Third Eye

Hi I’m new and wondering how to focus on your third eye. Do you just try to look at your forehead with your eyes? Also at the BWGEN website they have a preset called Astral producer. People said it worked for them to get the vibrations. Could this be true?

only one way to find out…

yeah yeah i wanna know where you concentrate on for your “third eye” so someone please explain

Just look a slight bit higher than you do normally. Your eyes should not hurt, but you can feel it.

Don’t ask why it works, but in my experience, it does really make a difference.


can you try to describe what you feel?

Just a bit of tension in your eye muscles.

Also, you should be able to feel the mental results of it, almost immediately. hypnagogic images should start much earlier than normally, accompanied by a feeling of ‘sinking’.

At least; that’s what I feel.


hmm, i’ll watch for that.

ahhhh so thats it…well i owe u big time :smile:


Hey Richard :smile:

Tried about 3 nights without one LD this week… This night I will have one really big try, just to make sure those 2 ld’s in 3 nights, last week, were not just very lucky.


lol sorry i feel a bit slow, 2 days without the forum and i am lost lol, ok so how did it go, did i miss much???

whoa whoa whoa… i may (prolly will) be totally wrong with this, but i’ve heard from a few people that you just kind of meditate on your third eye, you don’t physically look at it, but just concentrate on it… :bored:

Suneye describes looking up, so that is one way to meditate on your 3rd eye. Don’t know other ways, but maybe there are!


heard/read the same thing actually. it hurts my eyes after a while if i try to look at it, so i just try to focus my concentration there. and i still feel something so… shrug

By looking up you dont activate the third eye, but alpha waves thats all.
So your right, The other Neo.
you activate the third eye by using an oriental breathing tech in combination with visualisation and focussing of mind.
There are other ways to…


hmm i remember when i tryed this a long time ago i fell asleep with my eyes facing upwards, now acording to some books this is a good thing to do… no it isnt. It gave me one hell of a headach and i couldnt move my eyes very very bad just b carful, oh and looking at ur thierd eyes also seems to help focus on it thats why u look at it an yes alpha waves there too :smile:

cheers Richard

YEAH! Thanks Peaceful Pete.

When i started and i was looking up it just gave me a bad headache as well and my eyes kept fluttering, made it very hard to concentrate

ya you shouldnt really look at it, jus try to concentrate on that area. :cool: