things you've done in lds

ok heres my list of the things i did in my 3 lucid dreams. Changed a girl from hating me to in love wit me, materialized a cartoon 16 ton anvil and dropped it on a classroom, lucid sex lik 20 different ways, calling upon a dream guide and talkin to them, slowin down time and freezing it, lookin at my hands (real trippy). went through a mirror, i envisioned a room behind a door then when i went through it it was there, the best thing would have to be flying over this sweet desert-like landscape. it was unreal and so cool to be having the feeling of flying and seeing this landscape. Im determined to paint the landscape so i can see it again even though i suck at painting ill just keep tryin.

Fuzzy, I’ve tried shape-shifting, I turned into a wolf and then started running really fast with a whole pack of wolves, I can’t remember what happened next.

You can certainly feel pain in dreams, I know this because I tried pinching my neck for an RC and that night I had a non LD about a vampire that followed me around all day and kept biting me!

Wow, this is a lot of stuff.

I’ve flown, made stuff move with my mind, controlled people with my mind, had ld sex, fought matrix style, walked through things(and when I do this I always get a liquid cool feeling around me that is like something I have never felt in real life), made stuff appear and dissapear, made friends with my fears, took over peoples bodies, shot fireballs at stuff and made things blow up, talked to people and told them they were in my dream, punched through metal walls, jumped through a mirror and ended up somewhere else, I’ve gotten a lot of my senses to work like tasting, touching, smelling, hearing, and seeing of course. I have taken a crap in the girls bathroom at my old school and made a bunch of people sick from it, and I have drove around in a car going about 140 drifitng around turns and racing people. There is still a trillion things I want to try though.

hey aod, that sounds like an interesting amount of things you’ve done.
fight matrix style, race cars, take over peoples bodies punch through metal walls, walk through walls and take…a…crap…in…the…girls bathroom. do you notice a drop off here?

Rather than list the usual amount of stuff that most people seemed to have done, I thought I’d share something I did just a few days ago…

Just for the hell of it, I wondered what it would be like to drive some of my friends cars. Having only recently been granted a license, I’ve only ever driven 2 cars, and both manual at that.

I wanted to know what it was like driving an automatic car, so I gave it a go. I’d have to say this was one of the more clear LDs I’ve had, probably because I was concentrating so hard on driving this strange car. Remarkably, this experience was extremely realistic. The pedals felt real, the gear stick never defied physics by entering a manual position (Despite my frequent and accidental attempts :wink: ) and I’d have to say it was probably very close to the actual experience of driving an Automatic car.

This probably dosn’t seem interesting to all those people who casually walk around with laser cannons using ‘The Force’ and such, but I wanted to share it anyway.

That is actually really cool. It can take a lot of concentration (sometimes too much) to simulate a real experience in an LD. Have you driven their car yet IRL? If so, how was it different (if at all)?

Apart from things already mentioned here I have been able to make myself invisible which wasn’t as good as it sounds. It got kind of boring since no one would talk to me coz they couldn’t see me :sad:

I also play Baldur’s Gate a lot and tried casting a few spells which worked quite well, especially the Hold and Magic Missiles spells.

Everyone just fly in their LDs or go through the walls. Why don’t you try to to break your finger or cut it off just to feel how realistic can lucid dreams be.
Has anyone already done it?


I think it’ll be a while before I drive an auto :wink:

This was one of those LDs so vivid you can’t think about anything else for the entirety of the following day. I remember exactly how the texture on the steering wheel felt, the seats and position of the controls.

If any part of the experience was not as close to realistic as I’ve ever experienced, it would have to be the sound. Maybe I just can’t remember that particular detail, but now that I think about it, the engine wasn’t producing a very realistic sound at all. More like a much smaller toy or something.

I guess my concentration was elsewhere :smile:

well I’ve done lots of things…only that they weren’t LD’s and I never had an LD yet.

Being in a pack of birds as a bird, flying and hovering (with lots of concentration), falling and hitting the ground endlessly (freakin scarry), crawling spidy style, and recently jumping in the water from high up.

I can remember these dreams because they were so intense. If regular dreams are like this I can only imagine what I’ll do in a LD!!

I was fairly fortunate in that I had my first LD only days after learning about them. Because of this, I still didn’t have GREAT dream recall, but it wasn’t that bad.

One thing I noticed was that I could rememeber EVERY little detail about that LD, even days after it happened, where most normal dreams have either become extremely vague, or disappeared entirely.

My initial theory was that during a LD, since your conscious mind has ‘woken up’ your memeory should be about as good as it is in RL.

Anyone have any opinions on that?

Thanks for the further details, Atheist. I find it very interesting that the aural perception of the environment was a little off. By the way, your avatar is sufficiently disturbing…

Disturbing? But that’s the best picture of me I could find! :wink:

I would have to agree with you Atheist. My dream recall for LDs is usally better. One time I had trouble recalling someone’s face from an LD. In the dream I swear he was someone I know or someone famous in real life… but then I couldn’t get his face when I woke up. My friend pointed out to me that I very well could have been accepting some dream-logic and only THOUGHT he was famous in real life but there was no actual RL equivelent.

In the dream I asked this guy, who was sorting silverware at the time, (thinking it a good time to try to get a dialogue going with my subconscious mind) what aspect of my subconscious he represented. He said, clear as day, “I don’t represent anything. Im just sorting this silverware.” LOL I guess sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar.

I find that happens fairly often when I’m not Lucid.

Even though my dream recall is fairly good, I sometimes can’t work out who exactly it was that was with me for some of the dream. Upon waking up I generally assume it was a friend, and someone that I’ve known for a great deal of time.

I think in that case your mind is just representing a ‘friend’, and perhaps not anyone in RL?

That’s only sometimes though. Most of the time my dreams actually do contain people I know and can easily identify.

I was just watching “Waking life”. A great film, at least for me. I’ve found there a lot of thoughts I had had before myself.
There was something about 360 vision. It’s interesting that I was just thinking about it the day before. Another way of percepting reality. Is it possible?

I had a lucid dream a while back in which I find myself caught between the walls of a room, and the outside of the house. I had 180 degree vision of the inside of the house, and 180 degree vision of the outside. It was a very cool feeling.

Hey if you could have 360 degree vision, could you have two dreams at once or at least what would look like two dreams at once? That would be very interesting.
If anyone has had two dreams at once please tell us about it. It would be weird if somehow you could become lucid in one of them but not in the other.

about this 360 vision…it is actually real in a sense
when people have OBE’s they realize they can see behind their backs without turning their heads, and after that they realize they can see in every direction at the same time. We are so used to seeing with our eyes that we don’t know any other way of looking at things. I’d be interesting for any experienced LDer to try this and see if it works.