself. Has he learnt much from them? Or is he a little frustrated that his dream guide distracts him? :razz:

@Joker, the feeling is pretty intense. Who knows what it means.