Thinking of giving up with WILD

I’ve been trying WILD for weeks now, failing time after time. Every night I barely reach sleep paralysis, and just fall asleep. I’ve tried listening to .mp3’s but I rarely finish them and drift off. Ive tried to use a bunch of different techniques, but still fall asleep. Does anyone know anything that can boost my motivation and help me at least fully reach SP? Intense amounts of sugar or caffeine maybe?

Hey dont get down, i have been trying WILD a lot too (and lemme tell you not very succesfully :razz:) but if theres something i have learnt from it is that you dont have to give up, in fact i actually WILDed once and it was because i kept trying, think about the possitive stuff that has happened and use it as motivation, i also find helpful to make a list of goals and to read my dreams to see how could i change em while lucid to make em funnier. keep up trying, maybe you should try naps or WBTB ive found those work marvels.

WILD is one of the hardest ways to reach lucidity. Try WILD with WBTB

I’ve been trying WILD with WBTB for 7 months now and i keep falling asleep, no matter what i do. I just cant do it. I guess WILD is not the right technique for me. I cant consentrate easily so thats why i always end up falling asleep. I think i should rely on MILD for now and leave WILD… :neutral:

does sugar help WILD?

hmmmmmmmmmm… sugar+melatonin+WILD=LD?

Tru Dat Son… Yea he is right. Try something else. WILD is so fricken hard and statistically shown that if you use WILD as your main method, LD’s come less frequently.

lmao… i must have been doing WILD wrong every time becuase i just ended up sleeping and being like, im too tired to concentrate any longer:p i thought u just had to do remember it a bit

When i reach about 1 hour of trying WILD i get that really weird feeling that i abselutely HAVE to move. I dunno…it’s really weird…I try to fight it but in the end i always end up moving.

From what I have read early WILDs are often really fragile unlike MILD lucids which are more stable. But if you manage to eventually get the tech right it ensures lots of LDs :thumbs: whereas MILD is more hit or miss
so both methods have their pros and cons

could do them both!