Think I have had another LD-was it a WILD?

This morning I had another LD (I think) -I woke up and then I started to feel my self going into to the dreamstate it felt like darkness at first but then suddenly I could just very faintly see the outline of my hands and then soon after things got brighter and clearer I was in what I peceived to be my bedroom and I then began flying around the room then I thought I will try and go out side I moved towards the window, opened it and flew out and I could see my garden below I saw this man down there the only human I saw during the dream. The landscape looked quite different by my house to the way it looks in real life-roads and railway tracks where in different positions. I had a good look around since I new I was dreaming. I tried to climb high into the clouds but then woke up. Was this a WILD LD?-about 2 wks ago I had a very similar dream which started with vivid HI like imagary and a falling sensation. Also I have had numerous dreams where I realize I am dreaming at the moment I wake-where these LDs or prelucid dreams? Also the previous night I was desparate for the toilet when I went back to sleep and I was dreaming about finding na toilet and a found a tpilet with a white door and a black know-I opened the door I found a toilet in there but was put of from going becuase there where loads of spider’s webs in there after I woke up I went the toilet for real-if you went to the toilet in a dream would you wet the bed in real life? also can this be an anchor to lucidity?
all the best

Well it was definately a lucid dream if you were dreaming and conscious of the fact. Sounds like it may have been WILD induced and then maybe you had a false awakening - hence finding yourself in your bedroom. Most of my lucids begin with a false awakening and I tend to explore my house for a while and then head out the front door into something more crazy.
Whatever you are doing, it’s definately working…

couldn’t it have been an astral projection or OOBE?
by the sound of it you get out of bed and then you fly away? in few my LD’s or should i say lucid moments i was really in the dream scenario not in my bed!

Hey lukemc, congrats on you LD succes!

To continue on a few of your questions, if you know you are dreaming and you wake up instantly, I call that a “lucid moment”, not really a dream because you wake up so fast. Also, going to the toilet in a dream has not yet caused me to wet my bed before, so I dont think this will happen, but you never know for sure. So in a LD, better not take a piss :razz:. I dont know what you suggest with this being an anchor to lucidity. And to phatidico, no this is not an OBE or AP in the sense of the defitinion “to leave your body”. LD’s happen in mental space in your head, so to speak.