Third Person?

As i mentioned in my first post, the first time i attempted to LD, i got as far as hypnogogic imaging, and then a sort of dream state. I’ll repeat. I saw the character in a videogame i play and decided to take action to help another person. Then i realized, im not on my computer, im dreaming! But,this didnt take up all my vision, just about the center area. At least, thats what i remember. I could still see some of my room on the outside, but i could also see my character in Third Person. I decided this wasn’t going to work and just willed myself (easily) to pull out of this dream. I tried to do it again but i just fell asleep, not recalling my dreams the next day.

Should i have kept this dream going? I’m not quite sure it was my decision to pull out of it, but im almost positive it was, and that it wouldnt work.

Some dreams are just seen from a third-person point of view. I don’t know if there would have been a way to widen your vision, but third-person can be “fixed”, I think.

What wouldn’t work? controlling the character? or what? No matter what you could always have just stayed in the dream to see what would happen. The problem could solve itself or maybe the dream changes into some other dream or maybe it would just stay the same.

What i meant by “would’nt work” was the LD.
I would’ve let it continue but i would’ve fallen asleep, and thats not what im going for, which is why im here