Thinking ways

I had a small philosophicall moment the other day.

It goes like this:

What if dreams are actually the primitive manner of SC thinking?

To be more precise, what if we always think using images before ever thinking with words?

That means that dreaming is just mere thinking of our SC - which thinks in the primitive way.

That means that if you can think in images, you can dream (Day dreaming)

That means that when falling asleep, you only transfer brain functions to the SC.

That means that if you can control SC thoughts, you can control your dreams.

What do you say? Are we realy thinking primitively when we thin kusing images, and is sleep realy simply the time in which our SC begins to think?

Our subconscious always thinks , but just um… subconsciously … :wink: it is an error to think that your SC is inactive at any moment of your life .
Just my two cents … but yes , pictures come before speech.

Than it becomes even clearer - sleeping is the time in which your SC “Takes command” of you, meaning that all that you think is your SC thoughts.

That’s why it is so hard to remeber NDs: Things that you don’t consciously think about, such as what color was my shirt ten days ago, or what was that woman face often tend to be consciously inaccessible, but accessible by our SC, such as in dreams.