Things that remind you of another time

This idea for a thread actualy popped into my head after I read the description for the Lounge. “Sit down, have a drink…”

For me drinking flat cola reminds me of going on holiday with my family, we generally drove a long way to get to wherever we were going and usually all there was to drink was a big bottle of cola. Which went flat :tongue:

Ahh those long summer nights in the middle of the highlands :grin:

Any one else got anything like this?

A few things:

The song, I Might Be Wrong reminds me of Jurassic Park, as I read it for an entire car tip with I Might Be Wrong looping in my mp3 player.

Eating Rollitos reminds me of when I visited Spain and became very sick. The cheese Rollitos made me vomit and I can’t eat them now.

I got loads of this.

A Lynard Skynard CD i got reminds me of the Norwegian city Bergen!

The song “I want it all” with “krokus” reminds me of Elisabeth, the same does some songs by Alice Cooper.


The Simpsons remind me of those quiet days when I got home from school and had little else to do. I used to watch them at that time of the day years ago.

when I see 2 little girls playing together I just can’t help smile because it reminds me of when me and my sister were younger :content:

when I see pictures of me when I was smaller. I find it disturbing actually, when I look at that little kid in those photos.

All different kinds of music remind me of different times. The Postal Service and Sublime’s 40oz. to Freedom remind me of when I was addicted to dextromethorphan. Joanna Newsom’s Milk Eyed Mender and the Mountian Goat’s The Sunset Tree remind me of last summer.

I get this all the time, and it actually tends to make me a little sad, because it always make me feel like time is flying too fast, and it reminds me of how what’s gone is gone…

I usually react strongly to smells, like I smell summer, or winter, or anything really. I can be walking and suddenly go “oh, it smells like Halloween!”. One thing I think about especially is this place I would go to with my family when I was younger, an esperanto study camp sorta thing… it’s been three years (or four by now?) since I’ve been there. I used to look forward to it so much, but now that I’m older, I realize the only reason we could go is because my mom taught one of the courses, so we got to stay there for free… now I wonder when I will have a chance to go there again.

I think I spend too much time mourning the past lol. I’m a very nostalgic person, I can’t really help it. In a way it’s nice, all the memories, but as I said, it often leaves me with sad feelings too.

How could I forget about smells? They are THE key to my memories! I smell something accidentally, and BAM! I remember something I think I’ve forgotten from ages.

I’m often surprised of what I remember.

Where do I begin? :razz:

Mostly music and smells bring back memories for me.

“Coma White” by Marilyn Manson and “Darkness” by Twiztid never fail to remind me of my ex, since I played those songs nonstop to help myself get over her. (Music has a strong emotional effect for me, especially Manson’s)
I still think twice before listening to either song.

Korn’s “Take A Look In The Mirror” album reminds me of the 3 years I spent in and out of psychiatric group homes, since it was the only Korn album the group home staff allowed me to have there.

ICP’s “The Great Milenko” album reminds me of the month I spent in a homeless shelter. (only CD I had with me)

There’s hundreds of others, but that’s the general idea of what brings back memories for me :razz:

I heard from somewhere that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory—wait, I think that was from a deodorant commercial. :eh:

“How will you be remembered?”

Scents and songs, scents and songs—they seem to be so key in here, and I agree fully with all of you. Sometimes scents won’t even take me back to a specific memory; rather, they’ll bring back some once dormant feeling that I must have felt strongly at the moments when that particular scent was hanging around. It might be a feeling of dread, or bliss, or whatever. The same goes for songs: There are plenty of songs that I wouldn’t dare listen to just because they may have been played over and over again on the radio at bad moments of my life. (Which have long passed away). :content:

Oh, and I can’t help but jabber on an on about the old Polish songs that are bound to send me back into a state that I can’t even describe fully in words—just a state of bliss and nostalgia from far back—maybe to when I was about four or so. Few things could touch me as deeply, but there’s no feeling of sadness like Olesia mentions. It’s all good, for I’ve reached a state of mind that’s dear to me, and the feelings have returned. Jeez, some of those have got to be the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, while others may just be silly—by hey, we need silliness, too. :grin:

Whenever I listen to Brian Eno, it reminds me of Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for some reason.

Whenever I listen to London Calling by the Clash, I think of the time me and my brother and his friend were listening to the excellent album, and my brother, dancing with his steering wheel for some reason, drove straight into a ditch. We were fine, and amazingly, the car was unharmed. We were going 60km into the ditch, and we hit some sort of soft log thing. A miracle! :razz:

It was funny, there was a song with the name of a girlfriend of mine a while back, Polythene Pam by the Beatles. I no longer listen to Abbey Road, because of the song: she broke my heart :sad:

hahaha, poor Jonnie.

Typical Sunday tv programs like ‘The Antiques Roadshow’. It’s always been shown on a Sunday since i was a child. Give’s me that horrible ‘weekend’s over’ feeling :sad:

The Debenhams store in my town has a very distinctive smell which has never changed. It must be the cleaner they use. I haven’t smelt it anywhere else though. I like it.

Brian Eno will cheer me up/chill me out no matter what. :smile:

i have a BAD one!!!

Now, i love Lynyrd Skynyrd…

but now, whenever i hear the beginning to “Sweet Home Alabama” i think of THAT KFC COMMERCIAL! :wallhit:

It’s ruining an awesome song! :’(

Snakes remind me of an old friend of mine…

and a dead snake reminds me of a friend not new or as old as the other… :tongue: lol long story short… the snake is dead not her. O_o

but yea…

If any of you went to the Chessington theme park in London a long time ago, then you might know what i’m talking about. :tongue: My school went every summer (this was during 1992-97) and one ride i was never brave enough to go on (looked a bit like this ) made a weird ghostly sound everytime it dropped or sped up. Just walking near it made me feel a little uneasy. I noticed one day at home, while sitting on the kitchen floor, spinning the empty washing machine drum with my hand, that it made almost exactly the same sound! Much quieter ofcourse but it still kind of spooks me :scared:

Funny, I suddenly thought of another one. May I share? :grin:

It’s all over Entertainment Tonight lately—(No, not Anna Nicole, but that too—holy crapoli, when will they shut their traps about her)? So ol’ Bob Barker—who looks like a wax sculpture nowadays—is retiring from The Price is Right! :nuu: A couple of summers ago watching that show every once in a while used to bring me way back to when I was a wee lass, and instead of going to pre-school, I stayed with my grandmother during the days, and you guessed it: We watched The Price is Right. Good times, good times. :cool: