things to be afraid while lucid dreaming

I’d love to start lucid dreaming…but…
can a dead person i meet in my dream take me …to the other world?
my mother was almost there one time…because some people told her to come with them, there was a very nice music and she wanted to come…but remembered kids and went back…

No especially not if you’re lucid and if it happens in ND then it doesn’t really matter because you have to ND every night.

Besided you really can’t die in a dream unless you’re heart stops beating or something during the dream

Technicly, there’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s only a dream.

But I once stopped breathing in an ND. I woke up desperate for air.

WHy did you stop beathing in the dream. That is one thing they have proven is that your breathing in a dream corresponds to RL

I was choking in RL. I awoke quite quikly. I wonder what happens if you hold your breath in an LD. Could you make yourself faint. Who’swilling to volentere.

whats rl? i thought of all of it…and i think ill try lucid dreaming…because i just have to…it should go easy for me

Ah, i see

I awoke quite quikly. I wonder what happens if you hold your breath in an LD. Could you make yourself faint. Who’swilling to volentere.

You posted too quik for me. RL = Real life

seems LD is like a sort of matrix…just less dangerous…

Be very afriad!!! :devil:

i am. but i am afraid of many things in life. and i want to try/

Ofcourse, many people have tried killing themselves in LDs (in RL). Its been proven that you can’t. But I’m determined to find a way!

why do u need it? id be happy just to enjoy my LD. i jusmped from the tops of buildeings, jumped in the lake, etc in my dreams but it all ended in waking up the same sec

Hello, im here to solve this topic!

Stepen la Berge, in an interview was asked,
“could you die in a lucid dream?,”
He replied: “well, if they did die in a dream, they cant wake up and tell us.”

Now. :tongue:

Thanks :ok:

i think it is possible if you truely believe that you are dying and not aware its a dream. It is possible to quite litterally be “scared to death” basically a heart attack, so if you truely believe it is real then you could die through extreme fear.

However in an LD i would say it is impossible, the meaning of Lucid Dreaming is that you KNOW you are dreaming therefore you couldn’t be sufficiantly scared to cause heart failure in real life as you already know you are dreaming, you know you can’t be harmed and therefore will not be scared.

Then their “proof” is totally flawed because i don’t breathe at all in dreams LD or ND.

Well i’ll tell you one thing, i have stopped myself waking up many times from excitement with deep slow breathing to come my self down.

And he could of stopped breathing because maybe he stopped beathing in real life ie. laying face down on a pillow or something, i have felt my body once or twice while still having my vision in a lucid dream, but only for a second or so.

And a scary thought - could you commit suicide in an LD? Consciously cause yourself to stop breathing etc.? But, if someone is having an LD, why would they want to do that? Just about all LD and related experiences I’ve heard of were all very positive. The worst that could happen to a suicidal/depressed person is to get ‘addicted’ to LD and only live to sleep and LD…

Still I doubt that (aside from a heartattack caused by intense fear) you could die in an LD because of something that happens in the dream. You’d probably wake up. Just because your mind doesn’t cooperate doesn’t mean your body instantly stops. Reminds me of OOBE, where your consciousness leaves your body but your body just continues to breathe and function normally. After all things like breathing or blinking or digesting food are all functions your body does naturally without you having to think about it excessively.

You got it. :wink: a lucid dream is your own personal universe in which you can do anything. ^^

Well it’s not the consciousness that makes you breathe its your brain, your brain controls everything your body does via the ANS.

thnx for solving this out 4 me…happy LDing lol :wink:

That’s sort of what I meant. Breathing isn’t a conscious process. ^^