these sounds are so fustrating!!!

when I WILD i keep hearing these sounds that always wake me up. For example last night when I was WILD’ing i felt the presents of a dog right next to me. I could hear him breathing and then suddenly i hear this huge BBBAAARK!!! I qucikly open my eyes and look but there is no dog, I don’t even own a dog. (i own a cat :cool: )
Yeah, whats up with that?

I guess that`s HH and nothing to worry about .
Ignore them :smile:

And you`ve come long in WILD !

I TRY to ignore them but they just are way too loud and sudden… :cry:

I don`t now what to do :sad:

HasnT`had it myself :shy:

I’ve had some sounds like that. A huge car rammed right through me and my bed once. Try that for scary!

I’m finally getting a bit better at WILDing and had my first sounds a few days ago. Don’t really remember what they were… but it was cool! :cool_laugh:

Congrats wolf!