[third eye] quick question i got on my mind

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Does the third eye control all psychic powers?

Why no replies? :sad:

Because I have nothing helpful to say in the matter. I don’t believe people have a third eye or psychic powers.

I assume other people visiting the forum often also had nothing helpful to say.

Nope. Well, if you believe it does, then it does. But a lot of chakra stuff is mistranslated.

I dont understand why people are so obsessed with powers that go through the subtle platforms instead of accepting the world as it is

To explain it simply what the third eye is its an energy centre from where the intuition manifests and sudden realisations also come through that chakra (along with the crown chakra), this is my understanding of that chakra and sort of experience, hope thats a good answer

No I don’t believe opening this chakra does, you can open it quite easily just by listening to a youtube video with binaural beats focusing on third eye chakra. The fact it’s open doesn’t just instantly give you psychic powers its a misconception.

Real psychic power comes by way of mind over matter (psychokinesis), like willpower can move mountains kind of power. You can work on it by constantly trying to manipulate things with your mind in waking life.