Thinking your dream was real and being sad when you wake up

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I have had a lot of dreams where I am convinced they are real and I am so happy and then I wake up to find out they didn’t really happen.
ex. Getting a date with the girl I like, my parents adopting a younger brother (who I like better than my current one), finishing high school.

Then I wake up and I’m just like [insert swear here]!!! I wish that had been real or I’m just sad or confused. Does this happen to anyone else?

This has happened to me… but generally, my dreams aren’t realistic, so if I have a really great dream, its so completely far fetched when I wake up that I can’t really feel that bad about it.

Yes, it happens to me almost twice a week.

Of course… Recently I had a dream that was awesome, and I mean it, it was awesome. But was a ND and yes, I felt sad when I woke up and found out that this wasn’t reality… But so what… And every time when I remember this dream I’m happy. :content:

Yes, I’ve had a lot of them, usually they feature a girl I like but who hates me, in the dream it’s all ok of course. :neutral:

Several times in the past, and it was always about some girl I liked and finally got to be with.
Then I woke up and felt extremely disappointed. :sigh:

Yepyepyep. I’ve had this too.

I had a very realistic dream where Gomez (my cat) came home. In real life, he disappeared some years ago and I never found him.

But in my dream I was deliriously happy that he came back. When I woke up I was completely shattered. I almost hated that dream, it was like losing him all over again. :sad:

I had those dreams before. Once i was friends with “Smosh” from youtube and then i woke up =(

Yes I think it’s the one disadvantage of aiming for good dream recall. When my grandma died a few years ago then I had quite a few dreams where I found that she was actually alive, and was really really happy, and then woke up to remember that she’d died :sad:

It happens to me a lot of times ,last one was last day I think.

when i was a child, i dreamt i got this really futuristic (even by today’s standards) motor bike, i was super exited in my dream and really thought it was real, till i woke up, im still getting over it :wink:

Iv’e won the lottery once in a dream…

Iv’e also had a dream where I wake up thinking I don’t have school, then waking up again to find out I have it. :cry:

I had a very pleasant dream this last night, which made me feel both energized and sad at the same time.
I was flirting with a beautiful 40-year-old cashier at a small store (I’ve always thought 40-year-old women are so damn attractive, and the age difference 24/40 makes it feel really forbidden and exciting).
She had absolutely gorgeous eyes and smile too, so eye contacts were extremely long all the time we talked - then just as we were getting together (lots of physical contact and that magical moment when both parties know it’s time to kiss, etc), I woke up. :tongue:

I had that happen before. I was dreaming that there was a zombie apocalypse. My younger brother got bitten by a zombie and I had to stab him in the head a few times to protect some other people. I was sad when I woke up.

I get this when it’s about a guy or an ex I still like :sad: a lot of the time I don’t remember my dream as soon as I wake up, but during the day something reminds me of it and I have that sad/let-down feeling come over me.

I know exactly what you’re talking about. But, even though I’m kind of sad when I wake up, I still am very happy about having the dream. See, my girl lives 2000 miles away. So, since I can’t see her in real life, I can never wait to see her in a dream. Just seeing her face makes me so happy, whether it’s really her or not.

Anyway, if you wake up sad from normal dreams, will you ever try to be with the person you like in lucid dreams. Will that make you sad, too?

Ah, yes…happened a lot more before though. I tend to have dreams of being with this one guy I really liked before, it would feel amazing…really happy, waking up really ruins my mood, cause before I’ve been trying to forget him and I was doing pretty good, but my mind would always bring him back somehow.
Doesn’t happen anymore though :tongue:.

It happens to me all the time and it’s so annoying! I hate when it happens. :sad:

That’s happened to me a lot. :sad: Not fun, at all.

I used to have dreams like that ALL the time; until I started focusing on better dream recall… now I just have more real, far-fetched dreams…