Things that lower dream recall/LDing?

Everyone talks about things that supports lucid dreaming, there is even a book about it, but is there some info about things that lower dream recall and lucidity?

Stress and attention wondering from lucidity can lower dream recall and lucidity. Not using dream journal. Also a loss of motivation in general is bad for lucidity and the persuit of dreams. There are many more specific things that can lower lucidity but a lot of them depend on personal circumstances and situations.

Sleep deprivation, constant changes in sleep schedule, certain drugs, excessive alcohol before bed. And of course, your own mindset and circumstances can influence it as well.

Alcohol before bed for me tends to make my dreams very bizarre. but I have become lucid on occasions after drinking before bed.

Oh I’m not saying you won’t dream. I’ve had my share of… slightly less than sober dreams :razz:. And yes, they can be a mind trip. However, I have found that generally my DR is much worse in the end. I might remember some more unusual or vivid moments, but the over DR quality is not anywhere near as good as when sober. Again, everyone reacts different to different things.

[color=green]The three I know of and experience firsthand. Rhewin beat me to the punch :gni:[/color]

Same here, I wasn’t drunk but I started to “feel” alcohol and it seems that it helped a few times, if that was because of the alcohol!

And I can barely remember things while drunk when I am awake. While dreaming and drunk my memory is terrible ahaha.

I read somewhere that sitting in front of a computer or laptop all day lowers your dreamrecal because the backlighting reduces your melatonine levels. But I cannot confirm this.

I remember reading something similar

It’s generally suggested that you don’t sit in front the computer or TV at least one hour before bed time.

I can partially confirm that. Few night ago I would watch TV half an hour, maybe hour, I’m not sure and when I would go to my bedroom with lights shut through the whole house I would see flashing lights, in shape of the TV. I normally don’t watch TV at night, at all to be accurate so this was really surprising to me. I guess that this can affect you dreams…

Article (one of them)

I can confirm it, alot of times, I watched anime for up to 6 hours in bed before sleep on my phone :lol: and i had zero dream recall

I guess the best thing you can do before going to sleep is to read a book about lucid dreaming in a dim light. :grin: