Things that happen often in my dreams that I dont like

Here is a list of some of the things that happen to me on occasion in my dreams that I find annoying or worse:

1.I can only walk VERY slowly, like I have no traction, or am very heavy, or in some liquid air
2.I cannot yell
3.My car/vehicle breaks down, or can’t make it up the hill
4.People are trying to shoot me! (I used to have a lot of these dreams, but no more)
5.I am about to have sex but then I wait to long and the dream changes
6.While flying, I am SOMETIMES afraid to go to high because I might fall or forget how to fly in mid air
7.I am at a concert (usualy Dead or Phish) that never starts
8.I am in an airplane that is crashing and pulls out of the dive just in time

Anyone else have similar problems in their normal dreams? I know I have more for this list, but I just figured I’d get it started. Please add yours!

i have many times somehow got in all kinds of crowded places, like school, and for some reason i’m naked :shy: ! and -of course- i cant find clothes anywhere, and everyone is stairing at me. it SO uncomfortable feeling, i think you can imagine…

…but there is something good in this too, 'cos it happens in a lot of my dreams, i can use it as a dream sing.

…and oh, i really dont end up naked in places in my real life… :grin:

and another thing is that like you traveler, sometimes i can’t run fast, though i really needed to. it happens usually when i got chased, or i’m late. my feet just don’t move like i would like them to.

…so, merry christmas! i’ll go now and eat some chocolate… :content:

Astral traveler i think u should prepare more in waking about how u handle certain dream situations…and the rest is just practising in your dreams…BTW are those things of your list also happening in lucid dreams?


“5.I am about to have sex but then I wait to long and the dream changes”
just like real life buddy,just like that:)

Find a way to make those dream signs.

  1. I think that’s because you are feeling SP. Running’s fun within a dream.

As Pilot said, you could try to make these things DS’s to look out for. I recently had a LD where I was walking alongside a man, and for some reason I tried to punch him in the head! But as I punched him it was in slow motion and the blows had no effect. I recognised it must be a dream, as this was not normal, (Btw, no I don’t go around hitting people in waking life!) and I became lucid and thought “instead of walking, I will fly” which I then did. So whenever you encounter all those odd frustrating events, try and view them as prime DS material!

None of these things happen when I am lucid. They are just some things that happen often in my dreams, and since I have found this website I have indeed tried to make all the weird stuff I dream about DS’s. The slow motion thing seems to be common, I figured if I listed some things that heppened to me that I would find others had similar dreams (Oh and I do often find myself without clothes in public places in my dreams, too.) I thought of two more common things that happen to me:

  1. I have to take an exam but I didn’t study one bit (I think everyone has this dream… those in societys that make you go to school anyways)
  2. One of my teeth falls out (another common thing…)

So like I said, as these happen to me I hope to recognize that I am dreaming! Thanks for all your input!