Third Eye Meditation

Hey can someone please explain to me what the third eye meditation is and what it does. I would also love to know how and what to do.!


If I were to guess, it would be meditating using the Third Eye chakra (pineal gland).

For that type of meditation, I usually open my spiritual beliefs, and sit in a full lotus position near a window which filters sunlight, and concentrate on the light. But that’s just me. Lots of people use mantras.

The third eye is a chakra located somewhere in the middle of the forehead and possibly in the very center of the brain as well.

Generally speaking to focus on that whole general area brain and head included would be best.

To meditate upon it you may find it useful to focus on the sound that “ahhhhh” makes, to speak it out loud during every exhale and to keep the resonance of the sound in your mind with every inhale.

when you say it you want to feel the noise you are making vibrate in that area of your head.

If you are dreaming or falling asleep you can use visualizatoins and auto-suggestion to open the third eye by focusing upon, not a dream itself, but your closed eyelids and attempting to induce sort of psychedelic like visuals, remote viewing phenomenon, etc.

then you can merely visualize that you have a third eye in your forehead, and that it is opening, and with some luck it will.

i have opened mine once, i’m unsure as to the validity of the experience since it was in a near sleep state, but I saw some swirling colors, they formed eyes, I focused on them until they were very solid and then Iimagined that these eyes equaled my thrid eye.

I then said “open” and a literal third eye in my forehead opened, the visuals suddenly became 3d with much more depth to them and a square opened up with a man standing inside waving at me. sort of a whitish grayish color but mainly white… in fact perhaps I waved at him and he was just standing there.

it was all a little unexpected and scary so after I waved at him I closed the eye. Which I now regret having done.

As far as dream content goes I feel that the third eye is what separates “real” dreams and spiritual experiences (from external of your mind) from your own mental experiences.

it may also be helpful to visualize colors, many say it is a violet/purple kind of color, some say to visualize white light.

in a dream yoga book i have they recommend focusing on a white light the third eye after waking up the second time in the night (i believe second?) and going to sleep “in it”.
The order of sleep visualizations goes
going to bed throat - red - beautiful dreams
first wake up third eye - white - not sure what kind of dreams
second heart - black (with “hung” written in it) - powerful dreams
third sacral - forget the color. - disturbing dreams. [for bettering yourself after having had dreams of being powerful]

The book is called The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and is a good read, but the practices are quite complex and really require good visualization skills.

simply focusing on the area of your body that a chakra lies in is all that I can really do.

Not to be nitpicky, but isn’t “aaahhh” the Solar Plexus chakra, which isn’t anywhere near the third eye?

Well the mantra
a u m

has three parts
ahhh - third eye - waking
uhhhhh - throat - dreaming
mmmm - heart - deep sleep.

aum itself is supposed to work for the third eye.

the actual mantra for the solar plexus that i’ve read is “ram”

but personally i’ve felt ah resonate in the third eye moreso than anything else i’ve felt resonate there.

imagine when you say “ahhh” that you’re saying it UP into that region.

some random links. the seocnd site is real good and talks about yoga nidra (conscious deep sleep)