things you've done in lds

whats everybody doing in their lds
im going to assume flying and sex is an all too common theme so i wanna hear some of the goofing off, just fartin around things you’ve done with your limitless power.
i’ve tried to shoot a laser from my finger but that didn’t happen. i tried turning off a light in a ld , it didn’t turn off but the effect was like there was a suttle rippling through the space around the lamp, sort of like it was about to turn off but didn’t (too hard to interpret in words). i haven’t been able to do anything too grand yet aside from flying.

I quite often fight people, and always win of course :grin: .

I like to ask the dreamcharacters about the meaning of life!
I never get a real answer though. The first one I asked was a 50 years old man I met on the streets.

Me:“Sir, do you know the meaning of life”
The Man “nope”

I don’t remember the next person but she talked glibberish

Then I spok0ke to a young mother…she told me that the meaning would be to have enough food for her kids


That woman sounds realistic! :grin:

I’ve tried things like Telekinesis and Mind Control a lot in LD’s before. I have also been able to create energy beams like lasers, that I can see. Sometimes they have sound effects with them! When I was very young, I always wanted to be able to shoot lasers and make an Ice Ray in LD’s, but for some reason I always found myself unsuccessful. I’ve been doing a lot more now that I’ve been keeping track of my LD’s. Teleportation is something that interests me also, though I haven’t tried it very often. Another thing I look forward to one day getting around to is making food and eating it in a dream.

I think its fun to do experiments, like tasting dreamfood/drinks, asking Dreamcaracthers about different things… Just walking around exploring the dreamscenery is also fun.

One experiment im trying now is to see if DC can dig up lost memories from my subcons like phone numbers and stuff i have forgotten.

In my last dream i was able to fire a fireball form my hand, I also like to climb around walls and ceilings spiderman-style. Once I picked up this huge wooden chest as if it weighed nothing and threw it…

In one of my last dreams i shot a Kame-Hame-Ha and jumped into a TV screen (i saw the movie from the other side of the screen and the room behin it).

I have killed a room full of people…
Become a vampire…
And mimicked the swinging trough New York scenes on Spiderman, which was quite scary

has anyone ever tride shooting webs and slingen around like spiderman i think that will be the fist thing try b4 flying just swingen from building to building :shy:

I had a Ld once when giant white birds were chasing me and they cut my foot :eek: ! I healed it and then exploded the birds :content: hah hah

i have teleported myself
made my sister dissapear
made cars appear
morphed a piece of paper into a plate of fish and chips (now that i think about it i should have ate it, but i didn’t)
i have also lifted things way to heavy for me.
i have jumped off buildings and into the ground

but there’s still much more would like to do

I have swung around spider-man style before. In my opinion, it is much more fun than flying. The only problem is I had trouble losing lucidity after confronting a bunch of people because I would start to feel insecure about my ability (with so many people watching).

I have had only a few LDs. I have flown in all of them, and at first it was REEEAALLLYYY difficult. Oh yeah, and done that disappearing thing too. Only it was more like un-appearing than disappearing things.

Let’s see here… I’ve flown (duh), materialized things out of thin air, stuck my hands through stuff, talked to dream characters, looked around, tasted things, breathed underwater, and some other stuff. Nothing too original.

Oh, yeah, I’ve done Matrix moves and some other martial arts stuff. I did the Trinity move where she jumps up, stays in the air, and kicks the guy, and I did the dodge bullets move.

One of my favorite things is to float or sometimes pull myself through walls, floors, or ceilings - wondering whats behind them:) The craziest thing ever, though, was several months ago in an LD of just blackness. I didn’t really know what to do so I called out “hello?” to see what would happen. A crazed male voice began yelling back angry nonsense :eek: Yikes!

I had my first LD last night.

I wanted to change into a bird to fly around, I thought of a kestral, but couldn’t remeber what they look like, so I changed into a pidgeon! But unfortulently woke up (to a false awakening) as soon as I took off

lets see. Okay, everything that have been said in this thread i have done.

  • ive… umm fought with strange weapons.

Seen things that i never would have when i was awake.
Like scenerys, people, stuff like cars and plants and other “trippy” stuff.
Ive met some DCs that call themselves my Dream Guides. But i seem to have 2 different ones.

Reaped a dream and then i woked up and had HIs and HHs.

ive been a bird… That was a strange experience.

Been killed… In many ways… Once i fealt empty and sutch… Allmost dead.

Ive killed in many ways, Ive felt good about some of them, and bad, of course…

Ive had feelings that i have never had in my normal life. Like Total love. Total panic and other extreme emotions where you feel nothing else than one feeling. Its a good experience. But kinda scary…

Ive seen stuff, been told stuff that a normal person do not want to know, or see… But i blame it all on the many books im reading, and todays TV, Some of the movies are just soo sick, Like hellraiser… But its realy good movie.

Ive allso tried many mind-games… Like worked a lot with paradoxes. In the beginning was it just as simple as walking through walls, But it have been growing more and more, umm trippy experiences. (When i think about it, My dreams tend to end up in trippy experiences.)…

Ive been places that can never exist in this world, Like in citys made of glass and silver, With giant odd stuff… umm (Guess what, Trippy experences).

Cant remember anything more right now…

I wonder whether it is possible to feel pain in a lucid dream. If you can smell someting, taste something than maybe it is also possible to feel pain. Probably we just usualy don’t feel pain in our dreams because our mind don’t want it. I think that pain is something very real and maybe just to real to be experienced in a dream.

If you look around… there are people here who have reported pain during dreams. It is very real. Perhaps it is only imagined, and the same chemicals aren’t released while asleep, but the same effect can be achieved.

Okay, so we’ve got flying, lucid sex, spider man stuff, matrix fighting, all sounds like fun. Has anybody ever tried shape-shifting? Other then to fly, but that sounds cool too. Now that’s something I’d like to try when I get the chance. :tongue: