These are our first dreams.

I said that once in a dream a few weeks ago and cannot get it out of my mind. It has been there and I still can’t entirely understand what it means. I thought about it in length and asked myself, “When did I first start to dream?”. Most people would say that we have dreamed our entire lives since birth. I am not dis-agreeing with that but to me the question is different. To me the question means, when did your love of dreams begin? When did you first start actively trying to remember your dreams? I kept asking myself this question and it led to another. What caused your love of dreams? I looked inside myself and asked myself to truthfully answer both questions.

“When did I first start to dream?”
I started at age 6 apon moving into my 2nd house. This is when I began to take and interest in my dreams. If I had to put a date on this I would say Jan or Feb of 1995.

What caused your love of dreams?
My love of dreams was caused by my lonliness at that age. I had no friends and the only neighbors were elderly. I am not a single child. I do have brothers and a sisters, but they are not the same thing as a friend. The longer I lived in the house, the more aware of myself I became because of my lonliness. I became more inward and self aware. I started to recall my dreams as I woke and was amazed at the beauty and possibilities they contained. I would lay there as I woke recalling every detail I could, absorbing it into my mind to have that happiness with me at all times. Dreams for me filled that void that having no friends had created. That is why I love dreams. They hold a place in my heart that nothing else can fill.

Now, I ask you the same questions. When did you first start to dream? What caused your love of dreams? Interpret the questions as you will.

That’s a cool story. I’ve been fascinated with dreams just about all my life. I’ve been recalling them vividly my entire life. When I was a little kid, most were nightmares. I still have some nightmares occasionally, but they’re not scary anymore because I am more in touch with my inner self, I think.

And my love of dreams is caused by an inate fascination that I have with the human mind and brain and everything that goes on in there, which I really can’t explain beyond that…

The first time I dreamt was pre-3 years of age.

Nothing external really caused my love of dreams, at a very young age I had low-lucid dreams, although it didn’t know that’s what they were until a few months before stumbling on LD4all. (annoying really as they stopped when I was around 11yrs old and I find it difficult to LD now)

My first LD was when I was around 4/5yrs, I kept having a recurring dream about an evil King Kong like gorilla that kept terrorising me and the school I was in. I remember quite clearly that one night, I was really frightened during my dream, because I recognised it (I guess this was a DILD) and new what was coming and wanted to change it so bad that I litterally willed KK into being nice, he even gave us piggy-back rides :tongue: - But from that point on, I really started to love dreams, I could have everything I ever wanted from toys, to magic, to food.