third eye meditation / strange feeling

i’ve had a little experience with meditation, and i enjoy the feeling of awareness that i get from it -

i have a hemi-sync file titled third eye meditation, which puts my brainwaves equal to those of a person in this style of meditation

after i used this brainwave modifier for a week or so, i started to get a strange feeling on my forehead where my third eye would be

the first time i had this feeling i was not even listening to the sound file, i was driving. but since then i have experienced it many times both listening and not

is this normal? the best way i can describe this feeling is like this- have you ever had someone hover their finger right in front of your forehead, but not touching it? as a child i have experienced this, and you get a strange feeling in your forehead because you know that the finger is there but you cannot truly feel it. this feeling is remarkably similar to the one i have experienced lately.

does anyone understand what i am referring to? does my example make any sense? :bored:

I think I understand what you’re saying, but I’ve never heard or felt such a thing. Though I haven’t done much meditation of the sort you’re refering to… Maybe you’re just developing your third eye to the point you can actually become aware of it. :alien: I would have to say that if it becomes a problem then you should see a doctor… lol, but it’s probably nothing like that.

I think I perfectly know what you’re saying. I have this feeling quite often, mostly very subtle, but sometimes pretty intense. The feeling is a result from the activation of chi energies in the third eye chakra. As you probably know, chakras are non-physical energy vortices which are situated in the etheric body, so they can’t be influenced by any physical material, only by non-physical phenomena such as awareness, consciousness and thought. Thus, shifting your awareness to the third eye chakra (or to the energy body in general) results in subtle energy ripples. This flowing of chi energy will especially be felt at the chakras, but with practice, also over the entire body. The feeling they generate can differ from chakra to chakra, but it’s often a deep and warm tingling.

are…you sure that’s part of TMI’s hemi-sync? I checked their catalogue and nothing on it. if you downloaded it, people can mistakenly call it hemi-sync when it’s not. they also say not to use it while driving.

I’ve had this for as long as I can remember. All I have to do is hold a pen (or even my finger) about a centimeter away from the point between my eyes, and within seconds I feel a very intense sensation of pressure there. I’ve been telling people about it over the years, but absolutely nobody could ever do it themselves. They probably assumed I was making it up. :smile:

Anyway, I believe this sensation is caused by the expansion of the Pineal Gland, as opposed to some kind of spiritual energy. I did some research a while ago, but I couldn’t recall where I found the information.

This and other similar points around the body can be stimulated merely with focus and attention. They’re great for narrowing concentration, which helps a lot in meditation. Sometimes I need to briefly hold a sharp object in front of my eyes for a second to start the feeling going, but then I can usually sustain it indefinitely thereafter by concentrating on it. I usually play with the sensation by causing it to pulse on command. When I’m finished, I just have to tap the area between my eyes with my finger, and the feeling goes away until I next invoke it.

A few months ago someone posted here about this phenomenon, and that was the first time I’d ever seen someone else mention it. For no less than 10 years, I just assumed I was different. :smile:

Interestingly, I’ve never been able to activate any of the other apparent ‘Chakra’ points that we all supposedly have. Personally, I don’t have a lot of faith that the others even exist (there’s no biological cause for one on the exact top of the head (Crown Chakra) for example).

i read this from someone before it may have been another post here or on another forum but i have heard of this happening to ppl before.

i just tried it right now, and i felt as though i was touching my hair even though i wasn’t close enough to my hair to be touching it.

I also have this, but only when i hold something in front of that point.

phew, i’m not crazy :grin:
by the way, i downloaded the file and it was titled “hemi-sync - third eye meditation” i also have a zen titled one which is nice

yes i also have this

but i dont have to hold an object infront of my third eye to stimulate it., i just lay down and make my eyes try to look at the point where my third eye is., and then the tingly feeling comes., and it gets more and moree intense and then it feels like there is this fire on my third eye that isn’t hot at all, but it juss pulls my third eye a little.,

yes there is no biological proof for it,. but there is also no biological proof for where the energy of life comes from, or where it goes after we die…, yet people still live… and people still die…

i believe that there actually IS a biological proof for this, that hasn’t been found yet,… and that the energy is sub-atomic waves, much like the ones that make up quarks ( if thats what its called ) – which are that particles that make up protons and neutrons an stuff., and scientists have found that quarks have a vibration in it., – it goes into much more detail, but i dont know too much about it ( yet )… so i dont want to type about something and pretend i kno alot about what i dont., but does anyone know/heard about this ??

What’s the point of trying to prove scientifically the existence of non-physical chakras? This doesn’t make any sense. The fundamental principles of science are rooted in the physical realm. Thus, a priori, everything which lies above this level (such as chakras) is beyond the scope of science and requires a different point of view than science. Scientists would call it metaphysics, esoteric mumbo-jumbo or New Age pseudoscience.
Science can only measure the effect of ch’i flowing and chakra activation onto the physical body (changing hormone production, neuronic changes in the brain, etc…). This is possible because the counterparts of the chakras in the physical body are glands and important nerve ganglia (pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, solar plexus,…). Changings in chakra activity result in physiological changes, which then can be studied by science. Ofcourse scientists won’t claim that these changes are the result of chakra activity :smile: But that’s quite understandable, given the huge fundamental difference between the two opinions (the scientific one, and the more spiritual one which accepts the existence of chakras). The only realm where those two views could meet is quantum physics. But that’s a whole other story :smile:

But you do believe in the Third Eye chakra? If not, what do you think caused the expansion of the pineal gland? Awareness?

