theres just something...

Well once when i was little i had a dream, it was just anyother dream exept, just there was something about it, we were in a car and we drove by a city in my dream, and the city outside my window, was so spectacular, it lmost seemed magical…i can remeber that dream even today, and it’s made some kind of inprint on me, and…a couple days ago i just had a dream…and it had that same city, and when i woke up i felt new, fresh, i’d never felt it before, its like that city in my dream has some kind of power over me…i don’t know maybe im crazy, but could somebody explain why i feel so connected to the city, and why i feel so great aftar iv’e dremt about it… :astral:

I have had this done to me with a couple of my dreams before I think. You might have had seen this city before in your life time that you have lived in or fell in love with. That’s what I think.

I can ofcourse not tell you what it was about. But it reminded me of a dream I had. It was a WILD. And it started with me walking through gates into a sort of town, and I felt very strongly, that this was home. Like, my home inside myself. It felt very special, like I hadn’t been home before. I didn’t actually see much of this place, it turned quickly to my current home, though dreamlike. But the feeling was there. Looking out the window at a scene I’ve seen a million times before, I saw it much more alive and colourful. Wonderful, magical.
I’ve heard that psychedelic drugs can produce a feeling of coming home. So this feeling of home is connected to the state of consciousness.

well this city, i have never seen before, so thats why im so confused, its something iv’e never seen (exept for my dreams) and it feels almost…like a part of me… :om:

If you believe that dreams are passageways to other worlds or knowledge, this is an explanation :smile: It could be a memory from another life, too, maybe.

Or it could simply mean that you seek something. Not sure exactly what, but you don’t realy belive you can ever get to it. You may feel dwarfed by myths you heard of “the City”. It’s not exactly easy to explain… You realy need to go out more (Sorry if that sounds offensive in any way, but it is simply the only way I can say what I think), and not just to be outside, but to hang out with your friends in places such as coffe shops and clubs.

Or I could just say that you must realy like Las Vegas.

But ultimately, I think that it was merely a random occurence. If you will improve your recall (Up to 3-4 dreams per night), you will feel that “refereshed” feeling about and the connection to many other things.

Look at it as you will, Its just my two cents. (More like two and a half, but you ot my point)

A lot of people have a special location in their dreams that they revisit … this city seems like it could be your special place. When you become lucid you should visit this city and explore it :happy: since it will be your own personal place.

hmm, if i did become lucid how would i get to “the city” :confused:
and this city isnt like las vagas, or boston, or even new york
it’s like…i dont know its like no city on earth.

be creative…
open a door and enter an alleyway of the city
fly there in a private plane (or just fly :wink: )
draw a circle and leap through it to arrive there (like siiw)
go through a mirror and expect to arrive in your city

just experiment and think laterally :yay:

hmm, sounds good, the only problem now is how to get lucid… :cry:

How to get there. I think it could be a nice treat for yourself if you got in a car, so as to relive that first dream of the city.

I had a dream sort of like yours just last night after I had read this. I was thinking that I hadn’t been anywhere like that in my dreams, in the emotional sense, and that very night I dreamt about this place that I felt very connected to, and I remembered a dream I had about it before when I woke up. I would personally call it my true home, my home inside myself, where I truly belong, but It could mean something totally different to anyone else.

P.s. What I just said sounds really corny doesn’t it :tongue:

I think it was in Shaman King, an anime series. Some of the characters had lost their favourite hangout and were looking for a new one. Until Ryo of the wooden sword realised: “‘Best Place’ is in our hearts”.

This reminds me of “The dream-quest of Unknown Kadath” By H.P.Lovecraft

I had this too about a mont ago , i dreamed LD 4all had a meeting somewhere , after i woke up i felt tottally refreshed and happy for the rest of the day (i got to sleep at 1 in the morning after that and was not tired upon waking )

Just my share …

but what are these places in our minds? :confused:
why are they there? what are their purpose? :confused:
and most of all, what are they? :confused:
I havent dremt of this place in a while though… :sad:

I’ve got a city I dream about as well - unfortunately it doesn’t have any power beyond making me feel slightly nervous and uneasy whenever I think about it. I would say I’ve dreamt about it about thirteen times now, and it never really changes. I know it’s not a real place though (but admittedly a couple of parts are), and yet it feels as though it all is - I have a very distinct connection to it, and feel I know it rather well…even though it sort of seems like the exact opposite of home in the feeling it gives me…

Sadly I can’t answer any of your questions, as I’m still to work them out - I’m hoping lucid dreaming and some proper exploring and questioning might give me some answers, as my brain must, on some level, know and understand why it’s creating this place. I’m also, over the holidays (mainly because I haven’t yet mastered lucid dreaming) going to collect as much information as possible about the city from my memory and post it in my dream journal here (I’ve already done a short list of some locations, but I intend to do maps and sketches and so on).

sounds great,
i think im going to add “go to starnage dream city” to my lucid list :content:

Nuts! Someone got there before me!

That’s what I thought of when reading about your dream. The rest of that story can be found here: … est/0.html

That’s exactly what I believe. I think dreams are other worlds/dimensions :content:, but anyway lol.

My first very low-lucidity dream involved a city too! I stumbled into the city in my dream by accident, it’s located under a bridge, and it’s magnificient! There’s a huge statue of a woman that towers over most of the buildings and she waved and smiled at me, which caused me to go lucid in the first place. The city looked rather futuristic, but very beautiful, I can’t wait to become lucid once more and go into that city again. :happy:

hey i haven’t described MY city yet!! :happy:
Whenever i’ve seen that city i’ve always been in my mom’s explorer,
the city had lots of blue and red lights, a little bit of yellow, the city has made entierly of metal, and no houses, i think it was some kind of oil plant, but in my dreams i’m always so sure its a city. :wink:
the city had these pillers that looked kinda like cell phone towers but…not quite.
i distincktly remember workers walking on these ladders (the kind on fire escapes on apartment buildings) to get to these things were oil is stored.
i’ve never been able to see the city for a long time, scine i’ve always been in a car passing it by, i hope if i become lucid, i can visit this city without just catching glimpeses of it.
hmm i getting kinda tired:yaaawn:
i think im gonna try wild tonight…!