Thers got to be something wrong!!

I just woke up from a nap, and Im not exagerating when I say I did 15-20 RCs in the dream. Every time I would do an RC, everything seemed normal. I looked at my hands, and they were normal. I pinched my nose, and I couldnt breathe. I looked around, and everything seemed normal. The only thing that I nnoticed was that things were dissapearing. Like I was in my elementary school getting lunch, and I had some chicken, and I went in line to pay. Well once I paid for it, but a few seconds later the food just dissapeared. I did a quick RC and assumed that I forgot it at the counter.
Then i went back to get more food, and I got some spaggheti or pasta, and when I gave it to the lunch lady, it dissapeared. I did another RC, and I started thinking that something was wrong. Everything looked normal, but I kept telling myself that something was not right. Oddly enough when I was walking home before taking a nap, (in waking life) I did the same thing. I did a few RCs, and I knew I was awake, but I felt like something was wrong.
Back to my dream, I was in a store buying a charger for my Ipod, and when I asked a lady where it was (who happened to be an administrator at my school) she showed me, and she started doing a weird dance in front of me. THen the charger dissapeared, and I did another RC.
I tihnk there is something wrong, has this happened to anyone else?

I haven’t done it that many times, but I’ve had RC’s fail me… In one dream I did two different RC’s and was still thinking I was dreaming (but not lucid yet). I ended up waking up and saying “I knew it was a dream!” to myself.

A solution to this? well… I don’t know.

Try to really REALLY ask yourself if your dreaming when you do a RC, even in waking life. I think, in my case at least, I got used to expect my hands being normal when I looked at them, so that probably helped them look normal in the dream as well.

And try maybe to do different types of RC’s. If you do one and still think something is wrong, do another one, and another one, until you run out of ideas… :grin: I’m trying to get used to the “look at text, look away and look again” RC. I just have a feeling it will work better for me.

Anyway, I’m not that good with reality checks, but I hope I could help. :wink:

my personal reality check method, is not to ask myself if I’m dreaming, but rather to tell myself that I am dreaming. I do my reality check, and I tell myself “because I’m dreaming, I can breathe through my fingers. because I am dreaming, I have 6 fingers on my hand. because I am dreaming, I can fly.” et cetera. by asserting the dream, rather than question it, I figure that it’ll make the reality checks more successful. and I’ve never had one fail on me, so I suppose it works.

That sounds good. I think im going to try that.

When you did a RC, did you repeat it? When I look at my hand, it can take a few tries before I find an extra finger on there.
Text is a quite good tool, because it is very unstable for a lot of people. Even so, the text can remain the same the first couple of times you look at it, but they more times you look away and look back, they more likely the text is to change. The same with staring at it, the longer you look, the harder it will be for it to remain the same.

Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I’ll see if I can remember to do that.

when we deal with reality we deal with energy and frames of volitional movement

in a dream your volition to RC is superseded by your assertion that your reality checks will result in normal activities

for instance this morning i did an RC by, first, thinking to my-self about how it is that lights do not work in dreams, so that it is very likely that the light will turn on if I am awake

this caused the light to turn on which caused me to discern that I was in fact awake

we must pre-empt this by doing more than a cookie cutting gesture which has no real discernment attached to its motion

you can do a nose plug, and, without doing it very mindfully with great deliebrate concentration and full presence of mind, fail, over and over again, in lucidity

this can be likened to volition movement in waking life, if you wish to kiss someone, are you following blind patterns already woven into your brain, causing it to be a normal activity? are you terrified of kissing them, causing it to be a very deliebrate, exhilerating new activity, with many opportunities to learn new things

why take a look at how you are reading this, is your mind SOMEWHERE ELSE not paying full attention to me?

to RC, pay full attention to everything and tell yourself very clearly what you are about to do

when mindfulness is fully present in waking reality it is fully present in dreaming reality.

how much do you sleep-walk through every-thing you do while you are awake?
nom nom nom i am eating taco salad like an animal, and i know this, but i don’t care
or “very very very slow fork into mouth movement, deeply aware that I am eating?”

this is what tai chi is, going inside the body, until time freezes when you become a master at movement, moving with full mindfulness, knowing every step intimately, and making it artistic

really you should always know you are dreaming at all times, the reason any of us don’t is failure to pay attention to pristine details while falling asleep, and being asleep during our waking activities.

those who are deeply present NOW are also so in sleep, and sleep no longer becomes unconscious for them. this is a high level of refinement.

examine right now, you

look at this word
? does it mean anything to you, or have you already decided not to pay attention to it
what if this word is a dream sign, and you are dreaming right now, and the only way to know is to really
feel the word, and see?
dsylxic poepel cna undresatnd fariyl wlel
staring at something and knowing it should have meaning, but not knowing what the meaning is

if you stare at any word in the human language and examine it to the source, you will understand what it feel slike to be in a dream, to stare at something that IS form, yet, is formless, and constantly changing based upon your observation of it.