I don’t understand what you mean with “there’s no biological cause for the crown chakra”… Why should there be a cause for the existence of chakras? Chakra teachings actually say the opposite: chakras, together with the higher energy bodies are the cause of the physical body. Destroy the chakras and the physical body will die.
If you mean “there’s no biological counterpart for the crown chakra”, well that would be the pineal gland then.

Mystic, I’m a little confused by your presentation of these spiritual chakras as common fact. You’re making it sound as if there’s simply no question that the physical world is only the lowest of a bunch of spiritual realities. Did it occur to you that I’m presenting my argument from the point of view that there is nothing other than the physical world? :smile:

Of course I believe in the Third Eye Chakra, but I don’t believe it’s a spiritual hot-point. I believe it’s just a biological effect that can work well to provide a point of concentration for meditative purposes.

The third-eye charka, and the strange sensation experienced within are biologically evident. There’s a device right there, between your eyes, which is causing the feeling discussed above. Whether it’s activated by concentration, focus, light or who-knows-what, doesn’t matter. My point is that several of the other proclaimed chakra points exist where no such biological function (or device) is present. I’ve never felt the same sensation in the top of my head as I have in my third eye, and I’m confident that this is because there’s simply nothing there to generate it.

you don’t need a biological “device” at a certain point or a major chakra to be able to feel a nonphysical part of you. sure those places are very powerful, but using awareness alone on your hand for example, you can feel your focus as it moves through the hand or on its surface. After a while, you can get very noticable sensations in your hand.

I heard of this method from Robert Bruce, works well, and even he claims (correct me if I’m wrong) that it’s not energy being felt by the nonphysical body, but feeling through nerves as a result of such movement and focus.

It’s not my intention to represent the chakra system as a common fact. There are no real facts. This is just what I believe and I explained this interpretation. I guessed you figured that out, but next time I’ll mention that this is only my personal opinion :wink:
Same thing when you present your scientific view of physical-reality-is-everything-there-is. This scientific view is just another belief system to explain reality from a certain point of view. There’s nothing wrong with that.
So your arguments may very well be true, but only if you consider them within the scientific view. Does this view also hold the Universal Truth? That’s a whole other story :smile:

i have this feeling. for me its becuase i focus on my third eye in meditation. i now have this feeling whenever i think about my third eye…or even just by focus my thoughts on something…it perfectly normal. :smile:

yes, I think it was me, in a topic started by trung of wu.

At that time, nobody said anything about feeling it, and I kept thinking I was kinda different. As long as I remember, I feel this pressure in the third eye, even whe my eyes are closed, and when I was a child, I used to play with my friends this Guessing game. I did close my eyes, and would say when someone approached its finger to my forehead.

Also, I cand send shivers down my spine from the back of my head, very often. I know there is a chakra at this point, but don’t know what is its name . I wonder if can anyone do that too? Actually, I’m doing it right now and it is happening.
Does someone know anything about it?

i also get this feeling at a certain spot in the right center of my back.

when i concentrate on this spot in my lower/center/right back area, it becomes too much and my leg will twitch and move

its funny, because i never had this feeling until after a certain nightmare i had as a child:

i was running through a battlefield, which consisted of two incredibly enourmous tanks, with treads that went as far as the eye could see. there were soldiers fighting each other, with one side controlling one tank and one controlling the other. i was running through the center of the battle along a row of trees, managing to dodge any bullets or harm. when i finally made it clear of the tank treads, i hid behind a tree to avoid being shot. unfortunately, it didnt work and i was shot at this certain point in my back. since then, i have been able to have this third eye feeling at this certain point in my back, but it is not a really desireable feeling- not that it is at all painful, but it forces my body to twitch when i think on it overmuch.

is there a chakra point here? this is the only other place on my body where i have experienced this feeling.

i started having this feeling only a few days ago. one day out of nowhere i starting being able to bring about this feeling at will. i can’t sustain it for very long, usually about 2-3 sec. i have no idea why i all of the sudden was able to do this or what happens when you do it.

mystic - out of curiousity if chakras are above the physical realm than why do they have a physical location on the body?

I used to do that all the time at school, as well. I’d close my eyes, and try to detect when someone else brought their finger up to my head. I think the sensation was triggered just by my anticipation, rather than the actual event of someone holding their finger there, but it was fun nontheless.

Chakras themselves don’t have a physical location on the body. But when you draw the chakra system, and compare it with the physical body, you see that the physical counterparts of the chakras are nerve ganglia and glands. Thus one can mark certain spots on the physical body where chakras are to be found in the energy body. There’s a close interaction between the chakras and the physical body: the chakras let the life energy (ch’i) swirl and spread through the body, thus vitalizing the physical body. If there wouldn’t be any chakras, no vital ch’i energies could circle around the body and you’d be pretty dead :smile: There are some theories about the exact nature of this close interaction, but they all sound pretty complicated (they’re a mixture of science and eastern beliefs).
Does this answer your question?

The lower-center-right back area?? Hm I looked it up and there may be some secondary or tertiary chakras at that place, but definitely not one of the seven major chakras. The major chakras are all aligned along the spinal column to the top of the head and they have a front and a back.
There are about 88,000 chakras, so it’s highly likely there are some chakras to be found at that spot :smile: